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October 1, 2008

Happy Birthday Alex!

Alex is 12 today!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Each Pop Warner football team is associated with a local high school (your Pop Warner team is chosen by which high school you are zoned for).  Last night was our high school's homecoming, so the Pop Warner teams also celebrated home coming, complete with an arch for the players, paired up with a cheerleader, to go through.  Alex was mortified, but I thought it was kinda cute!

Patch had Daddy's legs as a backrest The team trying to stay cool before the game

Getting ready The game in progress - my camera won't show much from this distance - sorry!

Awwwwwww - how SWEET!  ;-)

Sunday, October 5, 2008

It's time to decorate for Halloween! 

Alex putting Halloween clings on the window

Monday, October 6, 2008

Alex had been over to a teammates house yesterday afternoon.  His mom was telling me that she was concerned that Max has diabetes, and she told me that he wasn't feeling very well so the kids were just going to play quietly.  Well, at football practice tonight, the coach announced that Max is in the hospital and definitely has diabetes.  It turns out that they had taken him to the emergency room last night because he was vomiting and lethargic.  His blood sugar level was 580 so they admitted him immediately.  Poor little guy.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

We had an interesting evening.  Mark left for Ft. Lauderdale this morning and won't be back until late Friday night.  I let the boys stay home alone after school, and when I was about ten minutes from home, Alex called my cell phone in a panic.  He said he'd stepped on a pencil and there was lead in his foot.  I told him to wash it out and I'd be there soon.  Two minutes later he called again, still panicked, and wanted me to talk to him until I got home.  I was starting to get worried that maybe this was serious, so I told him no, I was going to call the doctor to see if they could get him in (it was 4:40).  Yes, could we be there by 5:00?  OK - I can do that.  Forget that Alex has to be at football at 5:30 and Patrick has to be at gym and 5:45, and Mark's out of town.  Sure, 5:00.  Why not?  I got home, left the car running, and was ready to deal with anything.  Then Alex showed me his foot.  It was a scratch.  Turns out the panic was all because he thought he was going to get lead poisoning.  Once we cleared that up, Alex was fine and started getting his football stuff on.  I called the doctor's office to cancel, and when I told them who I was, they put me on hold.  She came back and said they'd just checked Alex's chart and he hadn't had a tetanus shot since he was a baby.  They strongly recommended we keep the appointment.  Well, what the hell.  I was prepared to go a minute ago.  So I told Alex we were going anyway so he could get a tetanus shot.  "What's tetanus."  So then he panics all the way to the doctor's office that he's got tetanus.  FINALLY, the doctor calmed him down, they "dressed the wound" (put a bandaid on it), and got ready for his shot.  They called the main office to check his chart for when his boosters are due, and lo and behold, he's due for EVERYTHING.  And while we're at it, let's give them both flu shots.  So by the end of it all, Alex's foot was perfectly fine, he got FIVE shots, and Patrick got his flu shot.  See if Alex ever complains of being hurt again!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

We've been having a lot of hair issues since Frann, my hairdresser since high school, moved to Panama a few months ago.  We've been going to Frann's daughter, but she just isn't that good, and none of us really looks that great right now.  (Note the lack of pictures. LOL)  Patrick is having added problems, because Scott, his coach, has told him his hair is too long and is getting in his face when he tumbles.  Either he gets it cut, or he has to pull it back for gym.  Patrick's hair has really looked BAD, in my humble opinion, for some time now, but Patrick likes that he looks "unique."  Well, that's one word for it!  I was floored when Patrick took Scott seriously and realized he has to get it cut.  I finally bit the bullet and made an appointment for him at a real salon.  We went tonight, and all I can say is his hair meets the minimum requirements for gym.  The poor hair stylist was trying to listen to me, him, and somehow make him look decent.  She didn't quite succeed.  However, it's a step in the right direction, and maybe over the next couple of cuts, we can slowly tweak it without him noticing.  He was so upset when we left because it wasn't long anymore that he cried all the way home.  :-( 

Thursday, October 9, 2008

What a day!  The boys didn't have school so Mom stayed over last night and for the day.  Let's see, where to begin.  I had received word two days ago that Ruth, our neighbor whose house was foreclosed on, was being evicted today.  This is also the same house Mom tried to buy just before the foreclosure auction, but it didn't work out.  The house is in shambles, so all of us neighbors are very happy to finally see something happen.  However, it would have been much better if it had happened when the kids were at school.  For all intents and purposes, Ruth had already moved out, although she hadn't taken any of her stuff out of the house.  There were several workers cleaning out the house and putting everything on the tree lawn.  She had a huge big-screen TV that they brought out and put in the lawn.  Justin's dad, Scott, was walking past and asked the workers what they were doing with all of the stuff.  He told Scott that they were leaving it out for the owner to claim, and that they would be leaving in about 2 hours.  I think that's when my phone at work started ringing.  Of the hook.  Over and over and over again.  Alex called me, saying that there was a $50,000 big-screen TV that we HAD to have, but Justin's dad was going to pay $500 for it, so we had to pay more.  Well, every word of that turned out to be wrong, but it sure got everybody going.  Once the workers left, it got worse.  Justin's dad came and got the TV, and people were scavenging things right and left.  Sonja found a bunch of pictures of Ruth's boys, which I've kept to get to the boys somehow.  Between my boys and my mom, it seemed that they had to consult with me about everything there.  I finally got so aggravated because I couldn't get any work done, that I told Derrick what was going on and left work to handle things.  By the time I got home, my house was full of junk, and a few treasures.  I sent the boys to take a few things back out to the street, and we scavenged for more memoirs and pictures.  I'm amazed and saddened at the things Ruth left behind.

However, it being a normal Thursday, otherwise, our evening schedule was still packed.  Mom was going to drop Alex off at football while I took Patrick to gym, after which we would pick up Alex.  However, as we were about to leave, it was thundering outside, so I decided to check the computer to see if Alex's practice was canceled.  I found an email from the coach saying there was a mandatory parent meeting tonight just before practice.  Ugh - okay - change plans.  I take Alex to football and Mom takes Patrick to gym.  The meeting was just about some scheduling changes, but there was definitely a storm moving in, so practice was canceled.  Alex and I planned to head over to the gym and pick up smoothies on the way.  Within minutes of leaving practice, the skies opened up and it POURED.  Within 15 minutes, the roads were flooding and we could barely see where we were going.  I called Mom at the gym, and she said to just go home and she would bring Patrick home.  Maybe the storm will have passed by then.  We stopped to get the smoothies, only because I knew there was an overhang we could park under for the next-door dry cleaners drive-through.  We parked under the awning, and I stopped out of the car into four inches of water flooding through the drive-through.  Ugh.  In the end, everyone made it home safely, albeit soaked.  Poor Mom was tuckered!  She had been with the boys all yesterday afternoon, stayed the night, then endured this crazy day!

Here are some pictures of the house across the street before the eviction.  Isn't that nice to wake up to every morning.  :-(

Friday, October 10, 2008

Tonight was Pop Warner night at the high school football game.  All of the Pop Warner teams were introduced as they ran out onto the field.  They then lined up in two rows and the high school team ran onto the field between the rows.  It was pretty exciting for the kids.  Alex and I stayed for the first half, and the game was pretty exciting.  Alex's teammate with the diabetes came to the game with his dad, and it was awesome to see all of his teammates so happy to see him.  Mark isn't home yet from Ft. Lauderdale, so we had to leave at halftime to go pick Patrick up at the gym, but it was a really nice time for just the two of us.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

I'm not too sure I want to be a football mom anymore.  Mark took Alex to his football game today.  It was an away game (about an hour away), and it's about a 6 hour deal, so I stayed home with Patrick.  Turned out it was probably a good thing I wasn't there.  Mark called me at about halftime and said that Alex had taken a hit and went down.  WHAT?!  He very calmly told me that Alex was playing defense and he and an opponent went helmet-to-helmet and it knocked Alex out.  OUT?!  "Well, only for a few seconds."  The story goes that they hit helmets, and Alex started to get up, then blacked out and fell back down.  He was face-down, and when the medical folks turned him over, he came to.  According to Alex, when he got hit ("But I made the tackle!") he knew something wasn't right.  The next thing he remembers is seeing medical people all around him.  My first question was what hospital they were going to.  "No, they checked him out and he's fine."  FINE!?  And who the hell is "THEY?"  I found out later that a group of medical professionals volunteer their time to be at all of the Pop Warner games, and it was actually a sports medicine PA who checked him out.  Mark said he was very thorough and went over with Mark everything he should look for.  Alex had a headache and was quieter than usual this afternoon, but he improved markedly as the day progressed.  By this evening, he was annoyed that he won't be able to play football all week (at least!) and wanted to know if he could go for a night swim.  As I write this, the three of my boys are playing xBox and laughing their heads off.  We'll be checking on him throughout the night, but at this point I'm ready to relax a little bit.

October 23, 2008

Patrick has been taking guitar lessons from Dean, who we met through the music director at the church.  Dean is not a trained guitar instructor, but he and Patrick love jamming together, and Patrick is still learning a lot.  When they're hanging out playing, it reminds me of my brother and his friends jamming when I was a kid!

A little fuzzy, but you get the idea

October 28, 2008

Every year the music teacher at the elementary school runs a program called MusiKids for the fourth and fifth graders.  Alex did Annie when he was in fourth grade, and Patrick has decided to join this year.  This involves practices twice a week at 7:30 in the morning (starting today) until the holiday performance in mid-December.  He's really excited, and I can't wait to see what he ends up doing.

October 29, 2008

We have finally learned that in Florida, it doesn't pay to carve your pumpkin any more than a few days before Halloween or it will rot.  So today was our day.  Patrick helped clean out the "goo" from the middle, and this year they both carved their own, for the most part.  I can't believe I didn't take any more pictures than this one, but apparently I got too involved myself to remember my camera!

Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

This has definitely got to be one of our favorite days of the year!  It signifies autumn, the beginning of the holidays, and a whole lot of neighborhood fun!  Patrick dressed up as some sort of scary, bloody, goughlish person.  Thanks to Mom for making his costume!  We drew the line at letting him take one of his real swords, and bought him a cheap plastic one, much to his dismay.  Alex went as an exoskeleton-ish football player.  We dressed Grendel up in a witch costume, but it barely lasted long enough to snap the picture.  LOL  For the first time, the neighborhood kids split up - older went one way and younger went the other.  Somehow I ended up as the only adult with the older kids.  OK, that makes sense since we're the only ones who don't also have a younger kid, but geeze - the babies are a lot more fun!   Instead of just going up a block or two and turning to come back the other side, we ended up canvassing the neighborhood (which is quite big, I might add) so they could trick-or-treat at all of their friends' houses. 

A very cute witch! Dad, Patch, and makeup - just what a Mom likes to see!

My little sweetheart!  ;-) You knew it would be SOMETHING football, right?

Dave & Sonja's (across the street) skeleton family Lovebirds.  :-)