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APRIL, 2002
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April 1, 2002

We had a great visit at the park with Robertito, Alex's old friend from back when they were in play group together.

They have a whole playground, and what do they do?  Play with cars! The bubble boy

Patch is snug as a bug under the baseball quilt his Nana made him

April 2, 2002

The boys decided to spend the night in their car and space shuttle tents tonight.  (But Alex ended up back in his bed after about 10 minutes!)

Dreams of racing Dreams of blasting off

April 3, 2002

Mark's parents found a baby raccoon and asked Alex to name her for the Wildlife group that will be taking care of her.  He decided on "Stripes."

Stripes waiting to go to his new home Meeting one of his new caregivers

Isn't he adorable?!

April 4, 2002

Our afternoon thunderstorm came with an added bonus today - hail!

Trying to pick up the slippery hail Granted it was just pea sized, but it really is there in his hand!

All of those little white dots are hail!  I guess this is as close to snow as we get!

April 8, 2002

We've had kind of a rough week or so with Patrick.  It just started with some simple night waking, then a small cough, then a bigger cough, then a few asthma fits, and then the nose started, and all the while, big-time attitude and temper tantrums.  The more tired all of us got, the worse the tantrums!  I finally took him to the doctor today, and no wonder!  He has a sinus infection.  Poor little guy!

Since we got the all clear from the doctor about not being contagious, we met Becca and her boys at the park.  We hadn't seen them in ages and had a great time!  Just this week, both Alex and Patrick have learned how to completely do the swing all by themselves.  (So does that make Alex a slow learner or Patch a quick learner?)

The leaning tower of kids! Follow the leader

"Look how high I can go!" "I can go higher!"

April 9, 2002

Alex came up with a wonderful idea for dessert tonight - we made our own ice cream sandwiches out of graham crackers and ice cream.


April 10, 2002

There is a photographer who goes to all of the local preschools and takes candid black-and-white pictures of all of the kids.  We got ours back today.

April 12, 2002

Mark gave Alex a pad of post-its today to draw on.  Alex drew some pictures and hid them throughout the house.  Then he came to us with a "treasure map" on another stickie and then we played "hot and cold" until we found them all.  He created the game completely on his own - and we had a blast!

This afternoon the boys made brownies for dessert tonight.

He could hardly wait for me to pour it in the pan to lick the spoon! This took intense concentration for my little 3-year-old!

April 13, 2002

We went to our next-door neighbor, Kori's 5th birthday party today at the bowling alley.  Alex has played once or twice before, but this was Patch's first time.

Is he playing basketball or bowling?

Since Mark was home sick, Greg took Patch under his wing. Rolling s-l-o-w-l-y

He's bowling overhand!  I guess he's been watching too much baseball! You're supposed to LET GO of the ball!

Alex the parakeet In your face, baby!

Clara refused to be put down, so Mary was SUPERMOM! Travis, Clara and Jacob

April 16, 2002

Unfortunately, I don't have any new exciting or adorable pictures to share.  I have taken some pictures these last couple of days, but they all looked awful!  This weekend at Kori's birthday party the boys got a pass for a free bowling game, so we went there after school today.  I was a little dismayed when I noticed that the last pictures I posted were also of bowling!  Well, here they are, anyway.

The boys picked out nicknames to bowl by:  Andrew (whom I babysit) was "Florida Robot", Alex was "Snake" and Patch was "Cone" (Don't ask, I don't know why!).  Yes, that's a 117 that Alex bowled!  It's really hilarious! He makes a running start straight from the ball return (no, he doesn't line himself up first - just picks up the ball and starts running toward the lane). Then we watch the ball oh-so-slowly ricochet off the bumpers until it finally hits the pins.  He knocks down lots of pins that way!

If you look closely you can see that he slid on his knees when he let go of the ball.  He did this several times today. Well, this one just speaks for itself!

I know, I know - a corny picture, but I had to brag - not bad for a bunch of rookies!

April 18, 2002

Today was a very big day for Patch - he's at his first sleepover!  I'm chaperoning Alex's class on a field trip tomorrow and Becca is babysitting Patch.  Instead of driving all the way across town and back to drop him off before school, we decided to let him stay the night.  He's done great so far, but Mommy's a wreck!  Becca's awesome - she's already sent me pictures!

The boys were playing in the back of Andrew's Daddy's "monster truck" when he came to pick Andrew up today.

Patch had his own plans for how to pack his underwear My little man - he carried his own suitcase into Becca's house!

She needs a third sink!

He could at least look a LITTLE bit like he missed his mommy! Becca knows me well - I'll definitely sleep better after seeing this picture!

April 19, 2002

What a whirlwind these last couple of days have been!  Yesterday evening Alex went to Mark's softball game while I took Patch over to Becca's for his sleepover.  So we all got home pretty late last night and woke up tired.

Patch had a great night at Becca's, and slept until 8:45!  He had a rough time around 10:30 this morning, crying and asking for Mommy.  (I knew he'd miss me after all!)  Becca told him I'd be there after lunch.  He thought for a minute and said, "I'm hungry.  I want lunch."  Smart kid.  She said he was okay as long as they were busy, so she ran herself ragged with activity after activity!  Ain't she the best!

I went with Alex's class to the Big Oaks Ranch, which is a beef cattle ranch (and NO, they don't slaughter them at the ranch!).  The highlight of the day was the hayride through the ranch, and we were even chased by a cow! 

Alex and I went straight from school out to Becca's to pick up Patch (a 45 minute drive, mind you!) and visited for a little while, and then went straight from there to Alex's t-ball game.  They won!  And then we went straight from there out to eat dinner.  And then home for another late bedtime.  Whew!

It wasn't easy, but I managed to narrow today's 56 pictures down to just 9!  Let's start with the pictures Becca gave me of Patch.

Didn't Michelangelo start out with Play Dough? Sousa eat your heart out!

Future Mario Andretti's! Carter graciously (NOT!) shared his bike with Patrick

Becca - are you ready for triplets?!


Big Oaks Ranch

They did manage to take a small break while running rampant! Alex just adores his teacher, Mrs. Sheryl

This flippin cow was actually chasing the hay ride! Up close and personal!

April 22, 2002

The kids sounded like they were having a field day this afternoon while I was in the shower.  When I got out, they were running through the house taking turns wearing my glasses!  I guess the warped world was pretty funny.  When I not-so-humorously retrieved my glasses, Alex decided to make his own glasses out of Legos!

Lego Genius!

April 23, 2002

Today was an example of my tuition dollars at work - Mud Days!  These are the things that I am more than happy to pay them to do with my children.  But for some unfathomable reason, I always find myself volunteering to help at these things!

There was even a petting zoo

He knew just what to do! Organic sunscreen!

In Patch's words, "Petting Jesus' animals" The 3-year-olds weren't quite as adventurous as the older kids

April 25, 2002

I got a smack in the face the other day of what life is like raising boys.  I had Andrew that day and Jacob was also over to play, so it was the four of them.  They had been in the back yard, so when I heard laughter in the kitchen I came in to investigate.  Lo and behold, there in the middle of my KITCHEN table, was a toad!  Now, if you know me, you probably know that I'm certainly a reptile lover, but NOT on my kitchen table!!!  You'll have to forgive me if I didn't invite the little guy to stay while I got my camera.

We got a new movie from the library today, and despite ample seating in the living room, the boys chose to sit thisclose while watching.  It was really cute.

Not the best picture of Patch, but you get the idea

April 27, 2002

Our subdivision had its annual garage sale today.  While I was at home selling, Mark was out on his bike buying.  It works out well!  We've been on the lookout for a bed frame for Patrick, but Mark found even better.  We got a complete child's bedroom set, and since it came with a desk, we decided to put the whole set in Alex's room and give Patrick Alex's old bed (which is actually MY old bed!), which made everybody happy because they both got something new. It's beautiful, and the kids had a field day playing in all of the open spaces before we put the drawers in.  They also played in the cabinet in the bedside table.  It's amazing that they could fit in there!  Patch was hilarious.  He stuffed himself in there and closed the doors, then said, "Hey guys, I'm breaking out of the egg!" and swooshed open the doors.  We were laughing our heads off, and then he said, "I'm so cute!"  The best part of the day is that we got a beautiful bedroom, and we still made a profit!

They were pretending to be asleep in the dresser.  (Go figure)  Patrick's face looks like that because he was "snoring" Our contortionist

Oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah

April 28, 2002

Mark and the boys were exploring the world with the globe.

Where shall we go today?