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December 3, 2001

Happy 3rd Birthday, Patrick!

Yippee!  Patch is 3!

We're having Patrick's birthday party tomorrow afternoon, so we don't have any "real" birthday pictures yet.  This was supposed to be a picture of just the birthday boy, but Alex was being silly and stuck his head in it!

Making Christmas presents

We got started on making some of our Christmas presents today.

December 4, 2001

Patch finally got his birthday party today!

Happy Birthday to you!  Happy Birthday to you! Can you believe I actually found a truck pinata?

Jacob, Carter and Clara at the slide.  Mommy and Patch and Mary and Clara at the swings. The kid knows how to enjoy life!

The happiest Grandma alive! Alex and Andrew trying to defy gravity!

December 5, 2001

The City of Oviedo had a Christmas festival this evening.  It was really nicely done, with free hot dogs, drinks, and cookies, music performed by different school groups, and . . . 

S A N T A ! ! !

He rode in on his sleigh on top of a fire truck with sirens blaring, and then he visited with all of the children.  The boys spent a lot of the afternoon thinking up their lists for Santa, and we even reviewed them while waiting in line.  But when they actually saw him, they both completely froze.  They couldn't even manage to mutter their own names when he asked them!  It was absolutely adorable!

They were more than a little overwhelmed! That little tiny smirk on Patch's face is only because I was tickling him.

December 7, 2001

We watched Jacob and Clara tonight while Mary and Travis went out.  They were all little angels, but I was still amazed when everyone was asleep!

Playing games on-line A small miracle!

December 8, 2001

We finally got started on our indoor Christmas decorations today, starting with the boys' tree.

Patch adding his creative touch. Alex covering the tall spots

December 10, 2001

We had a play date at Chic-fil-A with Carter, Nathan, and Andrew for lunch today.

Alex, Patrick and Nathan

December 11, 2001

The boys were given card gingerbread men to decorate for the school to hang on the walls for Gingerbread Night this Friday.  They did a good job!

Alex was directing Mark, his assistant I do it by self!

The finished products

For anyone who thinks that Florida is nice this time of year, you're crazy!  I'd gladly brave you northerners' cold weather over this at Christmastime!

two pictures in one!

December 13, 2001

I've always tried to tell Alex that Patrick would be a lot of fun to play with one day - like a toy in the toy box! 

Patch is our latest toy in the toybox!

December 13, 2001

We had a big day today!  Santa came through our subdivision on a horse-drawn sleigh, and the boys and I rode in the back of a pickup truck with a bunch of other neighbors and caroled with Santa.  Then we hopped in the van to go to Gingerbread Nights at the school, where we made our very own gingerbread house.

There's Santa!  (although we're not in this picture) Alex directed everything on the gingerbread house.  He did great!

December 16, 2001

He's an old pro at this cycling stuff now.

Next - Tour de France

December 17, 2001

We had a play date at the playground with Becca and her boys today.  Poor Patch was on a new cold medicine and it knocked him out all afternoon, even through shopping!

Nathan, Patch, Carter and Alex

Shop 'til you drop! Patrick's Guardian Angel

December 19, 2001

Alex had his class Christmas party today at school.  Unfortunately, I forgot my camera!!!!!!!   Sob, sob.  After school we did more arts and crafts, making some of our Christmas presents.

Such concentration! An artist at work

December 20, 2001

Mark and I went to Patrick's class Christmas party today.  We got there a little early and sat in on their P.E. class.  At this age, P.E. is more of a free-for-all, and it was hilarious to watch.  Mark ended up being the entertainment, of course!

T h i s    Big! Does this really need a caption?

He's like the Pied Piper! That's their teacher they're all piling on top of!

Miss Patrice, the teacher, at the party

Patch and Ms. Carla, the support teacher, are buddies. And a great big Christmas hug for Miss Patrice

We've finally gotten some cold weather.  Boudreaux can't handle it!


December 21, 2001

Today was my last "useable" day before Christmas.  We're leaving in the morning to go to the River to celebrate Christmas over the weekend, and then David and Kat arrive Sunday night.  Mark and his brothers and dad all went golfing today, so my Heaven-sent mom came and played with the kids while I went wild trying to get everything done.  Whew!  I think I made it!  What would I ever do without you, Mom?

Making gingerbread men  

December 22, 2001

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!  Okay, at least a Florida Christmas, anyway!  We spent the weekend at the River celebrating an early Christmas.  The boys made out like bandits and got tons of new toys, and Mom and Dad didn't make out too bad either!  And what a special treat to have the entire family together again.

Thank you, everyone!

And they carved the roast beast

Nana and Alex sharing a secret Patch showing off his helecopter (and his black eye from a few days ago)

Jay and Stacie keeping the couch warm Only in Florida . . .

The "Daddy recliner"

With beds running scarce, we stayed at the hotel down the block.  I believe it was the kids' first time in a hotel, and they made heavy work of breaking in the beds.

To infinity - AND BEYOND!

December 23, 2001

The boys spent most of their day trying out their new scooters, and testing the integrity of all of their safety equipment.

You're supposed to RIDE it, silly! Check out that concentration!

The uncles were almost as fun as the toys!

December 24, 2001

Merry Christmas!

Every Christmas Eve we go to the children's service at church, and all of the children dress up as a person from the Christmas story.  Mark and the boys came up with these Shepherd costumes, and they stole the show!

Gotta do something about that hair! "Walk softly and carry a BIG stick!"

Santa's helpers (aka our neighbors) had a little too much fun after they put the gifts together.

Children at heart Santa came!

December 25, 2001

Merry Christmas!

What a wonderful Christmas we all had!  We have been truly blessed and wish the same for you and yours.

Thanks, Troy and Christy!

Patrick was so funny opening his presents.  Every time he unwrapped something in a box, he'd go, "It's a box!  It's a box!"  Santa left a trail of bows going out to the garage where the go cart was.  Alex figured it out right away and was in that seat turning the steering wheel in two second flat.  Meanwhile, Patrick was walking slowly through the garage, going "There's bows!  There's bows!"  When he finally got to the go cart, he went, "There's bows!  There's bo - - - W O W ! ! !"

I'm not sure he'd pass his driver's test just yet Thanks Santa!

Then we were off to Grandma and Grandpa's house for more presents and Christmas dinner!

Patch getting a lesson in nut cracking (no - not the ballet, dummy!) Thanks, Grandma!

December 26, 2001

My parents got us this chiminea for Christmas, and we couldn't wait to try it out.  The weatherman obliged nicely also, as it was freezing today!

Alex had a little trouble differentiating between a roasted marshmallow and a torch! Well!  I'm a lumberjack and I'm okay . . .

And our other children got the best of doggie Christmases - chewing up wrapping paper rolls!

Better than any bone under the Christmas tree

December 27, 2001

Today our aim was survival.  We've all got relatively mild colds, except, of course, for Patrick, who is sick as a dog.  The poor guy has been coughing his head off.  Mom came over so I could get some of my typing done and she set him up on our bed to watch TV.  When I went to check on him, as you can see, he had his arm on his head and his finger in his ear, and was just pitiful.  He started with a fever tonight, so I guess we're off to the doctor tomorrow to get that ear checked out.

Can you get any more pitiful?

December 28, 2001

We made ourselves a marble run out of extra PVC parts and pieces today.

(Patrick update:  He woke up feeling better, so no trip to the doctor.  Yippee!)

Building Lego drag racers

December 30, 2001

With our Sea World passes due to expire at the end of the year, we decided to brave the crowds and have one last day of fun at the park.

Daddy pointing out the dolphins to Patch Watching the ski show from our dinner table

December 31, 2001

Patrick had a horrible night last night and woke up about 6 times (when it gets that often, you tend to lose count). So I took him to the doctor.  Remember that ear ache and fever a few days ago?  Guess I shouldn't have ignored it!  Yep, he's got an ear infection, but the doctor was much more concerned that he is still wheezing pretty badly.  So we've gotten more aggressive with his asthma, and he is now taking six different medications daily and needs to go back next week.  The crazy thing is that, except for the bad night and a persistent cough, he's been his normal exuberant self.  Go figure!

On the way home from the doctor's office, we met Mom at McDonald's for lunch.  True to form, Patrick played as if there was nothing wrong, and the boys made friends with the other kids there.

This thing is for climbing, right? Making new friends

We wasted no time getting started on the New Year's Eve celebrating, and headed outside in the afternoon for our annual block party.  The kids played with Kori's Barbie jeep and Patch made several flying leaps onto his big red ball (and once managed to leap right over it and land on his tushie!)

We had grills on the sidewalk cooking wild pig and venison, tables covered in delicious food, a keg of cold beer, bottles of champagne, chimineas keeping us warm, torches and lanterns to see by, kids' fireworks that shot off streamers, big kids' fireworks, great tunes on the radio, lots of laughter and the company of good friends.  Does it get any better than that?

Patch seems to have gotten over his fear of the sound of fireworks and really enjoyed them this year.  Alex showed quite a tendency towards pyromania, and experimented with his sparklers trying to light the empty fireworks boxes and watched the sparklers light up when he threw them into the chiminea.  We're gonna have to watch that kid!

Faster, Alex!  Faster! Another "Action Patch" shot

Showing the boys the streamers they just shot off

The beginner's lesson in "How to be a pyromaniac" Hmmmmmmm.  What can I light with this one?

Watching the sparklers catch fire Now that's a fire!

Check out Travis' beer mug! Our fabulouso neighbors, Travis, Dave, Mark, Greg, and I think that's Sonja behind Dave

Travis, our own personal Statue of Liberty H a P p Y     N e W      Y e a R ! ! ! ! !