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August 1, 2007

I got fed up with all of the "I'm bored!" chants in my house, so I took my kids and three other boys from the neighborhood to the public pool this afternoon.  I hid from the sun and read under my umbrella, and after about 20 minutes, the boys were just sitting in the water at the end of the pool talking.  I asked if they were ready to leave, and they said no, and kept chatting for another hour!  If I had a dollar for every time one of them called another one "Dude" I'd be rich!

Just hangin'

I don't know how Dee Dee got herself into this position, but it sure was funny!

A dog after Alex's heart - and football!

August 11, 2007

Patrick has been wanting to change his room decor for quite a while now, so we decided to make that our August project.  Just getting everything packed up in his room so we could get to the walls was quite a feat!  Of course, he and Alex loved tearing the molding off the walls. 

Gee, too many Bionicles, perhaps? He gets his love for destruction from his Daddy!

I was so busy working on Patch's bedroom that I didn't take any pictures.  :-(  He wants a castle or medieval theme, so we went with a textured gray.  His walls had been a dark green with dark blue molding, so I spent a few days putting coat after coat of primer over that.  We then went to the store to pick out the paint.  After I got the first coat on the walls, Patrick checked it out.  He didn't say anything bad about it, but I could tell he hated it.  I hemmed and hawed over whether to change it, since he did pick out the color after all, and finally decided that he was going to have to live with this color for a long time, so we'd better make it something he likes.  SOOOOOO back to the store we went and got another color.  This time he loved it!  And I have to admit, the new color is much nicer than the first one.  However, I think all of the coats of paint have encroached into the space of the room and he's probably lost some square footage!  LOL

August 16, 2007

Alex enjoyed some quiet time reading out on the porch.

He'll never admit it, but he actually enjoys reading.

August 17, 2007

Mark's coworker was married this evening in Ft. Lauderdale, so Mark and I got to dress up and act like grown ups for the wedding.  Mom stayed at the house with the kids and the dogs so we could stay the night.  The wedding was beautiful, but I think we're showing our age.  We just couldn't get into the festivities at the reception and ended up heading to bed early.  Thanks again to Mom - we thoroughly enjoyed a leisurely morning and breakfast before heading home.

Not bad for a couple of old folks!

August 20, 2007

Woohoo!  School started today!  It's so old hat now that I couldn't even get a decent first-day-of-school picture at the bus stop.  Before I knew it, the boys were all playing football, as if they had never taken a break for summer.  Poor Alex - the first thing he said to me after school was that he wants a new teacher.  :-(  His teacher is new to the school, as well as to teaching fifth grade, and apparently she's a strong disciplinarian and won't let the kids to things that they've always been allowed to do before.  We'll have to see how it goes.

Justin, Alex and Patch going for the football Justin and Alex first in line to get the coveted last seat on the bus now that they're in 5th grade

August 22, 2007

When we were in Tennessee last month, we mentioned to my cousin, Rod, that Patrick was in the market for a bow.  He said he still had his kids' bow from when they were young and he'd send it to us.  It arrived today and Patrick was THRILLED!  The tension is a bit too high for him to pulled it back all the way himself, but we'll get it all worked out.  It didn't stop him from trying it out anyway!

Checking it out

He knew exactly what to do.  How did he learn that? It still shoots even if you can't pull it back all the way

August 24, 2007

Daddy had time today to play around with the bow and adjusted the tension so Patch can do it himself.  They set out a box as a target, and he did pretty well!  It's so fun to watch him be so happy.  :-)  THANKS ROD!

Daddy had to check it out first Taking aim

Getting a little help Ready, aim, fire!

Justin and Alex looked so cute on the computer together

August 26, 2007

The next step in redecorating Patrick's room is to build him a loft bed.  His room is always so crowded and he thinks a loft will be pretty cool.  Mark and I finally got some solid ideas for it and got to work today.  We got the bed portion made and let Patrick sleep in it tonight.  Unfortunately, he couldn't fall asleep and asked to go back to his old bed.  I sure hope that doesn't happen once the darned thing is built!

Mark got to play with his tools Isn't that a little low for a loft?  LOL