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November 1, 2001

One of Alex's classmates (and best buddies) spent the afternoon with us this afternoon.  All 3 boys were little angels!

This evening I caught my pinkie toe on the corner of the wall.  You know the pain:  you're certain you've ripped your toe clean off, or at the very least, it's broken in 15 places, then 30 minutes later it's all but forgotten.  Anyway, there was also a little cut.  Alex saw me fall and say things a mommy shouldn't say (it really hurt, okay!), and took charge.  He went to the kitchen drawer and got a ziploc and put some ice in it, then he got me a paper towel for the blood, and then he got me a bandaid.  He was a regular little ER doctor!

Andrew and Alex playing - what else - Legos!

November 2, 2001

Patch loved wearing Daddy's hat!

Insert "hysterical laughter" here! Eat your heart out!

November 3, 2001

Mark and I finally finished off the back deck today.  Patch loved helping Daddy out.  Then the boys got bored and started testing the aerodynamics of a human body off the retaining wall!

Daddy's little helper

To infinity, AND BEYOND! Fly, Baby, Fly!

November 4, 2001

Kori, our next-door neighbor, came over to play this afternoon.

Future NBA blocker!

November 5, 2001

Today was a magical day!  The weather turned cold and gorgeous, and the boys spent the entire day playing with each other in the back yard.  There were no scuffles, no fights, no "I don't want a brother anymore!" whines - just lots of fun!

For a kid with a bad stomach, he sure does love to spin! Higher!

November 7, 2001

We've had a very busy day!  Mom has been over yesterday and today and we've been working on painting the play room.  Our house is now overrun with toys!  Mass chaos!  But the room is going to look awesome!  Mom spent the day keeping the kids at bay and popping into the room now and then to help move ladders or drop cloths. 

Painting the "sky"

I love the way Patch holds his head in his hand Showing off their sand castles

The boys wanted Mark to teach them how to do a hand stand.  Instead, the taught them how to "stand on their hands."

Hand stand?

The 3 boys had their usual pillow fight tonight.  I couldn't snap the picture fast enough, but the boys are actually jumping off of the bed and landing on Mark!

Ugh! That's gotta hurt!

November 8, 2001

Alex was in a particularly benevolent mood, and let Patch have a turn on his skateboard.  I'm frightened to say that Patch looked like he'd been riding for some time!

He looks like he's been doing this forever!

November 9, 2001

Patch helped me mulch one of our new flower beds today.

My little stowaway!

November 11, 2001

We went to the River for the weekend to visit Nana and Papa.

Future major league player Hmmmmmm.  No much of a swing, there, slugger.

It's the laughing chair! The three amigos

Men at work

And the best part of the weekend:  Nana and Papa got bunk beds!

Breaking in the new beds.

November 12, 2001

Crystal River has this really cool playground!

Riding the manatee Eeek!  Sharks!

Getting a helping hand up

November 14, 2001

More progress on the playroom.  Today we added the sand and the clouds.

It's gonna be great, if it ever gets finished!

November 15, 2001

The pre-K classes at school held their own Thanksgiving feast tonight.  Nana and Papa came over from the River, and Mom joined us, too.  The kids got dressed up as Indians and Pilgrims and sang adorable songs, and we all had a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner.

Celebrating the first Thanksgiving

November 16, 2001

We had a busy day today!  Boudreaux woke up favoring his bad leg as badly as he did before his surgery.  So Patch and I took him to the vet after taking Alex to school.  They took an x-ray and said it doesn't look like anything new is going on.  The ACL repair is not as strong as it could be, but certainly doesn't warrant going back in to try to make it tighter.  So we're giving him some Rimadyl for a few days until he feels better.  The bad news is the vet said his leg is as good as it's going to get.  He still has a very noticeable limp, which I had hoped would go away as his leg got stronger, but apparently that's not the case.  But he is still our goofy, happy, tail-thumping Boo!

After school we met Becca and her boys at the park, and then on to the flea market.  The flea market has a fabulous carnival-like area for the kids, but we were all devastated to find that it is closed on Fridays.  But the boys did have a blast at the playground!

The right way to go down a slide

The right way to go down a slide . . .

The wrong way to go down a slide!

. . . and the wrong way to go down a slide!

 Alex on the "bouncy pole" Patch on the "bouncy pole"

This pole has a spring inside, so when they jump on it it bounces.  Patch is pushing that spring to its limit!

November 17, 2001

Mark took the boys to see a parade at the Oviedo mall this morning while I stayed home to work.  They had a blast (I'll spare you the gagillion pictures of all of the cool vehicles), and went to the arcade in the mall afterwards.

Alex scrambling for the candy being thrown out Patch watching the parade - ain't he cute!

The air hockey World Champion! And his faithful companion

Watching his score add up Future skeeball enthusiast (notice I didn't say "champion")

All of our neighbors came over tonight to watch the big game (the outcome of which needs not be mentioned on this web site).  We planned for all of the kids to fall asleep together so we could keep track of them, and Alex was so excited he helped me clean the house.  I gave him a Lysol wipe to clean the bathroom sink, and he went through about 7 wipes cleaning the bathtub, too!  He said he wanted it to be shiny for his friends.

Hire that guy!

November 18, 2001

Kori from next door came over to play for a while today.  In this picture, they were standing there holding hands and singing the alphabet song together.  It was adorable!

Patch, Kori and goofy Alex singing together.

November 19, 2001

The boys and I planted some plants in the back yard, and while I was doing other things, the boys were supposed to be watering the new plants.  Instead, they set the hose on "jet" and did this:

Early science experiment They made quick sand!

Yes, his leg is IN the hole up to his knee!

November 20, 2001

Patrick's class had a little Thanksgiving lunch today.  They were all so cute, singing grace before they ate and wearing their Indian hats!

"God our Father, God our Father . . ." They were all dressed up as little indians

We spent the holiday weekend in Tampa visiting and seeing the sites.  We took an obscene amount of pictures, and this is what I narrowed it down to.  I hope you're comfortable!

November 22, 2001

K.C. and Stacy were incredibly brave and hosted Thanksgiving for both of their families.  The food was incredible, as was the company.  K.C. and Stacy have recently done some major renovations, and their house looks fabulous!

Happy Thanksgiving! The whole crew - what a feast!

Is that Mike doing dishes?! 

The grand clean-up!

We made up a sign for this picture to send to Nana and Grandpa's Ceiva to wish them a Happy Thanksgiving.

What a good lookin' family!

November 23, 2001

K.C. and Preston joined us at Lowery Park Zoo today.  Our little zoo just doesn't compare to this one!

Can you guess which one is the monkey?

Preston and Uncle Mark This guy was a real ham!

Wheeeeeeeee! Leeeeeeaaaaan into it!

This tiger kept coming right up to the glass!

This was tooooo cool! This was one of his favorite things at the zoo

November 24, 2001

We were supposed to meet a bunch of friends at Busch Gardens today.  Unfortunately, Preston was sick all weekend, and Mark's friend, Sonya, and her family also were sick.  We hope everyone feels better soon!

We did get to meet up with Troy, Christy, and Lexie, which was a special treat!  Troy and Christy are Alex's godparents, and Mark is Lexie's godfather.

Patch, Lexie and Alex watching the fish Lexie, Mark's goddaughter.  What a cutie!

They have the same bungee jump that Sea World has, so the boys knew just what to do!

We could have done this all day Higher!

The kids climbed and jumped at the play land (Land of the Dragons).

Ta da!

There is also a water area at Land of the Dragons.

Patch was laying down in the water. I'm taking a shower!

Mark and Alex went on the bumper cars, and Alex tried his darndest to run everybody over!

I'm gonna get you!

At the end of the day we went to the kiddie rides and got to ride over and over because most people had left.

I'm flying!

Vroom, vroom! Wild Man Patch

At last, we headed to the van.

The best ride of the day


What a way to travel!

When we asked Alex what his favorite part of the day was, he said, "The bumper cars, and spending the day with both of you."  What a kid!

November 25, 2001

Today was our day of recovery!  Mark and the boys did a "science experiment" with the acorns in our yard.  They broke them open to see what was inside.  They took some straight off the tree, and some from the ground with holes in them, and some whole ones from the ground, and saw what the insides looked like.

Mad scientists at work

And even though it's in the 80's, it's still time for Christmas decorations!

'Tis the season! Oooooooooooh.  Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah.

November 26, 2001

We're making our own wrapping paper this year!

Watch those creative juices flow

November 27, 2001


We finally got the playroom to a point where we can put some of the stuff back in it - I reclaimed my house today from the invasion of the toys!  Patrick enjoyed helping me put the beanbag chairs back in the play room.

Patch and I also took the dogs in for their shots today and also to have Boo's leg looked at again.  Bad news on both of them.  We already knew that Trouble's days are numbered, but it was still hard to hear the vet say that we probably shouldn't bother with her shots this year.  And as far as Boo's leg is concerned, he's referred him to an orthopaedist for more surgery.  It is obviously hurting him quite a bit, and now he has a popping sound with each step.  Here we go again!

You couldn't ask for a cuter helper!

November 29, 2001

Well, it's been a rough couple of days.  Patch had his 3-year check up on Wednesday.  He's had a mild cold since the weekend, and Sunday night he had what I thought was croup.  Turns out the doctor thinks it was his first asthma attack.  Fortunately, I got his nebulizer out right away so nothing serious happened.  She's been suspicious about it for a while, and I guess I've been in denial.  Anyway, now we have an inhaler for him and are prepared, so I guess getting diagnosed was a good thing.  But it sure is the pitts to have another medication added to his arsenal.

Also on Wednesday I took Boudreaux to a veterinary orthopaedist for their opinion on his knee.  They said that he has now torn his meniscus (on top of the recently repaired ACL).  They said there isn't any urgency, so we've decided to wait a while and see how he does, with the craziness of the holidays coming up, and the fact that he's just gotten his hair back from the last surgery!  Poor guy!

We watched Andrew (Alex's classmate) this afternoon and they spent their time showing each other their favorite web pages.

Alex teaching Andrew on Monster Truck Madness

November 30, 2001

I had a busy day planned today to get ready for Patrick's birthday party tomorrow.  Everything went out the window when Alex woke up sick and didn't go to school.  Becca and I had planned for her to take Patrick to the park with her boys for a while, and we went ahead and did that, and Mom came and took care of Alex.  With all of the help, I was actually able to get a lot done.  But when Alex got a fever this afternoon, we decided to reschedule the party anyway.  The good news is that now my house is spotless!

They were looking through the binoculars and saying to each other "I seeeeeeeee you!"

Nathan, Patch and Carter Carter, Patch and Nathan