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October 1, 2002


I can't believe he's actually SIX!  Alex had a fabulous day.  His teacher treated him royally all day, complete with a crown, and I dropped off doughnut holes for the class to enjoy after lunch (since I wasn't informed by my oh-so-responsible son until 7:30 this morning that the teacher had told him he could bring a special treat for his birthday).  Mom and Dad came over after school to deliver his gift, and then we went and enjoyed their gift, which was a trip to Race Rock for games and dinner!!!  Then back home (well after bedtime) to tear open gifts from Patch and Mommy and Daddy.  Whew!  And his party isn't even until Saturday!!

It's too bad you can't see, but the cake is a checkered flag My three sons!  LOL

The snowmobile game actually vibrates and blows wind in your face That go cart above them is of an 8-year-old championAlex was helping a Patch - it was very sweet

 He FINALLY got the Bionicle he's been asking for! An aspiring racer has to have a new helmet

October 2, 2002

I got a special glimpse into Patrick's school day today when we celebrated his teacher's birthday at lunchtime.  It's so neat to see them following their little routines.  I was particularly impressed when, after lunch, they all went and got a book and sat on the floor "reading" while everyone else finished and cleaned up.

Reading after lunch Patch was filling up the school bus with gas

October 4, 2002

Alex's birthday party is tomorrow, so Patch helped me clean the house today.  Say a little prayer for me - my house is going to be invaded by TWENTY children tomorrow!!!

My little helper vacuumed a single strip through each bedroom!  It was too cute.

October 5, 2002

Alex had his DINOSAUR PARTY today!!!!!!!  We had a really great time, and Alex raked in the goods!  We had 16 wonderful children and the party was a complete success!

We started out decorating our goodie bags and watching dinosaur "pills" turn into sponge dinosaurs in water.
16 children and PAINT in my LIVING ROOM!  I must be insane!  LOL Watching the dinosaurs appear from the capsules

Then pizza . . .
Alex has a great group of friends!

Then outside for a dinosaur egg hunt and pinata. . .
It's a free-for-all for the candy

And cake, of course. . .
I guess I made him look a little evil.  :-) I wonder if he'll get his wish

And finally the gifts! He got all kinds of Lego's, dinosaur stuff, a Spiderman web shooter, and a guitar!!!
Chasing Patch with his web shooter Finally, the Bradley side shows through! Look out, Elvis!

Ain't he a cutie!

October 7, 2002


I spent the day at the elementary school today helping with the Fitness Fun Walk.  There are five programs at the school called "specials," which include art, computers, math, music and P.E.  Once a day, each class attends a specials class, rotating to the next one every three days.  The Fitness Fun Walk is a fund raiser where the students collect pledges for 1/4 mile laps walked during 30 minutes.  The proceeds go directly to this particular school's specials programs.  Alex walked/ran 7 laps today!  They do the whole thing again tomorrow, too.

We had Dad over for dinner tonight to celebrate his birthday.  We had a wonderful visit.  Happy Birthday, Dad! 

Alex is learning so much at school.  He's soaking up math, and is actually reading a story to us before bed!  Tonight at dinner, Mark asked him if he knew who the President of the United States is.  He said, "Sure.  It's George Bush Washington."  I guess he still has some details to iron out!

This was towards the end of the 30 minutes. Alex was running full-tilt! (He's in the dark blue shirt) The poor kids were sooooooo hot!

Boys and their Grandpa!

October 8, 2002

Patch got to go visit his old buddy, the pediatrician, this morning.  He's been getting more and more cranky over the last couple of weeks, and a few days ago started complaining of a headache.  Of course, his headache miraculously vanished this morning upon learning he had a doctor's appointment!  I was uncomfortable with a decision that his asthma doctor made a few weeks ago to stop using his nose spray.  Basically, he noticed that Patch was on a lot of meds, and sort of arbitrarily told me to stop using that one simply to lessen the number of meds he's on.  Well, sure enough, his nose is very swollen, and consequently, he's developed another sinus infection.    I should have followed my gut and ignored him!  The good news is hopefully he'll be feeling better once the antibiotic kicks in.

Alex did his second day of the Fitness Fun Walk at school today - 6 more laps!  So he ran 13 laps total.  Awesome!

My little daredevil

October 9, 2002

Alex hasn't had a golf lesson since school started, so we were really happy to see Connie again today.  Alex had a great lesson.  He had been complaining that his lessons were boring and that he "already knows how to play golf."  So Connie switched gears and he had a blast.  Whew!  I was afraid he was going to want to quit!

He and Connie were having a putting contest I'm getting 2 for the price of 1.  Patch watches Alex's lessons and then does what he sees!

October 10, 2002

Today was the last day of school before fall break.  So the boys and I have 10 days together with no school! 

A boy, his elephant, and his bankie - awwwwwww

October 11, 2002

Andrew got to come over and spend the evening with us tonight while his parents went out.  The boys were so excited that they've been asking since they woke up, about every 5 minutes all day long, when Andrew was going to be here!  It's been a long time since he's been here, and they've really missed each other.  We went through the motions of bedtime, knowing full well there wasn't a chance they would fall asleep!  We put them all in the pull-out couch and they giggled until Andrew's parents got here!

Mark had two kindergarteners reading to him tonight!

October 12, 2002

Alex went to his old playgroup buddy, Sebastian's, birthday party today.  It was a Star Wars theme, and they had Droid Pizzas, Darth Malts, pod races and, of course, light saber battles!

May the Force be with you! What a madhouse!

October 13, 2002

We're getting ready for Halloween!  May I introduce Harry the Pumpkin Head, the latest addition to our family!

Can you see the family resemblance?

October 15, 2002

The boys and I spent today at the Science Center.

Learning about power plants Learning about power plants

Showing off his spaceship Showing off his robot

They can try on a firefighter's boots and coat.  They were HEAVY! The jacket swallowed him!  The boots are under there somewhere!

Working together at the orange factory Patch thought it was hilarious when Alex (intentionally for Patch's benefit) would get hit in the head with the oranges as they fell into the bin.

October 16, 2002

Alex had his 6-year check up today.  He is now 42 pounds and 46 inches tall (if my memory is right), which puts him at 25% for weight and 75% for height.  That's my little string bean!  She gave him a nose spray that will hopefully help with some chronic congestion he's been dealing with for the last couple of months, but other than that, he's the picture of health.  He didn't even cry when he got his flu shot!

While we were there, I also had her take another look at Patch, since he seems worse these last couple of days.  Obviously, he should be improving on the antibiotic for his sinus infection.  She said the sinus infection looks better, but she thinks he might be coming down with yet another virus.  Or he's encountered something else that he's allergic to.  Time will tell.  My poor baby - right now he's on TEN medications. 

October 17, 2002

Grandma's home from Michigan!!!!  Yay! 

The weather has turned quite nice, at least by Florida standards.  We even had the neighbors over for s'mores by the chiminea last night!  These poor children are so warped - it got down to the low 70's, and all of the kids had on long sleeves!

Mom and I took the kids to downtown Orlando for the day.  Lake Eola has all kinds of fun stuff,  including swans, ducks and pigeons to feed and swan paddle boats.  There is also a playground, but it was closed for painting.  From there we went and had pizza for lunch, and then off to the library.  Whew!

The boys and I are in that boat.  Look in the lower left corner - that's a mommy black swan with her three babies! Feeding the swans

Alex is walking like a pigeon (to the pigeons, I'm sure he looked like King Kong!)  We were surrounded!  We even had 2 black swans with us.

Steve Irwin wannabees

October 18, 2002

I finally convinced the kids to get the heck outside to play.  The minute Alex walked outside, he said, "Hey!  It's as cool out here as it is inside!"  I've been trying to tell him that all day!

Going for 3 points!!!

October 19, 2002

Patrick and I went to his classmate's birthday party today.  The had a bouncy house and a horse!!!

I heard of riding bareback, but barefoot?

October 20, 2002

Mark spent the entire day pressure washing our house to prep it for painting.  You can guess how we'll be spending our weekends for the next few weeks!

Making things out of beads

October 22, 2002

Nothing fun or interesting going on lately, just the usual.

Patch had another follow-up appointment for his sinus infection.  It was an interesting appointment.  He still has the sinus infection (no big surprise there - see "whining" mentioned below.  LOL), so we're going one more round with the antibiotics.  We are also trying a new asthma medicine that will replace all THREE of his other asthma meds  (Woo hoo!).  And we discussed how poorly he sleeps.  He will usually wake up once or twice a night, and when he's not feeling well, it can be six or seven times.  After hearing my description of what he does, the doctor thinks that he's sleep walking!    So now he both walks and talks in his sleep!  (And Mommy and Daddy walk in their sleep all day long!)

Cute Story:  Patch has been complaining at bedtime that he can't sleep (despite the fact that he's out like a light in two minutes flat).  Tonight he whined once again, "I can't sleep."  I said, "You'll be asleep in no time."  He said, "It takes seven minutes!"  I said, "That's not that long."  He replied, "Then EIGHT minutes!"

October 23, 2002

Today got a little interesting.  Patch threw a fit on the way to school today:  "I don't EVER want to go to school again!"  His head's really been bothering him, but he's managed to go to school for the past three weeks with a sinus infection, so I didn't hesitate to take him.  Well, sure enough, they called me to come get him.  That threw a wrench in my day, because I had to go to Alex's school to help in the art class, and today was the first day all year that I was actually there when his class had art!  So Mom came to my rescue again to help with Patch.

I saw the cutest thing during the art class.  Alex has been talking about his "girlfriend" at school.  We weren't sure if he meant true girlfriend (ok, let's not get ahead of ourselves - the 6-year-old version), or just a friend who's a girl.  She was standing behind him in line today, and he had his hands behind him and she was holding them.  It was the sweetest thing!  And I guess she really is his girlfriend!

The child can climb ANYTHING!  He's actually standing on the outlet cover! Alex and Kori made a tic-tac-toe game out of gummies!
(This is our neighbor, not his girlfriend)

October 24, 2002

The elementary school had "Skate Night" tonight.  It was the boys' first time skating, and it sure was entertaining!  Mark had softball, so I somehow managed to keep two novice skaters and myself alive for two hours on my own.  At the beginning Patch was doing much better than Alex, but after a new skate size, Alex really started to get it.  As we got into the car, I said what a fun night it had been.  Alex said, "I'm going to remember this night forever!"  (And I certainly will feel tonight for quite a while!  LOL)

Whoa! That's better!

A rare upright moment Yes, I actually donned skates myself!

Patch was OVER IT by this point!  (Way past his bedtime) Kori, Jacob and Alex taking a break

A Minuite Maid juice pop commercial!

October 26, 2002

The church had their Fall Festival this morning, and the preschool children put on a little parade.  Patch's class dressed up as bees, since their theme was the Beattitudes.  They were absolutely adorable!!

Practicing their buzzzzzzzzzzzing! Too cute!

Catching a ride in the Trike-A-Thon with his classmate He jumped from the top of the slide and that's where he landed

Alex and Patch at one of the Trike-A-Thon stops

October 29, 2002

We got a wonderful surprise in our mailbox today - Halloween goodies from Uncle Jay and Aunt Stacie! 

After dinner, we were in the backyard and we were once again visited by two hummingbirds, but this time I had my camera handy.

Thank you!

If you look closely, you can see two hummingbirds (they look like big moths) Pretty cool, huh!

October 30, 2002

Patch's class dressed up one last time for another fall carnival.  The one on Saturday was put on by the church and was huge.  This was just a small one for the preschool students.

Returning the lost sheep to his flock Bees in their classroom waiting to parade outside.

October 31, 2002

Happy Halloween!

Alex's teacher asked a couple of moms to come in and help the kids make some Halloween crafts.  They are the best bunch of kids and I love getting to spend time in their class!

After school, of course, it was time to get ready for Trick or Treating!!!  The neighbor kids all came over to decorated pumpkin cookies.  Then we had an early dinner of bat-loaf, pumpkin potatoes and spider cucumbers.  After dinner we met up with the neighbors and our little Anikan and Jar Jar Binks raked in the treats.  What a night!

Circle Time He's very serious about his artwork

We had Christmas red and green pumpkins.  (Ah well)

May the Force be with you! Not a great shot, but I had to get Alex's face on film somewhere