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September 1, 2001

What a day we've had!  We started off with Mark taking the boys to kids day at Home Depot.  Alex made a ring toss and Patch made a squirrel feeder.  While they were gone, I took Boudreaux to the vet for a bandage change.

The boys in their Home Depot aprons Painting their creations
Playing with the ring toss

Then we piled into the van and drove out to Brooksville to visit our dear friends, Karen and Zim, and their children, Justin and Tyler.  They went crazy playing Justin's drums, and then dressed up like cowboys.

I'm not quite ready to call this "music!" Daddy has to get in on the action
Look out sheriff! There are new bandits in town!

As soon as we got home we headed to Dave and Sonja's for a neighborhood get-together.  The boys were supposed to go to bed there, but Alex had trouble falling asleep so I brought him home.  We brought the dogs over with us, since they'd been alone all day.  Before we knew it, Picasso and Boudreaux were in the pool - new bandage and all!

Night night at Mr. David's and Ms. Sonja's

September 2, 2001

Mark and our neighbor, Dave, have been working their tails off today replacing the pump on our sprinkler system.  Alex and Patch were so cute, delivering water and "checking" on Daddy and Mr. Dave every so often. 

Mark taught Alex how to play Dominos today.  Alex is now an old pro, and is looking forward to kicking his uncles' butts up at Lake George!

Alex whooping his Daddy in Dominos

And I am oh, so very happy to share that Patrick has slept through the night two nights in a row!!!  The pediatrician and I have been working together for almost four weeks now to try to figure out what's been going on with him, and I think we finally got the right combination of meds.  Yippee!  I have my cute little boy back!

September 3, 2001

Happy Labor Day!  While we didn't do anything special, we did have kind of a magical day.  I guess the planets are all in alignment because Alex and Patch played with each other all day long like they were long lost best friends.  I can't tell you how many times Mark and I looked at each other in amazement!

Mark took them outside to play in the Slip 'N Slide so I could do some typing, and I guess he couldn't resist!

Alex sliding Mark trying to reclaim his childhood

Patch sliding

September 4, 2001

The boys had a great day at school today.  This was the first day that they BOTH did well at the same time! 

Boudreaux had a follow-up visit with the vet today.  He's done with bandages, but still needs to rest his leg for another two weeks.  The vet said he's doing great.

4 more days to Lake George!!!

Patch's combination of golf and baseball

September 6, 2001

We spent the afternoon trying on all of the kids' winter clothes from last year.  It's supposed to get quite cold at Lake George while we're there.  I ended up taking a big pile of clothes from Alex's closet to Patch's closet, and a big pile from Patch's closet to storage.  Thankfully, I had bought a bunch of clothes for Alex at the school bazaar last year, so we're all set!  It was strange to be trying on winter clothes when it's 100 degrees outside.

Two more days!!!

Alex and Patch trying on clothes Dressed for winter (it's 100 degrees outside!)

September 7, 2001

We're all so excited to be leaving for Lake George in the morning.  Patch wore one of the winter outfits we tried on yesterday all night and through half of today.  I told him he needed to put on some shorts, and he told me, "Wear this, go airplane Lake George!"  So that's why he wouldn't take it off!  For days now, he's been saying "Go airplane Lake George!"

Becca came by today to bring us some goodies for our trip.  We had a wonderful visit, and I got to talk to an adult for a change!

I will not be able to do any web updates while we're away, so you'll have to be patient and wait until we get back for any more pictures.

Patch is reassuring Andrew that Trouble is NOT going to eat him! I guess Alex's head got cold tonight!

Andrew's getting a lesson in the birds and the bees

It looks like all of our pictures from Lake George are lost somewhere on the card for the camera, and we're going to have to send it off to see if they can be retrieved.  Yikes!  I have put my "journal" of our trip on the Lake George link if you'd like to read it.

September 17, 2001

Mark and Travis took the boys to the field across the street to play baseball.

Patch swings for the fence! Alex hits a fly ball

Daddy's pitching

September 18, 2001

We had Jacob and Clara this afternoon, and they were so cute staring at Zoboomafoo on TV. 

We got some sad news about Trouble today.  The mass on her leg has grown to the point of causing swelling and tendon failure in her ankle.  Our medical options are limited, and at her age, we've decided against any kind of major surgery.  We've set our sights on treasuring each day we have with her.

The poor kids are staring at the sun in this one. Jacob, Clara and Patch watching Zoboomafoo

September 20, 2001

I watched Jacob and Clara today.  The boys had a blast building  bean-bag-chair towers and running through the house like a train.

Alex, Jacob and Patch as a choo choo train

September 21, 2001

What a long day this has been!  Clara was with us all day, and Alex had school.  Kori (from next door) came over to play in the afternoon, and then after dinner Mom joined us at the kids' school for their Open House and Art Show.  The art show was adorable.  All of the kids did a flat piece of art and a 3-D piece of art.  Alex's class made beautiful flower pots with paper flowers in them.  Patch's class dressed up like puppies and had their pictures taken and then they painted cute picture frames for them.  The Open House part involved the kids showing us their classrooms and introducing us to their teachers and classmates.  Alex was so excited, he showed me EVERY toy in his room, and each child has a journal that they've drawn in since the start of the year, and the teacher had made up some scrap books as well.  It was a wonderful evening!

Patch swining in the back yard Clara in the sand box

Clara, Kori, Patch and Alex roaring like animals!

Patch showing off his puppy picture from the Art Show Alex showing off his flower pot from the Art Show

September 22, 2001

Mom came over today and took us all out for lunch and brought over a cake for my birthday.  I guess I'm getting  a little old, because it took all four of them to light the candles!

A community effort to light all the candles! And it took 3 of us to blow them all out!

Patch had to "clean" each candle!

September 26, 2001

I'm sorry I've neglected the web page these last few days.  I'm having trouble getting back into my old routine since our vacation! 

Alex is having a Lego birthday party on Saturday, so today I took the leap and started paper mache-ing a Lego pinata.

Paper mache-ing a Lego pinata

September 27, 2001

We made cookie-cutter cookies today.

Decorating cookies

September 28, 2001

I've spent the day preparing for Alex's birthday party tomorrow.  We now have an official Lego pinata - if you use your imagination a little!  The picture looks like a blob, so I'll spare you that one.  Hopefully, the party picture tomorrow will do it more justice.

Patch has discovered stacking things!

It's as big as ME!

September 29, 2001

We celebrated Alex's 5th birthday today.  I can't believe my little baby is 5!!!  Even more amazing is that just 6 years ago, we didn't know if we'd have children at all!  How time flies!

We had a Lego party, complete with Lego pinata and Lego cake - but you have to stretch your imagination a little for those.  Alex was thrilled with all of his gifts and the company of good friends. 

Happy Birthday to Alex, Happy Birthday to YOOOOOOU! 1-2-3 BLOW!

Attacking the pinata. Future Babe Ruth

Mickey Mouse wannabe Legos!  Legos!  Everywhere!

September 30, 2001

What a beautiful day we had!  We had our first taste of fall, and the neighborhood kids were all out flying kites.

For Alex's birthday, Mom paid for a trip to Race Rock, a restaurant down on International Drive that has real racing cars and trucks and motorcycles hanging from the ceiling and walls.  One of their favorite monster trucks, Big Foot, sits in the parking lot. 

Flying kites across the street Alex's kite is on the left

Alex racing the boats

Patch racing motorcycles Daddy and Patch racing motorcycles

Race Rock birthday cake Note the checkered flag cake

That's why they call it Big Foot! Sitting in the wheel