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JULY 2003
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July 2, 2003

Patrick really thinks the fish food stinks!


July 4, 2003


Mark and the boys made a neighborhood of card houses this morning.  This afternoon/evening we had a get together with our usual group of neighbors and swam and grilled and, of course, had fireworks.  Alex, my little pyromaniac in case you've forgotten, was the fireworks assistant all evening.  He picked out which ones to do next and helped light them and clean up.

Nobody sneeze!

Huh?  You talkin to me? Patrick made himself handcuffs out of light-up bracelets

Alex is supervising David lighting the next firework

July 8, 2003

Alex had golf camp this morning.  It's only 2 hours long, and it's a half-hour drive to get there, so Patrick and I brought a blanket and sat in the shade while Alex baked in the sun.  Alex really didn't want to go to camp this morning (today was day two), and once I got a chance to see for myself, I can understand why.  The leader/pro is a very gruff, loud man who spent the entire two hours yelling at the kids.  I don't think he's a mean person, but his personality was such that poor Alex looked afraid for his life.  He also did little to no coaching or teaching.  All he did was set up the kids so that they could all putt or whatever the current activity was and then sit back while they hit balls.  Then he'd holler at them to go pick up all the balls and start all over again.  Couple all of that with the thermometer hitting 104 degrees today, and it was just an all-around bad experience.   I asked Alex later in the day if he was learning anything or having fun at camp, and he was fighting back tears as he told me no.  When I told him he didn't have to go back, he actually cried from relief.  My poor little guy!

My A-plus putter! Patch and I did activity books in the shade

Since Mark's out of town, Mom and Dad provided some much-needed adult interaction for yours truly while we had dinner at Red Lobster.  The hostess pulled a lobster out of the water and let the kids hold it.  The lobster kept whipping his tail in on the boys - it was hilarious!

Hmmmmm.  Which one do I want to see?

Talk about your meal on a platter! Thinks Patch:  "Go ahead Alex.  I'll just stand back here a little bit."

July 9, 2003

The boys and I went to a craft store yesterday to get some projects to get us through the rest of summer.  Today we did sand art.

Such concentration Showing off their aliens

July 10, 2003

Mark came home from a 3-day business trip today, and the boys and I went and watched him play softball.  We won't discuss the score, but suffice it to say, it isn't the score of the game that matters, but the friends you drink with afterwards. 

aiming for the fence

July 12, 2003

We headed over to the River this morning for a visit with Nana and Papa.  Scalloping season opened last week, so we've been looking forward to catching our dinner. 

Danielle was fascinated with Boudreaux and Trouble and kept pointing to them and laughing.  It was adorable!

KC and Stacy were also there with Preston and Danielle.  Everybody went out on the boat as soon as we got there, and I stayed at the house with Danielle.  After they'd been gone for an hour or so, a storm started brewing outside.  It got nasty quickly.  About an hour later Mark called from the boat and said they were heading back home.  Apparently out in the gulf they weren't in the storm at all, but as they approached home, they headed straight into the storm.  By that point, the rain was horizontal, limbs were blowing out of trees, and the power was out.  I've never been so happy to see a boat in my life, and I'm sure they've never been happier to see the house.  When I went out to greet them, I couldn't even see all of the children.  Everybody was huddled under and over everybody else!  I guess they got more excitement than they bargained for.  The power was out for five hours.  We shucked scallops by daylight and Mary Ellen worked miracles to cook dinner out on the grill.  It was quite an adventure!

Preston, Alex and Patch couldn't wait to play together Danielle was full of smiles!

 Boudreaux was willing Danielle to drop some food!

Look at the huge doggie! And look at the other huge doggie!  Ha ha!

On their way out to the gulf to catch some dinner Trying to catch a full seafood platter

All dressed in their best outfits.  ;-) Alex sleeping in clouds

July 13, 2003

We headed back home today.  After such a busy day yesterday, the boys practically fell asleep brushing their teeth tonight!

Like two peas in a pod

July 16, 2003

The boys have been at summer camp every morning this week (yippee!) and I finally remembered to bring my camera.  This afternoon we headed to the library to stock up on more bedtime stories.

Another trampoline picture Patch loves throwing his body around!

The library has a little reading alcove the kids love to sit in

July 17, 2003

Alex has recently taken up nature photography.  He'll take my camera outside and go berserk taking pictures of anything and everything.  He's actually developing an eye for it!  He took all of these pictures himself.

He was very excited to get pics of the butterfly Butterfly in flight

"Just a picture of your pretty flowers, Mommy."  awwwwww

OMG - he looks 13 years old! Another cute subject!

July 18, 2003

The boys had their last day at summer camp this morning and spent a quiet afternoon building a city in the playroom.

The sounds of your children cooperating and playing together is like gold!

July 20, 2003

The kids have been begging Mark to take them fishing in the pond across the street, and last weekend Mark finally remembered to bring his tackle box and the fishing poles home from the River.  Their first try at the pond was quite successful!  Through all of the excited chatter when they got home, I think I figured out that they each caught two fish.  Patrick's already perfected the fisherman's show of how big his fish was!

What a life! Really, Mom, it was T-H-I-S big!

July 22, 2003

This morning I looked in the back yard, and Trouble was walking very slowly along the back fence with her nose down.  When I went out to investigate, she was following our friendly neighborhood gopher turtle.  He's lived here forever and occasionally checks out the back yards on our side of the street.  The kids had a field day checking him out.  He tolerated being held and redirected, and even ate apple from their hands.  Trouble was absolutely enthralled by such a beast!

"Wow, he's heavy!" His expression speaks for itself!

This is how Trouble and the turle made their way along the entire back fence. Trouble just didn't know what to make of it!

Chow time! Patch found a toad, so they posed for a picture with their new friends

July 23, 2003

Patch had his gymnastics class today.  He got a new teacher a few weeks ago and she's doing more actual gymnastics with them.  The old teacher did more gross motor skills activities, which obviously he doesn't need!  He's doing great and loving every minute of it! 

Smile for Mommy . . . . . . . now flip!

Sorry for the bad picture, but I took this in the dark this morning.  Just thought his position was too funny and had to share.
Pretzel boy

July 24, 2003

We went to Jacob's birthday party at the mall this afternoon.  The kids started running in a circle around the rail of a short set of stairs and had the time of their lives.  If we had suggested that as a party game, the kids would have laughed in our faces!

They kept going and going and going and going . . . . . .

July 28, 2003

The natives were getting restless today, so I dragged them out into the heat for a little while to play in the back yard.

Monkey Boy Look how tall I am!

I'm not too sure I remember how to do this Catch me, Mom!  (He's not exactly the daredevil of the two)

Trouble managed to find another turtle to torture in the back yard

July 30, 2003

Jacob was over to play this afternoon, and he and Patch made Power Ranger masks.  The funny thing is that neither one of them has ever seen the Power Rangers!

Creativity in action