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September 8, 2007

Alex is happy as a clam to be back on the football field.  And he was quite the star today!  He made one of his team's two touchdowns, as well as an extra point.  In the first picture here, he had just jumped to catch a pass and ended up on his back, but the pass was complete.  In the second, he had just gotten his flag pulled at the end of a run.

That's Alex on his back holding the football Shoot - got his flag pulled

September 9, 2007

We've been working on the loft bed and I've spent the past week painting all of the parts and pieces before we assemble it in his room.  We finally got it all together today, and it's pretty neat!  We will not have the old bed under the loft, like it is in the picture, but we haven't figured out what to do with it yet.

He's had the time of his life climbing all over it.  Let's just hope he can sleep in it tonight!

So far so good Touching his head to the ceiling

While all of the building and painting and mess that comes with it have been going on, I've also been going crazy with my other duties.  I recently took over chairing the ARB, our homeowners' association architectural review board.  I spent several days going through everything and trying to get things current and under control.  I also joined the PTA board of directors for this school year and am in charge of all of the room parents at the school.  This is the craziest time of year for that position because I have to go through all of the volunteer sheets (they were sent home with each and every student on the first day of school and have been coming back to me in droves) and assign a room parent for each class.  If there is no volunteer, then I have to call parents begging.  It's crazy right now, but once they're all assigned, I should be able to skate by until the end-of-year activities.  As Dory says in Finding Nemo, "Just keep swimming.  Just keep swimming."

September 16, 2007

We headed over to Tampa to celebrate our nephew, Preston's birthday and had a great visit with family.  The kids had a blast in the pool and on the Wii.  We've got the best group of nieces and nephews!

Nana and Ryan Patch diving in

Nana and Stacy's mom watching the kids swim The girls enjoying all of the pink

Ryan showing us how many "3" is.  TOO CUTE! Alex in mid jump catching the football

Mark and Alex watching football

Jay sent a picture of Caroline and Maddie today.  Aren't they cuties!

Double trouble!

September 17, 2007

Dee Dee is completely baffled by the loft bed, and can't stand that she can't get to us!

Let me up! I can spend a fortune on dog toys, but give them a knotted towel and they're happy as can be

September 21, 2007

Happy Birthday to MEEEEEE!

Despite it being my birthday, I had a busy day!  This morning was FINALLY the room parent meeting.  I absolutely hate talking to large groups, and was shaking by the time I finished telling everyone about their responsibilities, even though they're all moms, just like me.  I very happily handed out the folders and passed the responsibilities on to the new room moms.  I don't know what I'm going to do with my time now!  Well, I'm sure I'll think of something.  LOL

Mom, Mark and the boys took me out to Macaroni Grill for dinner where we stuffed ourselves silly, and still managed to eat the birthday cake for dessert.  :-)  What a nice evening!

Patrick has gymnastics homework - doing handstands, sit ups and push ups.  The dogs decided to help him with his sit ups tonight.

Surrounded by playful dogs.  Ack! He could do this all day! He was frowning upside down so it would look like a smile

I took Dee Dee's blanket out of the dryer today and put it on her back.  She had a field day jumping around trying to grab it!

Look at those ears flying! Is that a dog or a sheep?

September 24, 2007

Patch came in the house after school and said, "Bad news, mom.  The squirrels got in the bird feeder and now the seeds are sprouting in the bench."  Well, not really bad news, and actually it was pretty interesting.  We all went outside to investigate.  I had put the old bird feeder on a bench out front to try to lure the squirrels away from the kitchen window (where it used to be), since they tease the dogs mercilessly.  It worked, and the squirrels dumped the sunflower seeds everywhere, and there are now little sunflower seeds everywhere, including in the cracks of the bench.  It looks like a bench chia pet! 

September 25, 2007

We're raising a couple of big-time gamers.  Note the look of active intelligence in those faces.  Ha ha.

Patch is focused Dee Dee and Alex are quite the buddies

Mark's mom just got back from a visit with Jay and Stacey in Kentucky.  She wanted to get a picture of the three girls - Kate, Maddie and Caroline.  She sent me this hilarious series of pictures that the nanny took while she was trying to get them all in the same place and facing the right direction.

Ta da!!

September 29, 2007

Alex had a phenomenal football game this morning.  He caught an amazing interception that led to the only touchdown of the game and just was "on" and made every play he attempted.

Tapping knuckles with Dad after the interception