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September 1, 2002

My little daredevil has taken bike riding to the next level.  Obviously, Mark didn't run this one by the Finster Parenting Executive Board, or it would have certainly been vetoed by its maternal representative!

My wild child

September 2, 2002

We met Andrew and his parents at the bowling alley.  Mark even joined in on the fun!

Three amigos Being goofy

Daddy's not too bad!

September 5, 2002

We're off to Lake George tomorrow!!!!!  We'll be gone for a week, so I won't be updating this page while we're gone.  I also packed my camera cradle before I could upload my pics to do updates for the last few days.  Sorry!

Alex brought home his first school picture today!  We're doing professional photos in a few months so we can get both kids together, but I had to get one of these for posterity!

I'm guessing the photographer wasn't very entertaining!

September 6 - 11, 2002

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September 12, 2002

We just got home from a fabulous week at Lake George.  We've had a very long travel day,  but I had to  post a quick update:

The Tooth Fairy is coming tonight!!!!!!!!!

Yep!  That stubborn tooth of Alex's finally lost its grip this morning at breakfast.  The poor kid didn't even know it!  He was walking past me and I happened to notice a gap - I guess the Tooth Fairy is going to have to take his word for it. 

September 14, 2002

Alex had his first t-ball game of the season today.  Opening day was last week, but we were in Lake George.  Fortunately, they didn't have team pictures until today.  Alex's team is really good this year!  They had several incredible plays, and Alex even made an out while playing first base!

The Oviedo Babe Ruth League Durham Bulls!

September 16, 2002

School was out today so we went out to Downtown Disney and hit the water spouts and Lego Land!

Racing their creations

They really get into it! Trying to cover the holes

September 17, 2002

Today was a work day for Mommy - both typing and around the house.  Patch was my little helper around the house, and then Mom came and played with him so I could type.  I'm sure sometime soon we'll be home long enough to settle into some kind of new routine since school has started!

He's so strong!  He carried that basket all the way to the washer! What better place for a goofball than the ball basket!

September 18, 2002

I have been volunteering in the art class at Alex's school on Wednesdays during kindergarten time.  The classes rotate, and Alex and I have both been disappointed that his class has not yet been in art on a Wednesday.  Today there was a special program and all seven of the kindergarten classes gathered in the music room, so we actually got to see each other.  I was amazed at how well the teachers managed almost 200 5 and 6 year olds!  I did take some pictures, but only from the back so I didn't disrupt things.

I also got to the preschool a little early to pick up Patch and snapped a few shots of his class, although it was the end of the day and they were outside in the heat, so I wouldn't exactly call the pictures keepers.

It was a sea of little bodies!  (Alex is in the gray shirt next to the yellow shirt towards the back) His teacher, Ms. Ronda, is sitting in the blue shirt.  She was amazingly calm and perky for sitting in 100 degree weather!

September 21, 2002

Happy Birthday to ME!

Mom and Dad came over today to help celebrate my birthday with dinner and a great cake!  Mark and I actually hired a babysitter last night so he could take me out to dinner - what a treat!  He and my mom took the boys to Alex's t-ball game this morning while I slept in really late and I got tons of birthday hugs throughout the day.  It's been a great birthday!

I interrupted some serious business to take this pic, so they all look a little goofy

September 22, 2002

We finally got some rain today without lightening (thanks to Isidore), so the Splushers got to have another session!

One, two, three - Splush! All out war!

Mark introduced the boys to weight lifting today.  Patrick was a natural (despite the pink weights LOL), but poor Alex could barely lift his!

My Muscle Men

September 23, 2002

I got a special glimpse into Alex's school life when I went to his class this morning to help the kids decorate t-shirts for their field trip on Thursday.  It was really neat to see everything they're learning.  His teacher deserves a medal - we were there for two hours and it was damage control the entire time!!!

Daddy helping Alex with his homework

September 24, 2002

I went back to Alex's class today to finish helping with the shirts, since the mom scheduled for today had to stay home with a sick child.  Then Patch and I went to the mall for lunch and Daddy joined us.  We caved when Patch asked to go to the mall arcade!

Raising Evil Knievel

September 25, 2002

The preschool had their Transportation Parade today!  They have several different vehicles, along with their drivers/operators (most of whom were parents of students), lined up in the parking lot for the kids to explore.  This year we had an ambulance, mail truck, two police cars and a police motorcycle, a city bus, a school bus, the Shamu car from Sea World, a cherry picker from the power company, a telephone truck, and Patrick's favorite - an ATV.  The biggest hit, however, was when a police helicopter flew overhead with its siren on! I spent the morning at the school taking my usual overabundance of pictures, and then helped with the monthly Bible Lunch.  And then I was off to the elementary school for my weekly stint helping out in the art class, and then back home in time to greet the kids after school.  Whew!  Who said I'd have more time after school started?

Patch and his awesome teacher, Ms. Ronda He's looking a little too comfortable in the back of that police car!

Riding the little train

September 26, 2002

All of the kindergarten classes went to the Green Meadows Farm today, and of course, you couldn't keep me from chaperoning!  We have such a wonderful, involved group of parents, and there were enough so that each chaperone only had to keep track of three children. 

I've always considered myself pretty down-to-earth, but after today, I do believe I am officially a city girl.  It had become generally known before we got to the farm that the kids would all get to milk a cow.  You can imagine our surprise when our guide told the kids to watch how the mommies and teachers do it first!  We all survived the experience, and moved on to petting sheep, goats and pigs, catching chickens, roosters and ducks (who promptly pooped on me!), and riding ponies, a train and a hayride.  It was a wonderful day, but I sure am glad it's over! 

My three charges Alex milking the cow

All of the kids in white are Alex's class Passing the chick to Alex, with his teacher watching

Giddyup Cutie Patooties

September 30, 2002

I had another busy day, this time at the preschool, helping Patrick's class make a stepping stone for their teacher's birthday.  There's nothing to get your adrenalin pumping like 12 3-year-olds in the same room with wet cement!  We also had fun making her wrapping paper with painted handprints. I asked the assistant teacher to take some pictures for me, and wouldn't ya know, just about the only student that she didn't take a picture of was Patch!  So, sorry, but no pics today.

Patch was funny this morning.  He usually is the first one up in the morning, but for some reason, he slept quite late today and I had to wake him up for school.  With all of our recent travels, we always ended up having to wake up before dawn to catch our planes.  When I was finally able to rouse him today, the first thing he said was, "Are we going on an airplane?"  He was so disoriented!

Today is Alex's last day as a 5-year-old!!!!!