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MARCH 2003
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March 5, 2003

It's been truly heartwarming to learn how many people regularly visit our site.  Thanks for expressing your concern over the lack of updates recently.  Yes, it's true.  We have suffered a huge tragedy - my camera is broken!    It's been sent off to the camera doctors, and the triage nurse has told me it could be out of commission for a month.  Argh!!!

Fortunately, my bestest buddy never leaves home without her camera, and we happen to have spent some time together recently, so I'm not completely pictureless.  We met up at Chic-Fil-A today for lunch and an afternoon of play.  We also finally got our pictures back from our Glamour Shots adventure.

Topsy Turvy!

Best friends

March 7, 2003

The boys' first soccer games were tonight!  I had no idea how much fun the games are - both for the kids and the parents.  We were all jumping up and down and screaming with excitement! 

Mark and I had to tag team, since all of the games in this league are played at the same time.  Fortunately they're at the same place, but their two teams were at the absolute two farthest fields apart, so we had to split up.  Mark took the video camera to Patch's game and I took the still camera (which Becca surprised me by driving all the way to my house for me to borrow tonight! - Thanks Becca!!!) over to Alex's game.  We were supposed to trade at half time, but at that point it started to thunder so they canceled the games. 

We were amazed at how well they played.  While we're not supposed to keep score, of course, Alex kept track anyway.  His team was up 5 to 2, and Alex made 3 of the scores!  Patch had a great block at the goal and also scored his own goal!

Absolute cutie pies!

The beginning of Alex's game (he's the third kid out in blue)

Alex's kicking the ball Anxiously watching his team play

Click on the soccer ball to see Patch score!

March 9, 2003

We had the best visit today with Dallison and her kids.  She's staying just a few hours away from us for her sister's wedding, so we drove over and spent the afternoon on the beach with her.  Her son, Quinton, and our boys really hit it off and we couldn't keep them out of the water.  Kendall, her little girl and my goddaughter, was as angelic as they come.

Hanging out with my boys Future building engineers at work

Patch, Alex and Quinton The boys really hit it off!

Do they get any sweeter than this?

March 11, 2003

Becca and I met up this afternoon to hit the strawberry patch.  Patrick was being contrarian, so he went over to play with Jacob, but the other 4 boys and Becca and I had a great time.

So much for spreading out to cover more ground! Alex and Carter were really enjoying themselves

March 14, 2003

Today was a big day!  Becca had some outpatient surgery today, so her boys came and spent the day with us. 

Just as they were arriving, Patch decided not to wait for me to help him get a DVD off the top shelf!  Becca got this shot after she arrived, but before she got here, Patch actually had a chair on top of the red table to get a better reach!
The word "no" is not in his vocabulary Buddies for life

After the video, the boys gravitated to the play room.
Andrew was referring the foosball game Alex and Carter were having an adorable little private conversation

We then packed everybody up to go to the boys' soccer games.  John came and picked up his boys from the field.
Patch's idea of warming up In order to make sure all the kids have on their shin guards, the ref has them all bend over and knock on their shins.

Grandma and Grandpa came to cheer the boys on.  Mark spent the first half with Grandpa watching Alex's game while Grandma, Carter, Nathan, Andrew and I watched Patch's first half.  And then we swapped at half-time.  They scatter the starting times every 15 minutes, so Alex's game started first.  Before Patch's game even started, Mark called me on my cell phone to tell me Alex had already gotten another hat trick (3 goals)!  He ended up scoring 5 times!

Patch's team suffered terribly, since their only three experienced players were away for spring break.  Due to the scattered start times, at the end of Alex's game, we were able to watch the end of Patch's game.  By that point, the official said that Patch's team could play all of their players at once to try to give them a chance.  His team only scored once, but guess who got that one score?  Patrick!

We gotta give equal video time - click below to see Alex score.  Check out those moves!

March 16-18, 2003

We finally went camping!!!!!  We couldn't let spring break go by this year without doing something special as a family.  Since it was our first trip in the camper away from somebody's yard, we decided to stay close to home and went to Wekiva Springs.  It rained a few times, but with the camper it was no problem!  We definitely learned from a few mistakes, but fortunately none were serious.  It was wonderful to be out with mother nature again!

Our humble abode Learning backgammon

March 19, 2003

Patch got his first doctor's visit for an injury today.  They were out front playing football when Alex came inside and told me Patch had hurt himself.  This is not an uncommon statement in our house, so I didn't think much of it.  Patch came in behind Alex crying a little and asking for some shoes.  I looked at his toe and he had torn a rather large flap off of it.  The minute he looked down, he started screaming.  I wasn't sure if he needed it stitched back on, and fortunately it was during office hours (Alex needs to takes notes on that), so we went to the doctor just to be sure.  He screamed all the way to the doctor's office, but calmed down once we got there, and by the time we saw the doctor, it was already staying attached quite well.  The doctor said he would probably have stitched it if it was on his face to minimize scarring, but it wasn't worth the torture for his toe.  The only bad part is that he can't wear closed shoes for several days, and NO SOCCER! 

March 21, 2003

The natives are getting restless, so Mom and I took them to the Science Center today.  We were in the right place at the right time to see a demonstration on liquid nitrogen.  The kids were especially impressed when the man dumped the liquid nitrogen out of the beaker onto the floor and it evaporated before it landed!

Testing how long you can balance

Testing whether he is really a monkey!!!

March 23, 2003

Patch was talking on the phone to Nana and Papa.

He does know how to get comfortable

March 24, 2003

Alex is such a little bookworm!  Tonight I went in to see if he was asleep, and there he was, light on, nose in a book.

He is completely oblivious to his surroundings!

March 25, 2003

It has been gently suggested that I might want to post an update just with some current stories even though I don't have any pictures to share.  I must admit, without my beloved camera, I've sort of lost interest in my daily updates.  (Perhaps I have "cyber depression."  LOL)

Alex has entered a new phase in childhood:  trading cards.  These days they're called Yu-Gi-Oh cards.  A couple of his neighborhood friends started giving him some a few months ago, and whenever I saw the opportunity, I'd sort of slip them back to their moms.  I didn't have any intention of starting to buy them, and I didn't think Alex really knew what they were all about.  Boy, was I ever wrong!  He came home with a couple more from his friend the other day.  I finally decided to talk to him about the fact that they're "trading" cards, and not "giving" cards - in other words, he needs to give the kid some back.  At first he balked and said, "But Mom, I only have 13."  Uh oh.  Hmmmm - how many of those 13 did I covertly return?  Fortunately, the 13 he referred to were ones he still had.  Whew!  Once I broke that dam, we jumped head-first into trading card mania!  He's been saving his allowance, and immediately wanted to go buy some cards.  I got online to see how much the darned things cost, and came across some on eBay.  He asked what I was doing, and I told him, and by the end of the evening, he'd won his first eBay auction!  (Made his internet-junkie Mommy proud!)

Yesterday evening he informed Mark and me that he was going to sell books to make more "allowance."  I sort of did my "yes, honey, that's nice" response.  But then he elaborated that he was going to write the books himself, and then sell them.  And he proceeded to do so.  He wrote his first book: 

The Shells
by Alex Finster

The two shells that I once found I liked so much.
They are so pretty.
One is orange.  One is gray.
The End.

He then made a sign:  For sale.  $1 9¢.  (Don't ask me where he came up with that amount.)  I asked him where he was putting his sign and he said in the driveway and went out the front door.  He was out there for a while, and Mark peeked and said he was sitting there waiting.  He finally came back in and said nobody wanted to buy it. He then decided to offer a discount:  59¢.  Fortunately, by that point, it was bedtime, because Mark and I had absolutely no idea how to handle it.  We want to encourage that kind of thinking, but we didn't want him accosting the neighbors!  So far, though, he seems to have lost interest.

The only other things I can think of that are of interest are that I'm typing my tail off these days covering for a fourth attorney whose secretary quit (talk about burning the candle at both ends), and the roofers started tearing off our roof this morning.  You should see the dogs deal with footsteps on the roof - they can't figure out where to bark! 

March 27, 2003

Nothing like a couple of boxes to make a kid's day!

Mark turned into R2D2 I'm definitely including Mark when I say "kids"!

My little sportster didn't even take off his football outfit to watch TV.

He's a die hard sports fan!

March 28, 2003

Patch was our little shining star tonight.  His grade at preschool had their Noah's Ark program and he was incredible!  He was an absolute ham and performed beautifully!  They had animal headbands, and Patch was a gorilla.  Of course, we have an obnoxious amount of video, and I'm shamelessly putting some pretty large clips on here to show off.  Please be patient - the second one especially will take forever to load up.  The words to the song are really cute, and since it's hard to tell what a bunch of 4-year-olds are singing, you can click here for the lyrics.

Mom once again came to our rescue and took Alex to his soccer game so we could go watch Patch.  He had yet another incredible game with 4 goals.

Click here to see video #1 - the prayer Click here to see video #2 - the song

After the show, there was a petting zoo outside.

March 30, 2003

Alex brought home the "math suitcase" this weekend from school.  Every student brings it home once and it's full of math projects. He couldn't wait to dive in!

Creating a numbers book

Patch helped Mark put up my new cabinet in the garage.

Is he a Finster for what?