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October 1, 2001

Alex got a very cool present today from Uncle Troy, Aunt Christy and Lexie!  And he took his birthday money and got himself some safety pads so he could start learning to ride his new skateboard.

Patch had a really rough night last night with another go-round of croup.  He did  much better today, and we're hoping tonight will be better.

Alex with his new remote control truck from Troy, Christy and Lexie

All decked out! He's already an old pro!

October 2, 2001

We had a pretty quiet day today.  Patrick was so improved over yesterday that he went to school today and did fine.  Alex got to bring cup cakes into school to celebrate his birthday.

Daddy doing bedtime.

October 3, 2001

Alex got a new Reader Rabbit computer program from Uncle Jay and Aunt Stacie today for his birthday.  He and Patch sat at the computer for at least an hour straight devouring it.

Then we made Oreo cookie ice cream!

Playing his new Reader Rabbit Squishing Oreos into the bowl of ice cream

October 4, 2001

Once a month, the preschool does "cafeteria lunch" for the pre-K classes so the kids can learn how a cafeteria works before they go to kindergarten.  It was adorable to watch the kids walking sooooooo slowly and carefully while they carried their trays to their tables. 

Alex at his first cafeteria lunch

I taught the boys how to play hop scotch this afternoon.  Patch didn't quite get the point, but had a blast hopping all over the driveway.

Alex playing hop scotch Patch playing hop scotch

Trouble had different plans for my clean laundry.

Trouble helping fold.

October 6, 2001

Mark and Alex are spending the weekend at the River, and I stayed home with Patrick, who's still very sick.  So I haven't had many photo opportunities!  Patrick and I took a walk to the pond down the street today and he managed a smile for this picture.

October 7, 2001

Today's picture needs to be explained.  I was working at the computer today, and behind me I heard Patrick making a "motor" sound.  When I turned around, he was sitting in the chair just like you see.  I asked him what he was doing, and he matter-of-factly stated, "I'm driving."  Like I should have known!

A couple of cute little stories:

#1:  The other day I was helping Alex find a Lego piece he was looking for.  I finally said to him that I didn't think we were going to find it.  He replied, "Perseverance, Mommy!"

#2:  If you ask Patrick what a rooster says, he'll say "Hockagooglegoo!"

Patch "driving" on the chair

October 8, 2001

Alex had his 5-year check up today.  He's healthy as a horse, of course, but had to get FOUR shots!  He's 37 pounds (Patrick's 36!), and 43 1/2 inches tall. 

Afterwards, we went to the pumpkin patch and the boys each picked out a pumpkin.  I just love fall!!!!

Happy Halloween!

October 9, 2001

We did more fun Halloween stuff today, but I forgot to take pictures while it was still light out!  Here, the boys are drawing with the Paddington crayons Becca brought back for them from England.

Thanks, Ms. Becca!  We're so glad you're home!

Drawing with their Paddington crayons

October 11, 2001

The boys and I went to Seaworld today.  We did the normal stuff at the playland, like climbing the mountain on the rope and making angels in the sand box.  But we also made a new discovery - the bungee jump on the trampoline!

Patch:  "I DID IT!" Alex is King of the Mountain!

They're roaring like lions

You have to enlarge this one to see his face

The guy would pull him back and let him go like a sling shot Jumping sooooooo high!

Doing a back flip Finishing his back flip

October 13, 2001

Just a casual afternoon in the back yard.

October 14, 2001

My Mom got home from Michigan today!!!  We brought some dinner over to welcome her home, and also belatedly celebrate Dad's birthday.

Welcome Home, Mom!  Happy Birthday, Dad!

Dinner at Grandma and Grandpa's

October 15, 2001

We were very sad to hear today that Joe's Uncle George passed away last week.  We had gotten to know him over the last few years up at Lake George, and we will miss him.

Uncle George and Grandpa at Lake George Tom, Grandpa and Uncle George at Lake George

I had wonderful little angels all day long, and I actually got some house cleaning done!  It helps if you put them to work for you!

They had quite a little city going here Child labor!

October 16, 2001

The boys were back at school today!!!!!  Yippee!  (School was out all last week.)  We brought Andrew, one of Alex's classmates, home with us for the afternoon. 

10-16-01-01.JPG (18649 bytes) 10-16-01-03a.jpg (34017 bytes)

October 18, 2001

Jacob and Clara spent the afternoon with us today.  We played in the sand box and Alex and Patch tried to show Jacob the moves on their Yoga Kids movie.

Jacob, Alex and Patch in the sand box Alex and Patch showing Jacob the tree pose

October 19, 2001

Patch and I helped chaperone Alex's class on a field trip to the Fire Station just down the road from the school.  It was a very exciting and interesting trip!  The firefighters explained what to do during a fire and one of the firefighters came out in full gear to show the kids what to expect if they are in a fire.  It was quite dramatic, with the lights turned down and the sounds of his air tanks and his voice sounding funny through his mask.  Patch and one other little girl were a little freaked out, but he then took off his gear to show that it was just a person underneath.  Then they got to see the truck!  They turned on the engine and ran the sirens and horns (which Patch did NOT like!), and then all of the kids got to spray a fire hose (the size of a large garden hose).  They were thrilled!

Listening to the fire fighter Firefighter Al in full gear

The person underneath The whole class

Jacob and Clara stayed with us this evening and the three boys all fell asleep together on Alex's floor.  What a fun-filled day!

Best buddies!

October 20, 2001

Our neighbors next door, Greg and Karon, had a Halloween Bag Decorating Party this afternoon. 

Getting ready to decorate bags This is very serious business!

What's a party without a pinata! Who gave that kid a stick?!

October 21, 2001

Do you think Boudreaux is trying to tell us something?

You can see how underfed he is!

October 22, 2001

Becca and I took our brood to Chuck E Cheese, and then we walked around the building in the rain to the toy store on the other side.  Take a look at the picture of Patch and Nathan.  Can you believe they're the same age?  And Nathan is well within the "average" size range - Patch is just HUGE!

Cute story:  On the way back from the toy store, it was still raining, but had gotten pretty windy, too.  Patch had trouble holding his umbrella so he gave it to me.  I told him he could walk under mine, but he said no, he was just going to put both hands on his head to keep him dry.  He walked all the way like that!  I guess he didn't realize that he was really underneath my umbrella the whole time!  And after we got in the van, he said, "That was fun!  I'm soapin' wet!"

Alex is showing Carter how to play air hockey Patch helping Nathan play air hockey

Patch catching bumble bees! Nathan, Alex, Carter and Patrick "Singing in the Rain!"

October 23, 2001

We watched Jacob and Clara this afternoon.  They were practicing being ghosts for Halloween! 

Alex also helped me cut up tomatoes using the "big" knife for the first time.  Too bad he ended up cutting his finger. 

Oooooooooo!  Scary ghosts! Alex using the "big" knife for the first time.

October 24, 2001

I got a new toy today!  My dad got me a new digital camera for my birthday, so you'll have to bear with me while I learn all of the tweaks.

Thanks Dad!

We asked Alex to pose for our first picture in the new camera Patch playing tee ball with Grandma

Most nights before bed all three boys have a huge pillow fight (According to Patch:  "Pillows Fight") in our bed.

Playing Pillows Fight Looks like Alex won that round!

October 25, 2001

The boys' school had "Transportation Day" today, where they have all kinds of trucks for the kids to explore.  The kids all disappeared behind the seat backs on the school bus, and got to ride up in a cherry picker, and climb all over all of the vehicles!  The boys also got to see their teacher from last year, Mrs. Debbie, who was helping out.

My apologies, but I'm too tired to sift through and pick the best pictures, so I'm just going to stick them all on here.

First time on a school bus!  (Parked in the parking lot) Obviously, a golf cart.

In the back of  a mail truck In a PT Cruiser - testing that cargo cover!

Riding the cherry picker! How fortunate the Fire Department was there to fix up Alex's cut finger!

They got to walk through the police car.  The teacher said she didn't ever want to see them in the back of a police car again! There was a police motorcycle, and two Harleys - one men's and one ladies'

And a special treat at the end

Then it was Patch's class' turn.

Get used to that seat, kid! Patch was mesmerized by the motorcycles

Sea World had the Shamu beatle cars there Mrs. Debbie helped Patch with his treat

October 26, 2001

We played together with Becca and her boys today.  I took all of the panels off of the piano so they could learn how it worked.  Then we went to the mall food court for dinner and some playtime.

Learning how the piano works Understanding the hammers

Patch climbing the play structure at the mall Alex in the play structure at the mall

October 27, 2001

We went to the Preschool/Church Fall Festival today.  The weather has turned fall-like, just in time for the festival!  There were all kinds of fun activities.  The school put on a parade, and each class dressed up like some kind of community helpers.  Both the boys' classes dressed up like police men.  And they had a trike-a-thon fund raiser for the school.  The kids went berzerk on those little trikes!

Officer Patch Goofy expression, but a cute kid nonetheless!

Daddy's little "mini me" Go Finster Go!

It was a perfect day for a picnic

October 28, 2001

The weather is so nice that we can send the kids out to play in the back yard, and they actually stay out there for a while!  Today the boys caught their first lizard in the yard.  It wasn't too much of a challenge, given that it's was about 60 degrees out and he was moving pretty slowly.

The boys were making holes in the sandbox for bugs to live in

Warm Fuzzies:

The other day the boys and I were on the couch reading a bedtime story.  Patrick leaned over onto Alex and said, "I love you Alex."  Alex kind of rolled his eyes at me, like it was too much emotion for a big boy like him.  Then he reconsidered, and said, "I love you both."  I think that's up in my top five Mommy memories.

When we were at the mall the other day, Alex picked up an acorn that was different than the ones in our yard.  Later, he was showing it to Patrick at the kitchen table.  He all of the sudden ran out the front door and came back in with one of our acorns.  Then he spent 10 minutes showing Patrick the differences between them. 

At one point, Patrick could count up to eleven.  But now he gets stuck in a temporal loop:  1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 2, 3, 4 . . . He'll sometimes go through it four times before he realizes he's never going to get there!

This morning Mark and I wanted to sleep in, so when the boys woke up, I set them up with grapes and juice and a video.  Patch came into our room after a few minutes and woke us up.  He wanted to offer us a grape!

Whenever I want to make sure Patrick has heard what I've said, I tell him to look at me first.  A while ago, he started closing his eyes when he faced me if he didn't like what I was saying.  Today he took it to a new level.  I told him to listen to me, and he turned to me and stuck his fingers in his ears!

October 29, 2001

We made monsters out of play dough, and then took a trip to the mall today.

Making play dough monsters! Getting a drink at the mall

Happy Halloween!

October 30, 2001

The boys love checking out the "tractors" at Home Depot.  And after dinner, we decorated Halloween cupcakes and delivered them to the neighbors.

"Riding" the lawnmowers at Home Depot Decorating Halloween cupcakes

October 31, 2001

We had a wonderful time trick-or-treating with our two little ghosts!  As you can tell, they were none too happy with the sheets up on their heads, so we popped their heads through, and they were happy little spooks!

Happy Halloween!

What a miserable little ghost! You're supposed to say "Oooooooh", not "grumble, grumble!"

That's more like it!  We went trick-or-treating with Jacob and Clara - we felt VERY safe with Superman and a Police Woman with us!

Isn't Clara just the cutest little puppy you ever saw!

We had Jack-o-lantern pizzas before trick-or-treating. And some little ones for the little people