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August 1, 2001

Showing off their new Hot Wheels hats

The boys had a wonderful time at Nana and Papa's, and came home with all kinds of goodies.  Here they're showing off their new Hot Wheels hats!  While we did enjoy the break from parenting, we sure did miss them and are glad to have them back home.

August 2, 2001

Grandma and the boys helping Mommy shred docs

Patch jumping Alex jumping

Grandma came over today so Mommy could get some of her work done.  They had a lot of fun helping Mommy by shredding some old documents, and also played on their mini trampoline.

August 3, 2001

Alex and Patch playing in the rain Singing in the Rain!
A "nice and cozy warm" bath

Earlier this year the boys (including Mark) formed the "Puddle Splashers Club".  All three of them are charter members; they call themselves Splushers.  The only way to become a member is to splush with a splusher.  Wanna splush?

After two days of rain, compliments of Tropical Storm Berry, we got desperate.  Today they restated their vows to splash in puddles wherever they may be.


Our poor Boudreaux was diagnosed with hip dysplasia last week.  However, last night he came home from a visit with the neighbors and couldn't walk at all.  He went back to the vet today and he has torn his cruciate ligament in his knee.  He'll have surgery to repair it on Tuesday. 


August 4, 2001

Watching Daddy play softball Mud splashing!
Alex and Patch riding the snowmobile race game Playing foosball

We went and watched Daddy play softball this afternoon, and after three days of rain, the field was a mess!  Nothing like red, runny, gooey mud to make two boys' day!  Afterwards, we went to Pretzels, who sponsors Mark's softball team, and played with their arcade games.


August 5, 2001

Waiting for the ice cream truck After the ice cream truck came!

Today was a big work day.  We had about a half a day without rain, so we got caught up on all of our outdoor chores.  We heard the ice cream truck coming this afternoon.  The first picture is of the kids waiting for him to come, and then they're enjoying the rewards for their patience.

August 6, 2001

Feeding frenzy! Patrick, Carter, Alex and Nathan "spinning"
Carter and Patrick Nathan and Alex

What a fun-filled day!  The boys, Clara and Susan all went to Ms. Becca's house to play with Carter, Nathan and Andrew.  We had lunch, played a while, and then made sugar cookies. There were children, children, EVERYWHERE! 

August 7, 2001

Patch in his new sleep shirt Alex showing off for the camera

Medical update:  Boudreaux had his knee surgery today and did quite well.  They took a hip x-ray while he was under anesthesia and he does have hip dysplasia - on the other side!  He'll be coming home tomorrow, and we'll start a very long recovery.  I think Trouble will be glad to see him back home.

Patrick also got a visit to the doctor this morning and he has yet another ear infection.  Same as always - no symptoms, but whiny as ever!  Thank God it's something we can fix, or we might all have ended up in the loony bin!

August 8, 2001

Alex making Grandma's birthday card Patch making Grandma's birthday card
Everybody needed some downtime after lunch

What a day we've had!  (Warning - I went picture-happy today!)  Grandma came over and we celebrated her birthday - Happy Birthday Grandma!!!  We made her birthday cards and had a brownie cake. 

Boudreaux one day post-op

Then I went and brought Boudreaux home from the vet after his surgery yesterday.  He's so pitiful!  He's getting around okay, all things considered, but seems to be having trouble settling down to rest.  He had a rough ride home (he wouldn't lay down, so he made the whole trip standing up), but as soon as he got home, the tail started wagging!

Alex's first time swimming! Alex's first time swimming under water
Wearing Dave and Sonja's silly goggles

The best ride at the water park! Patch is "diving" on the step for coins

But our biggest news happened after dinner.  Alex learned to swim today!!!  His big hurdle was getting comfortable with going under water.  He figured that part out, and then he just "got it!" 

August 9, 2001

Ms. Becca and her boys spent the day with us today and we all enjoyed some good old fashioned summer fun - getting wet!  Poor Carter was overwhelmed with the water going everywhere, and kept saying, quite pitifully, "I'm too small" when we tried to convince him to join in.

Today is Papa's birthday.  Happy Birthday Papa!  We wish we could celebrate with you!

Alex:  "Ta Da!" Alex sliding
Patch sliding Nathan doing flips
Carter saying "I'm too little" Getting warmed up


August 11, 2001

What an evening we all had!  Mark and I went out on a real date to celebrate our anniversary.  We went to a phenomenal steak place and then to Sak Theater, which does improv comedy.

Meanwhile, the boys had their first sleepover (okay, semi-sleepover) with Jacob and Clara.  They made their own Oreo ice cream and romped in the play tent and had popcorn while watching a movie before bed.  In the pictures, they are eating popcorn without their hands, "like a pig."  We carried them home asleep when we got home (hence the "semi" sleepover).  What wonderful friends Mary and Travis are!

Jacob, Alex and Patch with their ice cream on their noses
Alex in the tent/tube Patrick in motion - of course!
Patch eating popcorn "like a pig" Alex eating popcorn "like a pig"

August 12, 2001

Sorry, no pictures from today.  But we do want to wish Aunt Stacie a Happy Birthday!!!

August 13, 2001

Today was our official last day of summer vacation, so we went out to Downtown Disney with Grandma for some fun. We had lunch at the Rainforest Cafe with elephants and monkeys and lizards and occasional rain storms!  And of course, we had to hit the Lego Land, and then there was water play! 

Even though we celebrated our anniversary on Saturday, today was the real day - 13 years!

At the Rainforest Cafe Playing in the water - Alex is hidden in the water and Patch is in blue
Patch and Grandma are worn out! He wasn't really asleep - but definitely close!

August 14, 2001

Today was a big day for the boys - their first day back at school!  Patrick surprised us all and did wonderfully!  His teacher is his former Sunday School teacher, and we're all used to seeing Patrick crying.  But he jumped right in and never stopped.  I actually had to pry him away from his project at the end of the day.  Alex had a little bit of first-day jitters, but still had a good day, too.  He and  three other boys from his class last year all became terrific friends, and they are together again this year (they are all in Alex's picture today), so that helped immensely.

But Mommy  is doing  .  .  .  .

T h E    H a P p Y   D a N c E ! ! !

Patrick's first day of school Alex's first day of school (with all of his best friends from last year)
First day of school

August 15, 2001


Alex Patch

August 16, 2001

Mark and I were in stitches tonight during dinner.  Our kids are not what you'd call good eaters, so most nights we end up playing a little game where we pick an animal and the kids will eat like that animal.  These pictures are the kids eating like a butterfly, and Alex is also eating like a fish.

Cute Patch story:  He's very, very into doing things himself these days ("I do it self!!!!")  Yesterday he insisted on dressing himself.  Usually he does okay, but this time he had his underwear on inside out AND backwards, and his shorts were also on backwards.  The shorts had a pull string waist, and the string had gotten pulled out during the day, so it was hanging down behind him like a tail.

Eating like a butterfly Eating like a butterfly
Eating like a fish!

August 17, 2001

Patrick and I went to Ms. Becca's house to play with Carter and Nathan while Alex was at school today.  She sure has fun toys!

We went out to Bubbaloo's Bodacious Barbecue tonight for dinner with Karen and Kori, our next-door neighbors.  We ate out on the porch, and there was a one-man band singing.  He invited the kids to come up and dance (since they were dancing at the table already).  They were all too happy to oblige!

Today ends the first week of school, and they're both doing great!  Alex's jitters are all gone, and Patrick keeps asking when he gets to go back. 

On a bad note, Patch is back to waking at night 5 and 6 times.  I wonder what we're in store for this time.

Nathan and Patch on the teeter-totter, with Carter watching Our little Buccaneer!
Patch, Kori and Alex entertaining at Bubbaloo's

August 18, 2001

Alex is giving Mark a driving lesson.  Jeff Gordon, look out.  You can see from the flag behind them that the wind was blowing but there is no air-conditioning in those carts.  Mark was cited with a moving violation because his bald spot blinded the other drivers.

Alex, with Mark, racing go carts

Patch is driving Susan (this time it was just driving, normally he is driving her crazy).  He is wearing his "Ankees" hat and his HotWheels sunglasses.

Susan and Patch racing go carts

Notice that his hands are at "10" and "2" and he is focused.  What you can not see is the fierce battle for position that is happening between Patch and Alex.
Alex behind the wheel

Mark has a new hobby.  These go-carts are addictive.  The dark black you see on the track is slick so you slide as you go around the corner causing some "inexperienced" drivers to fishtail and crash.  Mark exited unscathed and victorious (there really were other racers on the track but Mark was sooooo far ahead of them).

Mark racing the big go carts

August 19, 2001

We had a big work day around the house today, and then all the neighborhood kids went crazy on the Slip and Slides.

Alex, Patch, Jacob and Clara

August 20, 2001

We met Grandma today for lunch at Chic Fil A.

Patch pushing Alex UP the slide at Chic Fil A Patch's landing off the teeter totter

August 21, 2001

The boys both had school today.  Patrick had a pretty bad day.  When he had skipped both his morning snack and his lunch, his teacher took him to see Alex.  What a great move!  Patch went right back to his room and ate his lunch.  And my head is still big from when Alex's teacher told me today how smart he is (like we all didn't know that already!). 

This evening Alex was comparing horses to donkeys.  That prompted Alex to try to carry Patch on his back like a donkey would! 

Patch trying to "ride" Alex (who was a donkey) Patch riding Alex

August 22, 2001

Ms. Becca and her boys came over to play this afternoon.  We all had a field day playing with the Legos and destroying the playroom!  Boudreaux took it upon himself to watch over Andrew while he napped in Patrick's room.  Then it was time for my shaggy boys to get haircuts.

Boudreaux watching over Andrew

Patch after his haircut Alex after his haircut

August 23, 2001

We finally got an afternoon of rain without lightening so the kids could go out "splushing." 

Patch and Alex splushing! Alex was racing blades of grass downstream

August 24, 2001

Whew!  What a day!  Today I had FIVE kids all day long!  Well, okay, Alex did have school until 2:00, and Mom came over in the afternoon to help, so it really wasn't that bad.  Today was my usual day to watch Clara, and then I watched Carter and Nathan since Becca is out of town.  What an adventure!

Patch putting a Band-Aid on Clara's boo boo Casual Patch watching TV

Story time The three amigos

A crowded dinner scene!

August 25, 2001

So THIS is why we had children!

Child labor!

August 26, 2001

The kids have really been enjoying a video we have on Yoga for kids.  It shows them how to get into different animal poses.  It's really neat to watch them roar like lions and hiss like a snake.  Here Alex is doing the dog pose.  They're also learning how to do headstands.  The last picture has nothing to do with Yoga at all.  The boys are trying to pick up Mark's legs so they can do the "wheelbarrow" with him!

Alex doing the dog pose Topsy Turvy!

Trying to do the "wheelbarrow" with Daddy

August 27, 2001

The kids and I went to Lake Eola in downtown Orlando today to play on the playground and feed the birds and swans.

Monkey Patch Monkey Alex

Alex and Patch Alex feeding the black swans

August 29, 2001

I'm sorry there were no pictures from yesterday, but I've made up for it today! 

Mom, Patch and I spent the morning shopping while Alex was at school.  We got all of the little last-minute extras we'll need for our trip up to Lake George.  We're all getting soooooo excited!  Patch had a blast riding on the escalator, and would hold his foot up for the last half of the ride anticipating when he would have to step off. 

The three boys have been shooting hoops in the back yard after dinner, since it's still way too hot for any outdoor play during the day.  Besides, it's much more fun after Daddy's home from work.

Patch waiting to step off the escalator Shooting hoops after dinne

Alex and Patch laughing at Daddy's antics You have to feel it to believe it!

August 30, 2001

Today the boys' school got a visit from "Healthy Herb."  He is a guy who dresses up in an outfit of fruits and vegetables and is very silly while talking about healthy eating.  The boys thought he was hilarious and talked about him all the way home, although Patch's teacher said that at one point Healthy Herb got quite loud and Patch freaked out ("Jumped out of my lap and tried to run away before I knew what was happening.").  They got a coloring page of Health Herb and here Alex is coloring it in.

Alex coloring in Health Herb

At the boys' bedtime, the dogs will usually camp out where they can watch the kids.  Here, Boudreaux is on sentry duty in front of Patrick's door.

Boudreaux guarding Patch while he sleeps

August 31, 2001

Mark introduced Patrick to Monster Truck Madness on the computer today.  Alex was really quite good at it by the time he was this age.  While Patrick thoroughly enjoyed driving through everything in sight, we're not quite ready to give him the keys to the car!

Patrick's first time behind the wheel