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May, 2004
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May 2, 2004

I got my Mother's Day early!  The boys gave me a beautiful orchid and lily, and we went to Carrabbas's for dinner.  Yummmm!  On the way to dinner, we played 20 questions, and the boys blew our minds!  Some of the things we were guessing were:  air, clouds, music and eye sight.  They asked incredible questions and guessed everything on their own!

May 3, 2004

We've all been battling colds over the last few days, but this morning both boys were miserable.  Alex stayed home from school and we went to the pediatrician, and both of them have ear infections.  I thought they were supposed to outgrow this kind of stuff.  :-(  So we went to Blockbuster on the way home and rented lots of movies for a quiet day at home.

Patrick blindfolded himself so he could memorize his music!

A 5-year-old's easy chair A dog is better than anything the doctor could prescribe

May 4, 2004

Antibiotics are a wonderful thing - everybody went back to school today!

Cute story:  The other day in the car the kids were twisting each other's arms and trying not to say "mercy."  It was all in fun with nobody actually getting hurt (miracle of miracles).  At one point, Patch said, "You're not going to get me to say  . . . . you know!"

Practicing for the major league

May 5, 2004

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

We had a little nature lesson tonight.  Grendel was barking her head off in the back yard and wouldn't come when I called her, so I got the flashlight and went to investigate.  There was an armadillo under the shed teasing the heck out of the dogs.  I ran in and got the kids and we were all crouched down with the flashlight watching him.  I was pointing out the armadillo's sharp long claws and saying how you don't want to mess with them.  Just then Grendel wiggled under the shed.  The armadillo shot out the other side of the shed and circled around and ran right at us!  Of course, the flashlight beam was everywhere but on the armadillo so we were jumping and squealing like lunatics, and Alex practically climbed me!  Nothing like a nice adrenaline rush just before bedtime!  ;-)

May 6, 2004

Patrick's class had a Mother's Day Tea this afternoon.  What a treat!  The children came out of the room, one at a time, and led their mom by the hand to the table in the classroom.  They then sang us two adorable songs, and served us iced tea and fruit kabobs that they had made themselves.  Patrick told me that it was the best day ever.  I couldn't agree more!

Mom and Dad joined the kids and me at a Japanese restaurant where they cook in front of you.  The chefs are very entertaining and the kids love it!

Showing off their dimples while the chef makes a volcano out of onions

May 7, 2004

Just when I thought I wouldn't have a picture for today, Grendel obliged.

Too cuddly!

May 8, 2004

Alex had a very exciting morning.  He got the only touchdown for his football team today, and he also got some fantastic tackles.  He couldn't wipe the grin off his face if he wanted to!

There were six boys playing at our house all afternoon.  Everybody was getting along and I was in heaven!  They played in the slip-n-slide, hunted lizards, made mountains in the sand box, played basketball, got filthy and were basically boys!

Patch was warming up in the sun

Alex and Justin were looking up what kind of lizard they had caught Look at Alex's right hand - he's just casually holding his lizard while he looks it up

May 9, 2004

Happy Mother's Day to all of those wonderful moms we know (most of all, our own Moms!)

I had a wonderful Mother's Day!  First off, the boys let me sleep until 11:00!!!  You can imagine my shock when I woke up and looked at the clock!

We met our neighbors at Universal Studios for the afternoon.  We met in the water play area and the kids could have played there all day.  But there was more fun to be had!  We did two water rides, then dried off and went to the kid-sized roller coaster.  But don't let the kid part fool you.  It's a full-blown fast-as-heck roller coaster, and the kids rode it probably a dozen times.  Patrick was so excited that he had held his hands up for the first time on a roller coaster.  LOL  The last thing the kids did was the rock climbing.  They were amazing!  Alex made it up to the top his first try, and Patrick made a valiant effort on his first try.  Their second try Patrick impressed the heck out of me with his persistence and made it!  Alex's second time the guy put him on a more difficult section and Alex was able to touch the string on the bell at the top, but couldn't quite get up there to ring it.  It was very exciting!

Patch is controlling the lever that turns the water on and off over Alex Patch and Scott (Justin's dad) in the front of the roller coaster

I think I can, I think I can Got it!

Patch (on the right) said he was trying to race this other boy The man working the climbing wall called them The Parker Brothers (as in Spiderman)

May 11, 2004

Patrick and I went to the elementary school for the "kindergarten brunch."  He got to see a lot of the classrooms and experience lunch in the cafeteria.  He's so excited!!!!

Alex had his guitar lesson this afternoon, and he's memorized four songs already!  He has one more to go before the end of the year recital and awards.

Looking way too grown up! Racing neck-and-neck at Froggers

Cassie was posing quite nicely on her stick tonight

May 12, 2004

Patrick had his last t-ball game of the season tonight, and they had a pizza party after the game and handed out trophies.  The boys had a great time and Patrick is very proud of his trophy!

Even more exciting is that Daddy got home from an 8-day business trip tonight!  Yippee!!! And a big, huge THANKS to my Mom for all of her help while he's been gone!

Alex helping Patch warm up before the game Patch looking way to laid back holding his trophy

I let Alex take some pictures to entertain himself during Patrick's game.  Here's a sample.
It's a good thing I recognize Patrick's grin! A rare chance for me to be in front of the camera

May 13-14, 2004

We had planned to go camping with our neighbors this weekend, but things have been so crazy and busy that we decided to cancel at the last minute.  As expected, the boys were devastated, since the trip was with Anthony, one of their best friends.  Sam and Carrie offered to take Alex and Patrick with them for a night.  Woohoo!

Patrick, Alex and Anthony playing with fire!

May 15, 2004

Alex and his football team have really improved this season, and this morning they were able to keep the other team from scoring at all.  Too bad the other team had the same luck!  ;-)

Alex pulled 6 flags today!

We had a very special evening as Lords and Ladies of the castle at Medieval Times.  We had a medieval dinner, eaten with our hands, while knights and squires performed and battled right in front of us!  We cheered for our red-and-yellow knight, and in the end cheered for good over evil.  It was very exciting!

My Lords Royalty!

May 16, 2004

I've been plugging away for a few weeks now at trying to paint our kitchen, but haven't had more than a couple of minutes at a time.  Mark and I buckled down and spent the day getting it done today, and it looks awesome!

Alex made his contribution

May 21, 2004

Patrick graduated from preschool tonight!  I can't believe we're not going to be a part of that preschool anymore - we've been going there for four years!  Patrick was absolutely adorable in his cap and gown walking across the stage.  Grandma and Grandpa came to cheer for him, too.  My little boy is growing up!

His last time with his classmates His teachers helping with his cap

The Graduate!

A great big hug for his awesome teacher, Ms. Nancy And the obligatory posed shot.  LOL

The school's official graduation picture

The only mar on the evening was when the boys were goofing off at the reception and Patch got a pretty bad boo boo on his jaw.  :-(

Daddy is much better medicine than the ice pack

Alex had a pretty big day, today, too.  The first grade classes had an end-of-year party today, where each class goes from classroom to classroom doing different activities.  The teachers go with the classes, and the volunteer parents run the activities in each classroom.  Well, being room mom, guess who got to run the activities in Alex's room?  I had some great helpers and all went smoothly, and the kids had a blast!  But I'll tell ya - I was ready for a nap by the end of it!  Okay, okay, so this paragraph started out to be about Alex, but I guess it turned out to be more about me.  ;-)  But Alex had a great time at the party, too!  Today, next Monday and Tuesday are half-days, so his entire school day today was one big party!

A happy kid!

May 22, 2004

We've had another fun-filled crazy day.  Alex had his last football game of the season this morning - and they had their first win!  It was so exciting!  They passed out trophies, and then I headed off to a closing while Mark took the boys to a pool party for the team.  Then Patch and I were off to a birthday party at a kids gym.  We went straight from there back to the football field to watch Mark play in the coaches' game.  I must say, all of the Dads/coaches played pretty well, and most importantly, there were no injuries.  LOL

The happy winner Receiving his trophy

A great team!

Patch always wants to get higher, higher, higher! Patch and one of his favorite classmates at the birthday party

Patch was intentionally putting the car off-track so he'd fall off the side

Watching their Daddy playing football The boys and one of Alex's teammates all wrapped up in a football flag

Mark (red shorts) struttin' his stuff

May 23, 2004

The music studio had their "big" end-of-year piano recital this evening at the Steinway Piano Studio.  Patch had a small case of nerves and had to restart his song, but once he got going, he did great!  Each student had been asked some questions about themselves at their lessons, and the teacher read their responses as they came up to play.  The responses were adorable.  I hope you can hear the sound well enough on the clip of Patrick's statements.

Intro        Performance

May 25, 2004

Today was my last day alone with Patrick while Alex is at school.  :-(  We did some crafts together, and he came up with the idea of making a turkey out of an apple.

A boy and his turkey.  LOL

May 26, 2004

It's the first day of summer vacation!  A bunch of neighbors pitched in and we rented a water slide to celebrate summer.  We spent the entire day playing on the water slide, swimming in a neighbor's pool, eating watermelon, and generally being silly!

Alex and Patch at the top of the slide Patch having a wild ride down!

May 29, 2004

Happy Birthday, Uncle John!!!

We celebrated our neighbor's baby's first birthday today.  Sara was adorable, of course, and didn't disappoint when it came time to dig into her cake!

Poor Patch doesn't have enough body fat to keep warm! He's going to be a fish by the end of this summer!

My little Lady Killer

Mark and the birthday girl Yummmmmmmm

May 30, 2004

We made an impromptu trip to St. Pete to see Mike and Mary Beth and the girls.  Mark and Mike were going to take the kids to a baseball game, but we hit traffic on the way over and missed the beginning of the game, so we decided to just hang out at their house and go out in the boat and swim in the pool.  The kids had a blast playing and we had a wonderful visit!

Patch, Alex and Heather Ashley & Patch

Julia really wanted to put the cleaner in the pool Heather cuddling with Uncle Mark while Julia tickles his feet!

Julia's "angry face."  Too cute! Heather showing Mary Beth a Palm Pilot game