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For those of you just visiting and not really a family or friend: GET OUT!  Oh, all right.  You can stay if you behave.  Wanna know a little about us? 

Alex: head of the household.  Though he is only a child, he is our benevolent despot.  He rules the house with confidence, and already believes his parents don't have a clue.  He's a football fanatic - both on the couch and the field.  But Mommy has had some influence - he plays both piano and guitar.

Patrick: the adventurer.  Patch is more of a doer than a thinker he jumps right into everything he does and he has the bruises to show for it.  That is not to say he is not smart - he knows that you root for the team with the most points, and he knows when to blame his older brother.  He also plays piano and guitar, and loves gymnastics. 

Susan: works a full-time job as a nurse/housekeeper/chef (cook might be more appropriate but sous chef sounds better)/police/psychologist/mental patient while doing mortgage closings in her "free time."  Her hobbies are this web site and bitching about the Florida weather.  Given the opportunity she would rather be living in the Tennessee mountains tending to unwanted animals while caring for our children and 20 adopted younguns. 

Mark: The main bread-earning activity is as a lender.  He tries weekly to avoid injury while playing softball and coaches Alex's football team.  He and the guys in the neighborhood will occasionally attempt a home improvement project, which can produce much entertainment for the wives.

Boudreaux: the canine boss.  Boo is big and huggable and is as reliable as Big Ben at alerting us when it's dinnertime.  He takes his job as Grendel's big brother seriously, and keeps a nice balance between playing with her and putting her in her place.

Grendel:  the comic relief.  She is utterly insane.  She has more energy than she knows what to do with, but seems to manage quite well tearing through the house, pestering Boo, and digging to China in the back yard. 

That is who we are.  Write and tell us who you are.