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June 9, 2002

Mark took Alex out for his very first game of golf today!  He didn't take any still pictures, but boy, oh boy, did he take video!

Can you believe this?!

Click on the green to see a short highlight of Alex's first hole

Click on the golfer to see Alex's entire first hole

Click on the golf ball to see Alex's best hole of the day

January 12, 2003

Mark has spent most of the weekend keeping the boys out of my hair so I could get caught up on my mountain of typing.  They've been riding their Razor Scream Machines or playing football out front most of the time.  The three of them came up with a variation today - Razor Soccer!  I tried to get a picture, but it just didn't capture what they were doing, so out came the camcorder.

Click on the ball to watch them play


Here's a taste of life with a 4-year-old!

Click on the question mark

March 7, 2003

The boys' first soccer games were tonight!  I had no idea how much fun the games are - both for the kids and the parents.  We were all jumping up and down and screaming with excitement!  Patch had a great block at the goal and also scored his own goal!

March 14, 2003

Click below to see Alex score.  Check out those moves!


March 28, 2003

Patch was our little shining star tonight.  His grade at preschool had their Noah's Ark program and he was incredible!  He was an absolute ham and performed beautifully!  They had animal headbands, and Patch was a gorilla.  Of course, we have an obnoxious amount of video, and I'm shamelessly putting some pretty large clips on here to show off.  Please be patient - the second one especially will take forever to load up.  The words to the song are really cute, and since it's hard to tell what a bunch of 4-year-olds are singing, you can click here for the lyrics.

Click here to see video #1 - the prayer Click here to see video #2 - the song

December 13, 2003

Patrick had his first piano performance tonight!!  It was in an informal setting, at the studio's Christmas party.  He was his goofy self and had everybody in stitches with his nervous little funny comments!  Just click on the picture of him at the piano to hear him play!

March 6, 2004

What a big day we've had!!!  This morning was opening day for Patrick's t-ball league, so we had to be there at the crack of dawn for team pictures, and his first game.  He played great!  Since it was opening day, they only played one inning (everybody gets to bat, and there are no outs).  Patrick played first base.  Alex hasn't been feeling well, so Mark stayed home with him and commanded that I take tons of video (like I wouldn't!).  Here's a clip of one of his outs at first, and him batting.

After lunch, the boys had a party at the music studio, then we went for a quick dinner, and back to the studio for their first real recital.  (Patrick's last performance was at the music party before students only.)  Of course, we took more video and of course, I'm going to torture you with it.  You have to keep in mind that Alex has only had five lessons.  He played Happy Birthday, rather tentatively, so you have to turn the volume up.  Patrick played his song, Ode to Joy, like an old pro!

Alex:  Happy Birthday        Patrick:  Ode to Joy

March 10, 2004

I took some video of the dogs romping this afternoon.  Here's a quick clip of Grendel running circles around Boudreaux!

May 23, 2004

The music studio had their "big" end-of-year piano recital this evening at the Steinway Piano Studio.  Patch had a small case of nerves and had to restart his song, but once he got going, he did great!  Each student had been asked some questions about themselves at their lessons, and the teacher read their responses as they came up to play.  The responses were adorable.  I hope you can hear the sound well enough on the clip of Patrick's statements.

Intro        Performance

May 12, 2007

Mom took Alex to his game, where he played incredibly, of course.  :-)  And Mark went to the gymnastics show and videotaped it so I didn't miss it.  And you don't have to, either!

Click to watch Patch

May 15, 2007

About six weeks ago Alex joined a program at school called MusiKids.  They've been working very hard on Annie, Jr. and tonight is opening night!  Alex has two roles, Lt. Ward and Burt Healy, a radio announcer.  Mark's mom and my mom came over for the performance.  Nana brought Aydee, her dachshund, which Dee Dee seemed to think was a coon!  We had a few hairy moments trying to keep them apart, but in the end, everyone was still standing.   The show was incredible!  The kids all did an amazing job, and it was hard to believe it was put on entirely by fourth and fifth graders.  Click in the boxes below to see Alex's performance.

Kori, our next-door neighbor, was also in the show Alex as Lt. Ward talking to Annie

Click to see Lt. Ward Click for Burt Healy