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MAY, 2002
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May 1, 2002

We've had quite a day!  This morning was the kindergarten tour at Alex's school for next year.  Mark met us at the school and we got to see all of the different types of classes (music, art, etc.) and then Alex and I went to the cafeteria and  had a real cafeteria lunch.  Alex wasn't thrilled with the food options (he's my boy, ain't he?), which was just fine with me, since he'll be bringing his lunch anyway!  Alex was very excited, though, and saw a lot of kids from the neighborhood, preschool, and t-ball.  The school looks fabulous, and I'm starting to believe that maybe, just maybe, they'll be able to take care of my little boy after all.  ;-)

This afternoon Alex had his very first golf lesson.  It was supposed to be for a half an hour, and after 45 minutes the instructor came up to me and said that she usually can barely make it through the 30 minutes with a 5-year-old, but she was having a lot of fun with him!  To quote her, "He's amazing!"  It was incredible to see how much progress he had made just at that first lesson, and he can't wait for the next one.  (Unfortunately, I thought my camera was still in my purse from this morning, and it wasn't, so I didn't get any pictures of his beautiful form!  Wah!)

Kori and Alex listening to the principal at school

May 2, 2002

Alex is so excited about golf again that we got out a putting carpet that we've had tucked away for a while now.  It's really awesome to see Alex paying such attention to the little details, and actually accepting correction and reminders so he'll do better.

Tiger wannabees

May 3, 2002

The Orlando Science Center has this really fun exhibit called Richard Scary's Busytown.  The exhibit is leaving for its next destination on Sunday, so Becca and I spent one last day there.  It's an awesome place!

Patch was working the pulleys Playing Ring Around The Rosie

Knock Knock!

Who's There? It's Alex!

As soon as we got home from the Science Center, Mark took the boys over to school for Daddy and Me, where they do stuff for Mothers Day.  While the kids were with their Daddies, the Mommies went out to Bennigans!

Tumbleweed bowling Tumbleweed bowling

That horse is having one bad hair day! Mamas, don't let your babies grow up to be cowboys!

May 5, 2002

We drove over to the River yesterday after Alex's t-ball game.  It's been quite a while since we've been here, and we've made the most of it! 

There were several manatees right off the back yard.  One kept coming back to be petted! And then the tour continued with Alex

Nana and Papa had to check them out too Our guard dogs - keeping the manatees out of the yard!

My little clown Every kid has to have the "face squished against the glass" picture

Noodle lessons

They actually worked TOGETHER and practically did the entire puzzle themselves (it's a 60-piece puzzle) And of course, what Finster gathering is complete without a little golf?

May 6, 2002

Before we headed back home, the boys had to get in the water one more time.

Geronimo! To infinity - AND BEYOND!

That face says it all

May 7, 2002

I had the privilege of being invited to Alex's classroom this afternoon for a Mother's Day Tea.  The kids sang very sweet songs about mothers, and then served us our snacks.  While we were eating, Mrs. Sheryl read to us each child's version of their mothers (she had a list of questions for them), and we had to guess who's Mommy it was about.

A choir of angels Making plates for their Mommies

He did pretty well!

May 8, 2002

I have a couple of cute Patch stories:

#1:  This weekend while we were at the River, Patch saw some baby girl stuff that Nana has gotten for K.C. and Stacy's baby (who's due in June).  Patrick asked who it was for, and I told him that Aunt Stacy was going to have a baby girl soon.  He said, "You mean Preston?"  I said, "No, Preston is going to have a new baby sister."  He said, "No, she's having a baby boy."  I said, "No, it's definitely going to be a girl."  And he said, "No, Mommy, they're going to go to a different store where they can get a baby boy."

#2:  We went to Pet Smart today to get dog food.  There is a goldfish pond near the checkout (with a very clear sign that says to keep your kids the heck away).  The kids were supposed to be looking at the fish while I paid.  When I looked over both of their hands were in the water.  Of course, I reprimanded them to get their hands the heck out of the water.  "But we were just petting the fish."  I said that you don't pet fish.  And Patch retorts, "But it is a pet store!"

Alex had his second golf lesson today, and I finally remembered my camera.  I know that a good instructor makes the Mommy feel good about her kid, but she did have wonderful things to say about him.  She told me that she had been talking about him at work (at Isleworth) all week, and also that after his lesson last week someone had come up to her and told her how nice his swing was.  She also said that the best thing about him right now is that he listens to everything she says.  I almost offered to pay her to come home with me!

I can't believe how controlled my "insane" child can be! Nice shot!

Patch believes in beating the heck out of the ball!

May 9, 2002

Today was Patrick's Mother's Day program at school.  Since they're so young, they did not sing "for us" like the other classes do, but instead, all of the moms participated in a version of their music classes.  It was absolutely adorable, and Patrick was so proud of all of his songs.  The teacher called it "music and movement," and I've gotta say, I am definitely not as young as I used to be!  Since I was a part of the program, the only pictures I got to take were in my heart, so I'm afraid I don't have many to share with you.

All of his excitement appears to have exploded from his shoulders on up! I think Alex and Andrew left out a big part of their Battleship strategy - the secret part!

May 10, 2002

We met at Chuck E Cheese today for a reunion of Alex's old playgroup.  Although we don't see each other as much anymore, the boys are all still best buddies.

Robertito, Alex, Sierra, Sebastian and Patch Sebastian, Robertito, Alex and Patch playing Hungry Hippo!

May 11, 2002

Mark and I are both blessed with the most wonderful mothers in the world.  We are doubly blessed that they are also the most wonderful grandmothers in the world.

Happy Mother's Day!


This evening, I was at the computer working and Mark and Alex very smugly came out of Alex's room and went to the couch.  Alex said to me, "We were just reading in my room," and then turned towards Mark and covered his mouth to stifle a giggle. They then walked into the kitchen and Alex went on to say, "It was a really funny book.  Hahahaha, I'm still laughing about it!"   This was obviously a cover story for what they were really doing in his room, and it was absolutely hilarious.  Mark later told me that he had not prompted Alex to say anything at all!  Alex just decided that a cover story was in order.  Man, oh man, are we in trouble!

Sonja's family is visiting from Germany, along with her 6-year-old nephew, Sven, and 5-year-old niece, Nadine.  Despite the language barrier, Sven and Alex are really enjoying each other, and have discovered that they both love Legos and monster trucks.  They have each told their moms that they are able to understand each other and play together.  Isn't it amazing how adaptable children are?

Alex and Patch invited Sven over for a Lego fix

May 12, 2002

I had the most wonderful Mother's Day!  I woke up to a fabulous breakfast, and then we spent the day at the beach.  We then went out to dinner, and I actually went to bed early!  The boys were perfect angels all day long.  I couldn't have asked for a better day!

Showing their best sides!  ;-) Burying Daddy's feet

The safety of Daddy's arms

Hamming it up at the restaurant Goofy kid!

May 13, 2002

Becca and her boys came over for an impromptu play date today.

Patrick, Andrew, Nathan and Alex Never come between a boy and his elephant!

May 14, 2002

We had Water Days at school today!

Volleyball over God's rainbow That's my Patch - full speed ahead!

May 18, 2002

We've been very busy lately, so busy that I haven't been able to post any updates!  Sorry 'bout that.  I'm working on a project for the kids' teachers for the end of the year involving tons of digital pictures.  It's taking a lot of time, so Mark has played Superdad this weekend.  He coached Alex's t-ball games both Friday night and Saturday morning, then he took our boys and Kori from next door to a UCF baseball game, then they all went swimming at Kori's, and then we watched all three of Becca's kids while they went out for the evening.  Our neighbors invited us over for a barbecue so all seven of us invaded their home.

Nathan and Patch with bowl hats My three beautiful boys

Mark's "mini me" There are three of these frogs living in Greg and Karon's wind chime.  Ain't he cute!

May 20, 2002

Patch had yet another trip to the pediatrician this morning.  He's been miserable lately and we can't pinpoint the problem, so she's sending him to be allergy tested.  Hopefully we'll find some answers.

After his appointment we met Becca and her boys at a playground.

My Monkey Boys

May 21, 2002

Today was the last day of school, and Alex's last day of preschool ever!  The boys' teachers have been fabulous and we are going to miss them terribly.  The pre-k classes had their Preschool Graduation Ceremony this evening.  There was a river of tears!

Patch giving Miss Patrice one last hug Alex getting his diploma from Mrs. Sheryl, his teacher

Daddy and Patch thumb wrestling before the ceremony

May 22, 2002

I'm doing some extra work today and tomorrow to cover for a secretary who's on vacation, so Becca very bravely took both her kids and my kids to the Science Center for the afternoon so I could work.  Since she already had all five car seats loaded into her car, and both our husbands were working late, we made a day of it and went out to dinner together as well.  The host at the restaurant was funny.  We asked for a table for seven.  He said, "With four adult menus?"  We said, "No."  He said "Three?"  We said, "No, two."  He said, "Wow!"   Becca pointed out that this must have been what life was like for Mark's parents when the kids were little.  There's a special place reserved in Heaven for Joe and Mary Ellen!!!   We got a wonderful surprise when Mark joined us at the restaurant.  Whew!  I'm sure Becca will sleep well tonight!

Alex made his own moving robot! Look what I made!

The Finster and Liebman boys commandeered the Lego table!

May 24, 2002

We recently discovered that Sven, Sonja's 6-year-old nephew who is visiting from Germany, also has a love for monster trucks and racing, so we decided to introduce them to Race Rock.  Would you believe that "monster truck" in German is also "monster truck"?  It's no wonder Sven and Alex have been able to overcome the language barrier so easily!

Just "hanging around" Big Foot, the monster truck Sven, Nadine, Patch and Alex

May 25, 2002

We went to David and Sonja's tonight for drinks with Sonja's family, as they will be returning to Germany tomorrow.  We wish them a safe trip and hope to see them again soon.

We also got a special visit from an owl while we were there.

This little devil likes to eat the coy out of Dave and Sonja's pond!

May 26, 2002

Mark and my Dad took the boys out on a Geocache adventure.  A Geocache is  a spot where someone has hidden a little treasure that can only be located using a GPS.  The boys brought a toy to leave as a replacement of the toy they found.  They had a blast, and can't wait to go on the next one!  Unfortunately, it looks like I have failed in my training, as Mark didn't take one picture.

After they got home, Karon invited us over.  She said that Kori and Jacob were in the back yard swimming and "coloring rocks."  I figured she had found some neat craft kit involving coloring rocks.  Actually, they were using markers to color rocks out of their garden. It literally kept the kids busy for hours - she's a genius!

Flash back to the days of pet rocks!

May 27, 2002

Happy Memorial Day!!! 

As always, all of the neighbors met out front for a picnic to celebrate the holiday.  Mark and Patch wowed everyone showing off his new talent!!!

Watch me ride!
Click on his smiling face above to watch him ride!

Look at him go!!! Keep up, Daddy!

May 28, 2002

Patch had his appointment with the allergist this morning.  We had been hesitant to take him to begin with because he's so young, and sure enough, it was a major bust.  The doctor did 16 different scratch tests on his back and he didn't have a reaction to any of them.   He also tried to do a spirometry test, which measures how much air he is moving, but Patch couldn't understand what they were trying to get him to do, so that didn't work either. 

The good news is that the doctor was awesome.  He didn't doubt for a minute the problems we've been having, and took quite a bit of time to really explain asthma, and the relationship it has with reflux, to me.  We discussed changing his asthma medication, which Mark and I want to research a little first, since things have been going pretty well lately.  So anyway, I just wanted to bring those of you up to date who might be keeping track.

May 29, 2002

Here's an example of what I deal with on a daily basis.  I had just gotten out of the shower and Patch was asking me a million questions about the shower:  "Did you wash your back?"  "Why?"  "Were you dirty all over?"  Things like that.  I finally said, "Goodness, Patch, you're making me crazy."  He replied, "No, Mommy, I'm making you insane!"  That too!

Mark got Alex a new iron last week, so Connie spent a lot of time teaching him to use it at his lesson today.  She continues to rave about how wonderful he is!

Don't get too used to those sand traps! I wish he showed this much control in every day life!!!

May 30, 2002

Becca and I took our boys to the Orlando Science Center again today.

Men at work The boys are very proud of their robot creations

They were riding the "earthquake ride" petting a millipede!