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JUNE  2002
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June 1, 2002

Alex had his last t-ball game of the season today.  There was a pizza party afterwards and the coach gave all of the players trophies.  Alex was absolutely thrilled with his and wanted to take it to bed with him!  The boys were also surprised when Grandma showed up!  She's been in Michigan for almost two weeks and has been sorely missed.

Goofy smile, and not a great pose, but this is when he got his trophy.

Alex really came through this morning as a great big brother.  Patch was doing his nebulizer and I gave him a book to keep him occupied.  Alex went over and read the book to him and goofed around and made him laugh!  And yesterday I witnessed a miracle.  We were at Robertito's house playing, and Robertito and Patch had a disagreement over a toy.  Alex very angrily hissed at Robertito, "Let my brother play with it!"
Entertaining Patch while he has to "endure" sitting still for ten minutes

This was right in our front yard!

June 2, 2002

No pics today, but it was definitely an eventful day.  Alex had his third visit to the emergency room.  During dinner, he was goofing off in his chair (a behavior Mark and I discussed just yesterday that needs correcting), and he fell off his chair and cut his temple on the marble window sill.  Dave and Sonja came to the rescue with Patch so we could take Alex to the hospital, where he got to add three more stitches to his tally.  They have this wonderful compound that they put on his cut for 20 minutes or so that numbed him up so he didn't even need Novocain.  He was very brave and didn't shed a tear!  The doctor pointed out that there was a small chunk of skin completely missing after sewing him up, and he said that Alex had taken a divot out of his face.  Alex thought that was pretty cool!  On the way home, he said that he couldn't smile because it made his cut hurt.  So Mark said, "Okay, no jokes then."  And Alex responded, "Well, I can laugh!"

Sonja told me that Patch was really missing us at bedtime.  She could tell he was trying to be big and brave, but the tears escaped from his eyes anyway.  Poor little guy!  We really did just abandon him and didn't explain a thing! 

June 3, 2002

We had an impromptu play date with Becca today.  We went to Chuck E Cheese for lunch, and then back to our house for water fun and toad torture!

We also have some very exciting news!  Kori became a big sister a couple of days ago!  Karon had a beautiful baby girl named Kaley Rae, and our little block of friends is VERY excited!  Kori came over to play with us this afternoon to give her parents some much-needed sleep.

Who knew air hockey was a team sport?

On your mark, get set, GO! Patch is practicing for his future career as a wine cork!

C R A S H ! ! ! Oh my, but they ARE little boys!

June 4, 2002

We've graduated from toads to lizards!

Patch was kind enough to demonstrate how a lizard will shed it's tail!  Yikes!

June 6, 2002

We were supposed to have met Ms. Becca to play putt putt today, but putt putt was closed so we salvaged the day by playing at Ms. Becca's house.  She has this wonderful huge blue ball, and Alex came up with the idea of rolling it over Nathan.  Then all four kids got involved and it turned into quite a game!

Climbing the ropes at putt putt, even though we didn't get to play

Like rolling a monster truck over junk cars! Believe it or not - this was NOT a fight!  They were all laughing their heads off!

June 7, 2002

Alex got his stitches taken out today - it was wonderfully unremarkable!  He layed there like a statue and didn't flinch once.  I guess it's getting old hat to him!

Just a quiet day playing Legos I swear, even sitting quietly playing Legos, he still looks full of energy!

June 8, 2002

Mark and the boys spread out a bunch of mulch today while I typed.  What wonderful workers I have!

Patch has been the Energizer Bunny recently, and turned into quite the prize fighter today, much to Alex's disadvantage.  I had called the asthma doctor about something else, and mentioned it to him since we recently changed his asthma medications.  He immediately said it's because of one of the new meds and to stop it immediately.  Thank God!  Maybe we'll get our little boy back again!

Crack that whip! It's amazing how much fun a $2 coconut can be for a kid!

June 9, 2002

Mark took Alex out for his very first game of golf today!  He didn't take any still pictures, but boy, oh boy, did he take video!

Can you believe this?!

Click on the green to see a short highlight of Alex's first hole (1.52 mb)

Click on the golfer to see Alex's entire first hole (this file may take a LONG time to load - 3.6 mb)

Click on the golf ball to see Alex's best hole of the day (this file may take a LONG time to load - 3.4 mb)

While Mark and Alex were out playing real golf, Becca and I took our 3-year-olds out to play putt putt.

No, guys!  You're supposed to roll the BALL down that hill - NOT yourselves!

June 10, 2002

A few weeks ago one of our neighbors gave me a picture of a group of kids, including Alex.  All of the kids had the usual red eyes, except that one of Alex's eyes had a white pupil.  She mentioned that she had heard that a white pupil could be a sign of problems, and suggested that we just mention it to the doctor the next time we were there.  That was Friday when Alex had his stitches out, and I was a little taken aback when the doctor took it quite seriously and referred us to a pediatric ophthalmologist.  He mentioned some possibilities of what this could mean, and it was very frightening.  So I called Friday, and fortunately, the ophthalmologist could get us in this morning, so we didn't have too long to fret about it, although I must say, it was a long weekend. The appointment went well, and Alex is completely fine!  He handled all of the tests perfectly, even when they dilated his eyes, although he was ticked off all afternoon because he couldn't see well.  ("I'm gonna go wash those drops out of my eyes!")

Cute story:  Alex had on his Yankees shirt today.  Patch came up to me and said, "I want a Yankees shirt."  I said something like, "You're never happy, are you?"  And he said, "I'd be happy if I had a Yankees shirt."  Little smarty pants!

Mom was over today to watch Patch during Alex's appointment.  The boys were decorating sugar cookies this afternoon.  Alex seemed to be making a face out of one cookie with mini M&M's when he asked for more yellow M&M's.  Mom suggested that he just use an orange one to finish it up.  Alex said, "But I need more yellow for Mommy's hair."  I got him more yellow!  Ain't he sweet!

Coookie artists

June 11, 2002

We got a new niece today!

Danielle Marie Finster was born to KC and Stacy this morning at 11:06.  She weighs 6 lbs, 4.2 oz, and is 18 1/2 inches long.

And we couldn't be more excited!  Congratulations, KC and Stacy!

Danielle Marie Finster

June 15 & 16, 2002




What a fabulous weekend we've had!  Mark and I went on a much-needed weekend away, while the boys went and had some quality time with Nana and Papa.  I'm not sure who enjoyed the weekend more!

Mark and I stayed on the beach in Treasure Island and slept, swam, ate, and slept some more.  The highlight of the weekend was a sunset cruise on a sailboat on Saturday night.  We pulled ourselves back to reality on Sunday and went to the River for an afternoon on the water.  Papa had gotten a new motor for the "little blue boat" and Mark took a trip down memory lane taking the boys out in it.  We also saw a mother manatee who had been equipped with a radio transmitter, swimming off the dock with her calf.

This is another sailboat from the same company.  Three sailboats all went out together. {sigh}

I played around with the settings on my camera.  I liked this one! This was supposed to be an impressive shot of the mast.  Ah well.

Mother and baby manatee just off Nana and Papa's dock.  That yellow thing behind them is the transmitter on the mother. My three water rats

June 17, 2002


Today was the first day of Patch's gymnastics camp.  I had planned very carefully to have something for each child to do as his very own this summer.  But at the very last minute (as I was dropping Patch off!), they said they had an extra opening if Alex wanted to stay too.  I have taken on a significant amount of extra work last week and this week, and most of my babysitters have fallen through, so I jumped at the chance to work sometime besides the middle of the night!  Both boys had a great time, although Alex has said today that he doesn't want to be separated from Patch tomorrow (they have different groups for different ages).  Huh?  Am I in the Twilight Zone?

We recently got a book from the library on space robots.  So Mark and the boys were playing robots tonight.  In this picture, Patch is the robot, and Alex is the person "controlling" the robot.  They had to give each other oral commands to get them to an object.  It was hilarious!

Oops!  Sorry I ran you into that wall there!

June 19, 2002

The boys had their last day of gymnastics camp today.  They put on a cute little performance for the parents, singing:

To-ny Chest-nut knows I love you . . .
(touching:  toes, knees, chest, head, nose, eyes, arms hugging chest, pointing to us)

Each child seemed to be at a different point in the song!  It was adorable!

June 21, 2002

Patch was Superman today!

Thank God he doesn't know Superman can fly!

Alex had his golf lesson today.  He's just gobbling up everything he's taught!
Look out Tiger!
He's starting to show promise!

June 21, 2002

We drove over to the River to meet our new niece, Danielle, today.  She is absolutely ADORABLE! But don't just take my word for it.

Three men and a baby A Finster baby in pink!

Sorry, Mark.  You gotta give her back. FINALLY!

Alex was imitating Aydee

June 26, 2002

My apologies for not posting in so long.  But trust me, you didn't need to see me typing, day after day, rain, rain, and more rain, and more and more stir crazy children! 

We finally got a break from the monotony today when we watched Becca's boys while she went to an appointment.  During a break in the clouds, we went out front and they played with acorns - go figure!

Alex, Carter and Patch picking out the very best acorns to throw into the street Boys being boys

Nathan was happier learning how acorns turn into trees from Mom

June 28, 2002 - June 30, 2002

We had an absolutely fabulous weekend at the River for the Fouracre Reunion (that's Mark's Mom's side of the family).  We took tons of pictures that I plan to make into some kind of neat link, but for now, you'll just have to settle for a few pics of my boys.

Jimmy turning Alex and Patch into river rats John gave Alex a set of new clubs and a new bag!!!!!

Water balloon fight!!! This is Patch's "thinking face"

Who's happier? Alex finally got to golf with his uncles

It was absolutely amazing how well all of the kids got along! What an awesome family!