September 9, 2001 

Stacie's sister, Haidee, and her fiance, Harry, brought this terrific old-fashioned ice cream churn that had everybody showing their muscle.  And what wonderful dessert we had that night!

09-09-01-02.jpg (57391 bytes)
Stacie and Sydney

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Stacie and Alex

09-09-01-05.jpg (57719 bytes)
Stacie and Patch

09-09-01-06.jpg (63504 bytes)
Stacie, Harry and Caitlin

09-09-01-07.jpg (65140 bytes)
Papa and Alex

09-09-01-08.jpg (63547 bytes)
John (Supervised by Jay)


We had all 13 great-grandchildren together!

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09-09-01-12.jpg (68804 bytes)


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