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JULY 2001

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July 6, 2001

Clara, Nathan, Alex, Carter, Patrick, and Baby Andrew at the Playground Patch and Carter spinning!
Alex & Patch in the tubes at McDonalds Alex, Carter, Patch, Nathan, and Clara in the ball pit

We had a wonderful day today with Becca and her three boys, Carter, Nathan and Andrew.  We went to an awesome playground with everything a child could imagine, and then to McDonalds for lunch and more playtime!


July 8, 2001

 Patrick and Alex filling the wheelbarrow Alex and Patrick shoveling mulch
Alex and Patrick shoveling mulch Alex spreading mulch - what a helper!

We had TEN yards of mulch dumped on our driveway this weekend!  Mark worked his tail off, with the help of our child slave labor and our wonderful neighbors, and by Sunday afternoon the driveway was clear and the house looked marvelous!

July 12, 2001



The boys absolutely adore Trouble, and the feeling is quite mutual!

Alex said the funniest thing today - let's see if it keeps its humor in translation.  Just before dinner, I said, "Why doesn't somebody go out in the garage and get a drink out of the fridge."  And Alex said, "Sure. . . But not me."  What a little smarty pants!

July 13, 2001

Clara, Carter, Alex, Nathan (clockwise from top) and Baby Andrew Patrick sat at the table with the grown ups
Patrick, Nathan, Alex, Carter and Andrew

What a busy, wonderful day we had.  We took care of Clara today, and Becca came over with her three kids.  There were children everywhere!  We had six kids here, and five of them are two years old or younger!  Mark came home and brought us all lunch.  As you can see, it got a little creative finding places for all of us to eat.  That was also the quietest moment all day.  Grandma came over after lunch, and we topped off the afternoon with ice cream sundaes at Dairy Queen.

Vroom, vroom! Alex and Daddy playing horseshoes

A typical evening in the front yard with Daddy while Mommy cooks dinner.

July 14, 2001

Mark after going in the pool!

We had a busy day shopping today, so we didn't take any pictures during the day.  But tonight we were at our friends across the street, Dave and Sonja's, for Sonja's birthday party.  Mark and Dave decided it would be humorous to throw Susan in the pool.  Mark went in after her, and this picture was her payback!

July 15, 2001

Patrick and Alex creating their race cars
Mark, Patch and Alex at the "starting line" Mark, Patch and Alex showing off their race

Mark and the boys had a blast today making Lego racing cars, and then racing them down the ramp Mark created in our living room.  He even got out the postage scale so they could discover the difference that adding or removing Lego pieces made in weight and speed.  What a great rainy day activity!

July 16, 2001

Alex and Patrick at summer camp

The boys had their first day of summer camp.  They broke their mama's heart - ran into the room without even looking back!  The theme for this week's session is camping, so they had a tent set up in the room, and they went "fishing" (Alex caught NINE!) and on a nature hike and played horseshoes.  It's been a long summer so this has been a welcome retreat.

Alex rode his bike along while Mark ran tonight.  They went over three miles and Alex did great!


JULY 18, 2001


Grandma, Alex and Patrick

The boys have been enjoying summer camp every day this week, and then this afternoon Grandma came over for a visit.  I'm not sure who enjoys her visits more - Grandma, the boys, or Mommy!

JULY 19, 2001

Patch after a big day at summer camp

I guess summer camp has worn Patrick out this week!  He stopped napping months ago, but this afternoon he took it upon himself to climb in Mommy and Daddy's bed and fell asleep.

Patrick has discovered lately that he "wubs" everything.  It's so cute to hear him:  I wub twubo (Trouble), I wub boobo (Boudreaux), I wub my shoes.  The funniest time was when he told Mark, "I wub you Daddy."  And then in his next breath he said, "I wub grass."  

JULY 20, 2001

The last day of summer camp

We were so sad to say goodbye to the boys' teachers at summer camp.  They had "water day" today to end their week, and loved it! 

The end of summer is just around the corner and then they're back to school.  Alex will be going for four days this fall and Patrick for two.  They're growing up so fast! 

JULY 21, 2001

The boys "camping" in Patrick's room Patch and Alex in their tents
Patrick, Jacob and Alex by the campfire
Roasting marshmallows
Roasting marshmallows Roasting marshmallows

Mark and the boys had themselves a camping adventure while Susan got to enjoy a night out with her friend, Becca.  They set up their bed tents in Patrick's room and sat by the "campfire" with our neighbor, Jacob, and toasted marshmallows for  s'mores.  Then they went to bed in their tents in sleeping bags.  What outdoorsmen!

This morning Mark let Susan sleep in while they all went out for a three-hour hike!  Before they left, they all drew pictures on pieces of paper and left them hidden around the house for Mommy to find.  What a wonderful way to wake up!

July 24, 2001

Patch playing Jump Start Toddlers Alex playing Monster Truck Madness

Patrick has been working on trying to figure out the mouse on the computer lately.  We switched him to a track ball today and he finally "got it" and we couldn't keep him off the computer all day!

It's a good thing because we all had a sick day today.  The boys each got on a computer to entertain themselves while Mommy grumbled and complained.  Boy how we wished Daddy still worked at home today!

On another note, we took Boudreaux to the vet yesterday because he's been limping very badly on one of his back feet.  The vet thinks he has hip dysplasia so we've got him on some medicine to try to help ease the pain.  Our poor Boo. 

JULY 26, 2001

Patrick's first visit to the dentist

Patrick had his first visit to the dentist today.  He did great!  Of course, all they do at this age is count their teeth and let them ride up and down in the chair.  All day long, whenever someone asked him about the dentist, he would say, "Big light."  He got to pick a toy out of their little toy basket.  I couldn't get him to pick one, and then I finally figured out that he thought the entire basket was for him!

Grandma and the boys on Grandpa's computer Doing a puzzle at Grandma and Grandpa's
Alex and Grandpa watching TV Alex listening to the TV with Grandpa's headphones

We had a wonderful visit at Grandma and Grandpa's house after the trip to the dentist.  Grandma and Alex checked out the pictures on Uncle David's web page while we were at the dentist, and then we did a HUGE puzzle and watched TV with Grandpa.

Cute stories:

#1:  Yesterday was not a stellar day (note there were no pictures to commemorate it!).  The boys spent the day practicing for their prize fighting careers.  But it did spawn one cute story. Patrick had a boo boo (distinctly hand-shaped) on the side of his face.  He wasn't crying about it any more so we moved on.  The next thing I knew, he went to the freezer and got out a package of frozen hot dogs and was holding it up to his face.  Then he went and got a box of frozen vegetables and did the same thing.  Turns out he had seen Grandma put a package of frozen peas on a boo boo she got at our house one time, so he was doing the same thing! 

#2:  I think we're raising politically correct children.  Today in the car Alex said, "I don't think they should say 'Gentlemen, start your engines!' at the beginning of a race.  What if there's a girl driving one of the cars?"  Now THAT'S my boy!

July 27, 2001

Patch "helping" Alex 7-27-01-2.jpg (37373 bytes)
Alex "helping" Patch 7-27-01-4.jpg (51303 bytes)
7-27-01-5.jpg (53486 bytes) Alex and Patch playing baseball

We had a magical day today.  We did nothing special, but the kids played so nicely together - I felt like I was in the Twilight Zone!  In the first few pictures, they had created their own game where they would run through the living room, and whoever got to the bean bag chairs first would fall into them and say "I'm stuck!"  And then the other one would come up and literally drag his brother across the living room floor!  The last picture is of them playing baseball in the living room.  The would run around the "bases"  and "slide!"

July 28, 2001

Alex building his car at Lego Land Patch building his car at Lego Land
Patch watching his car race down the track Alex and Patch racing their cars down the track

We had quite a day today.  Mommy and the boys went to Downtown Disney's Lego Land to play and add to their already endless supply of Legos. 

Patch swinging at the pinata Alex swinging at the pinata
Mark, Alex and Patch in Jacob's tree fort
Patch and Mark relaxing at the birthday party Alex, Kori, Patch and Jacob

After Lego Land we went across the street for Jacob's 4th birthday party.  They had a treasure hunt, a pinata, and lots of water fun.  (I recommend enlarging the last picture - it's too cute!)

July 29, 2001

We took the kids to the River for a visit with Nana and Papa today.  Our nephew, Preston, was there so we all went out on the boat and came thisclose to swimming with some manatees.  Unfortunately, we forgot the camera so we can't share any pictures.  The kids are staying there until Wednesday while Mommy and Daddy go back home to work, so there probably won't be any new pictures until they're back home.