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AUGUST, 2002
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August 3, 2002

The boys learned how to climb a tree today at Jacob's house!

Alex is in there somewhere! My little monkey boy!

The neighbors all got together and had an "End of Summer" party!

He's already got a way with the ladies! Screaming for the sake of making noise!

August 5, 2002

Alex started kindergarten today!!!!!

Mark summed it up quite well:  Last night I put my baby to bed and this morning he woke up a boy.    Alex did absolutely great!  He and Kori hopped right on the bus (it picks up two doors down). Karon and I then drove up to school, where the PTA had "Boo Hoo and Bagles" for the parents, after we got to see that the bus did not actually swallow up our children, but did indeed get them to the school safely.  Patch had a bit of a long day without his playmate, but in between asking "When is Alex's bus gonna come?"  1,000 times, we did manage to have some fun.  The bus finally came, and Alex came running home, as confident as ever!  He apparently had a great first day, although I'm still trying to figure out how it is that he "forgot" he had brought his lunch and somehow managed to have pizza in the cafeteria!

Alex and Kori walking to the bus stop

One small step for boy, one giant leap for childhood!

Waiting with his class in the cafeteria to be taken to the classroom by the teacher.

August 8, 2002


What a whirlwind week this has been!  Alex is really doing well adjusting to school, although I've learned (the hard way) not to schedule anything in the afternoon during the first week of school if you expect any kind of decent behavior.    I think it's taking all of his energy to behave appropriately for seven hours a day, and I'm dealing with the leftovers!  Really, though, I'm very proud of how well he's handled all of the changes.  There was a parents' meeting at the school Tuesday night and his teacher and class are fabulous!

Patch starts his new preschool class on Monday, fortunately, because the poor guy has been bored out of his mind this week without a playmate.  It's amazing how different the two of them are.  For much of the time, Alex would prefer to be left alone.  But give Patch one minute of free time and he's asking who he can play with.

Alex is giving Patch another racing lesson on the computer

August 9, 2002


We survived the first week of school!  Although Alex broke my heart tonight.  During his bath, Alex told Mark that he wished he was 3 years old again so he didn't have to go to school so much.    I know, I know, it's a big adjustment and he'll get used to it (okay, we'll get used to it), but it has been a little tough on him.  (Yes, yes, yes, on me, too, I'll admit!)

Patch and I went to his open house this morning to meet his teacher and see his classroom.  I already knew his teacher from spending so much time at the school, and she's really great.  The minute we walked in the classroom, however, Patch started crying.  He said he thought I was going to leave.  This doesn't bode well for Monday morning!  We ran into Ms. Patrice, his teacher from last year, and they gave each other great big hugs.  He was thrilled to see her again!

Becca's boys came and spent the afternoon with us today while she left for a well-deserved weekend without kids.  What fun we had!  There's nothing like listening to three 3-year-olds all going for the world record of who can ask the most questions! 

Andrew napped on Patch's bed - this is how I found him when he woke up To avoid age issues, Patch's room became the 3-year-old room

Alex's room is where he and Kori could play 5-year-old games CAN YOU HEAR ME??!!!!!

August 12, 2002

Patch had his first day of school today and he did great!  Since he had cried on Friday at the open house, I was expecting a scene.  But we showed him the slideshow of his class last year, and he was really psyched to go back.

So independent! See ya, Mom!

August 13, 2002

Mark and I have reached our second 7-year itch today - it's our 14th anniversary!


Apparently we have our first "grade school cold" going through the house.  Alex came down with it on Friday and now Patch and I have it.  Boy, it didn't take long after school started!  I'm incredibly excited that Patch seems to be having a "normal" cold for once - no asthma symptoms this time.  Of course, it's only been one day, but normally by now he'd be in full flare.  I guess this new combination of meds is working!  Woohoo!

It's also been a rainy day, so we got out some board games.

I believe this is Nana's favorite!  ;-)

August 15, 2002

Daddy needed a witness at a closing today, so the boys and I went and played at his office.  Too bad I forgot to take a picture of them climbing the trees in the yard or how filthy they got wrestling in the grass!  (His office is a converted house.)

Patch working on one of Mark's puzzles

August 16, 2002

I have been sick as a dog all week long, and the boys have been begging all week long to do something, anything, out of the ordinary, so we went to the bowling alley.  It's right around the corner from Mark's office, so he was able to meet us there after work so I could head back home to rest.  Patch bowled incredibly well - 121 on one game!  I'd love to say he's a future bowling champ, but there sure is a heap of luck involved when the ball ricochets off the bumpers three times before hitting the pins!

Yes, the ball did go straight for that one last pin!  Wow! Gotta love those shoes!

August 17, 2002

Trouble was looking really sweet sunning her buns in the back yard today, so I grabbed my camera.  Alex is a terrific dog owner and is always seeking them out for some cuddle time.  He was more than happy to pose with her for me.

Quit looking at the camera and pet me some more! My bestest girl

August 21, 2002

The first practice of the new T-ball season was today!  Alex was so excited he could hardly stand it!  This season they're the Durham Bulls, but Alex couldn't wait to put on last season's jersey for practice.

Alex playing first base Aiming for over the fence!

Patch desperately wants to join the team! Patch and I had our own little practice

August 23, 2002

We headed off to the River today for a long-overdue visit with Mark's parents.  Patrick helped me clean the house before we left.  We brought the dogs with us, and Joe and Mary Ellen's dog, Aydee, and Trouble tried desperately to play with each other.  It was hilarious!

First class mirror cleaner Aydee and Trouble trying to play

August 24, 2002

We all piled into the boat today and went into the gulf to go scalloping.  Patch has finally gotten over his fear of going fast in the boat, and now we can't go fast enough for him!  They loved it!  Mark proved to be a champion scalloper, and provided quite a sampling for us newcomers to the sport. We also saw a bald eagle and a sting ray in our travels.

Nothing better than Daddy's lap

Faster!!!!! Trying to catch something to go along with those scallops

August 25, 2002

The scalloping was so good yesterday that they went out again today.  I stayed at home to get a head start on packing.  They returned with even more scallops than yesterday!!!  And on top of that, they saw a dolphin.  What a weekend!

Mark's parents bought a pop-up camper that they are going to let us use whenever they don't need it to house extra guests.  We brought it home with us today and are already planning our first camping trip with it!  I'm so excited!!!  Thanks, Mom and Dad!

Aydee and Mitzy Our digital junkies playing games on our cell phones

August 26, 2002

Patch helped me make a fruit salad while we waited for Alex to get home from school.

He took this very seriously!

August 28, 2002

The boys' Halloween costumes came in the mail today (I know, it's quite early, but there was a big sale).  They are going to be Star Wars characters, complete with light sabers.  I've already started making arrangements to have myself committed!

The icing on the cake for sibling rivalry! Patch as Darth Maul

August 30, 2002

We had an impromptu visit with Grandma and Grandpa today.  We met at Friendly's for lunch, and somehow Patch hoodwinked them into coming over afterwards to play.  When he and I got in the van, I asked him how he managed to get Grandma to agree to come over.  He simply said, "Because I asked."  Boy, is she ever wrapped around his little finger!

Battling Lego robots - Patrick's favorite pasttime

August 31, 2002

We went to Chuck E Cheese's for Andrew's birthday party today.  Despite several attempts, we were never able to get Andrew and my boys together over the summer, so this was a very happy reunion for them. 

Best buds together again at last Doing the Happy Birthday dance with Chuckie

More singing along with Chuckie No, no, no!  You're supposed to ride INSIDE the bus!

Three very happy boys