We had a spectacular time at the annual Finster Family Reunion at Lake George, New York.  We also got some fabulous pictures!  Follow along with my diary of our trip.

September 8, 2001 

Were finally at Lake George!!!  Its gorgeous up here.  Mark and the boys hit the lake as soon as they could get over all of the hugs and kisses.  They loved it!  The trip up here went like a dream.  The kids were wonderful and everything went smoothly.   They even shared their toys with another little boy in the airport.   As soon as we got on the airplane, Patch kept saying, Were flying?  Id tell him no, not yet.  Then, when we took off, WERE FLYING!  As we were going up, he went, Were doing a sky wheelie!  (Thats monster truck lingo, in case you dont know.) 

Weve had a small miracle this year, in that the entire Finster clan made it here this time.  Weve been snapping pictures like crazy!  Its so nice to see everyone again! 

09-08-01-03.jpg (27236 bytes)
We're Flying!

09-08-01-04.jpg (28884 bytes)
Alex during takeoff

09-08-01-06.jpg (53401 bytes)
It took Alex no time to snooker Mike into playing Legos

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