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February 1, 2004

Mark and the boys have taken model rocketry to another level.  Actually, I should say that Mark has, and the boys are just along for the ride!  Our neighbor built a pinewood derby car for Boy Scouts, which inspired Mark to make a rocket version, which somehow inspired a Lego version.  Of course, both had Lego drivers as well.  They launched them off today and, according to the stories, both were great successes.

The Hot Seat Built to shatter nicely into a million pieces!

February 2, 2004

I am treasuring my Mondays alone with Patch while they last.  I can't believe he'll be at the big school in only a few months!  We worked on his school Valentines today.  Alex had his second guitar lesson this afternoon, and he's still loving it!

It's so hard to fit a WHOLE name on such little hearts!  LOL

February 3, 2004

The elementary school hosted Chess Night, so Mark took Alex tonight.  The author of a book about learning to play chess spoke, and then the kids paired off and battled.

All those brains in overdrive!

February 4, 2004

Wouldn't ya know, while we were at Patrick's piano lesson this morning, a tree in the parking lot miraculously moved a few inches closer to my van bumper than it had been when I parked, and happened to actually jump into my bumper as I was pulling out.  And then, that same darned tree held onto  my bumper and pulled it off my van!!!!  The nerve!  (Well, that's my story, and I'm stickin' to it!)  Fortunately, the bumper is still intact, and the body shop said it will be easy to reattach.  Patch was telling Alex all about it this afternoon, and I got a little taste of his teen years to come when Alex said, "Gee Mom, it's amazing you even passed your driver's test!"  Smarty pants!

February 5, 2004

True to their word, the body shop fixed up the van for next to nothing.  Whew!  Now Mark can come back from his business trip!  ;-)

February 6, 2004

I'm very excited that Patrick is finally starting to make friends on his own - without tagging along with Alex.  He's developed some close friends in school, and wants to spend time with them out of school as well.  Today he had a friend from school over and they had a blast!

5-year-olds being 5-year-olds

Patrick's day got even better when he had his first t-ball practice.  He's been wanting to play for ages and was very full of himself!

Notice the ball in relation to his glove.  LOL He was testing the agility of the coach who was catching!  ;-)

February 9, 2004

Patch and I went and had lunch with Alex at school today.

My two very big boys

February 12, 2004

Patrick's class had their Valentines Party today.  He got a phone call from a classmate this evening to thank him for his Valentine card.  He was so cute talking on the phone, and at one point Mark and I snickered at something he said.  He got mad, of course, so I told him he could go into his room to talk.  He went in and closed the door, and we heard him say, "Now we can talk!"

Yummmmmmmmm' A bowl of water just to blow bubbles in.  Oh, to be 5 again!

February 14, 2004

Now that Patrick has t-ball practice on Fridays and Saturdays, weekend trips are tough.  We realized this morning that, since Monday is a holiday, we can still make a weekend out of it after t-ball today, so we made an impromptu trip to the River for a visit with Mark's parents.  Come to find out, Mark's cousin and her family will be coming down from Connecticut this weekend as well, so we hooked up the camper for the extra beds and headed out.

The boys were excited to see Aydee

February 15, 2004

Patrick was all dressed to get in the hot tub, but had to wait for it to warm up, so he and Mark played some football while he waited.  This is the resulting outfit!

My GQ guy

Mark and the boys did a little t-ball field practice this afternoon.

Mark's grooming Patch to play first base.  ;-)

February 16, 2004

Stephie and Steve and their five kids arrived last night, and KC brought Preston and Danielle up for the day today, and the kids played and played and played all day long!  It was funny to see the northerners in shorts soaking up the sun, while we Floridians wore pants and long sleeves!

Preston, Alex and Patch playing computer golf Stephie and Steve enjoying the sunshine

Thawing out

February 19, 2004

Boudreaux got a playmate today!  Say hello to Grendel!  Our hairdresser found this poor skinny little girl living in a ditch by their property, and we just happened to be looking for an addition to our family, and the rest is history!

 Just look at those eyes!Checkin' out Boo's toy

February 21, 2004

Grendel is such a wonderful puppy!  However, she is a puppy, and has obviously had no training whatsoever!  So I've spent the weekend washing carpets and retrieving all kinds of things that she's carted off to the back yard.  The poor little thing is pretty skittish, especially around Boo.  Tonight we had the sprinklers on, and it spooked her so bad she couldn't go potty.  So I took her for a little walk, which seemed to be going fine, until someone else walked down the street.  You would have thought aliens had landed, not to mention the hysteria having to do with wearing a leash and collar!  I took her to the vet yesterday to get checked out.  She got a clean bill of health.  She's 19 pounds and the vet estimated that she's about six months old.

Mark and Patch were out front yesterday and saw our neighbor preparing their yard for some new sod.  Patrick asked Mark what they were doing.  He said they were replacing their grass because the bugs had eaten the lawn.  Patch said, "So . . . . . they're feeding the bugs?"  Wellllll, when ya put it that way  . . .

All tuckered out Patch took a picture of my new haircut.  :-)

February 24, 2004

Rain, rain, go away!  Things were rolling along nicely with the puppy house training, and then the skies opened up.  We've had two days of constant rain, and Grendel wants none of it!  The carpet cleaner is now a permanent fixture, and my floors are covered in newspaper.  It's a darned good thing she's so cute!

Learning what she IS allowed to chew Daddy's little girl

Getting to know you

February 25, 2004

My desperate attempt at surviving another rainy day:  origami.  We made ducks and peacocks.  :-)

Proud creators

February 26, 2004

Boudreaux and Grendel made a great first attempt at playing together today.  Grendel had to overcome her fears of the big loud Boo, but finally got caught up in the fun and they romped around a bit. 

I don't know if I've mentioned that we're breeding mice to feed to the snakes.  We have 8 mice, and we finally had our first litter last night - 12 babies!  :O  So right now, we have 2 kids, 2 dogs, 3 snakes, 10 fish and 20 mice.  Of course, we'll soon have fewer mice and happier snakes!  ;-)

February 27, 2004

Patrick's grade had a "Red, White and Blue Parade" in honor of Presidents Day.  They paraded around the halls at school singing God Bless America and Yankee Doodle.  It was precious!

All fired up for the parade! His teacher trying to get him focused in the right direction.  LOL

This evening we headed up to the elementary school for Founders Day Family Fun Night.  It's basically a big party in honor of the guy after whom the school is named.  There were four bouncy houses and various fun activities, and also a basket auction to benefit the PTA.  Each class contributed a basket (Alex's class did an Italian Feast basket which turned out pretty nice, if I do say so myself - I do get a little extra credit since I'm room mom!), and you purchased tickets to put in a drawing for each basket.  It was bitterly cold (low 40's plus it was windy), so Mark took Patch home almost right away, but Alex and I stayed 'til the end, since we had 100 tickets in various basket drawings!  Turned out worthwhile, since we won a nice "beach" themed basket, complete with a new cooler!

Alex (3rd from right) joined in an impromptu group of students singing the school song (although poor Alex didn't know the song!)

February 29, 2004

Alex had his first football practice today.  He was by far the skinniest guy there, and I was afraid they'd break him in two!  But he held his own and had a blast, of course!

Meeting the coach end-of-practice huddle