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May, 2005
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May 1, 2005

The boys are enjoying their new "basketball court."

They're in for a disappointment when the screens go up!

May 4, 2005 

This is Teacher Appreciation Week, and the students do something small each day for their teachers.  Today they brought flowers.

Looking deceptively sweet

May 6, 2005 

All of the kindergarten classes had their big end-of-the-year performance this morning.  They're studying ocean life, so they did a story about a fish named "Swimmy."  Each class sang about a sea animal, to the tune of a popular song.  Of course, it was adorable!  Afterwards, we went to the classroom to see a slideshow of their year and look over their work.  He's come a long way in such a short time!  My mom was there and commented to the teacher that Patrick was lucky to have her.  She said she loved having Patrick in the class because when she made a joke, he was often the only one to get it!

 I can't believe how tall he's gotten!! Silly faces

Telling Grandma about his day

May 7, 2005 

We decided to go out to dinner a day early for Mother's Day with Mom and Dad at Carrabba's.  Unfortunately, I think the rest of the city had the same idea, and we had a l-o-n-g wait for a table, and an even longer wait for our food.  Poor Alex ended up with a killer headache for the rest of the evening, but the rest of us had a great visit despite the wait. 

 Unfortunately, this is Patrick's new "smile" for the camera Playing tag while we wait

"Spaghetti" and "manners" just don't go together!

May 8, 2005 


 I had a wonderful day just hanging out with all of my boys.  I'm the luckist mother alive!

Patch gave me a salt and pepper grinder, which he couldn't wait to try out

May 9, 2005

Yet another picture of Patrick upside-down.

Discussing the fine art of Pokemon on their Game Boys

May 12, 2005

Alex has been coughing a lot over the last few days and complaining of a sore throat and headaches.  Today it really slowed him down, and the school nurse called saying he wasn't doing well.  He's been getting worse instead of better, so I took him to the doctor.  She thinks it's a sinus infection so we're trying an antibiotic, which tastes awful and he's fighting me like a toddler.  Hopefully when he feels better he'll start cooperating a little more.  Pleeeeeeze!

Patrick's class went on a field trip to Red Lobster for lunch and had a tour of the kitchen.  He was especially impressed with the walk-in freezer and loved the popcorn shrimp.  This is the first field trip he's had without me chaperoning, so I didn't get any pictures, but he seems to have had a grand time.

May 13, 2005

Alex was more like himself today, although he's still coughing and complaining of a sore throat.  Thank God the whining seems to have gone away!  He did great at football practice, and the magical cough syrup the doctor gave us is helping him sleep.  Things are looking up.

May 14, 2005

Nana and Papa came to visit today.  They need to come over every Saturday, because they helped Mom and me cheer the boys on to their first win of the football season!  The boys could tell you the stats exactly, but I know that Alex threw some beautiful complete passes and they both pulled tons of flags.  It was very exciting and the boys played great.  We went out to Froggers for lunch and the boys played video games to their hearts content while we adults got caught up.

Cutie pie A happy little football player

May 15, 2005

Kori invited the boys over to go swimming - summer is almost here!

Freezing little fish Making a muscle to show off his temporary tattoo

May 16, 2005

I spent my weekly morning helping in Alex's class, but Alex was being unusually clingy in class and said his ear hurt.  What now?!  After I went home I called the nurse and asked how on earth this could be if he's already on an antibiotic.  Of course, she said to bring him in this afternoon.  After school, he jumped back and forth from annoyingly hyper to whiny and argumentative.  By that point, I was more than happy to head to the doctor again.  The doctor said his ears look fine (probably pain radiating up from the sore throat), but he's concerned about the wheezing, and wanted to know why he wasn't on his inhaler.  He went on to say that when a child with asthma gets a cold, I should start his inhaler right away.  Huh?  This wasn't our usual doctor, so I said he must have his brother's chart, because Alex doesn't have asthma, his brother does.  He flipped through the chart again and said, no, this is Alex's chart, and he's been seen so many times with wheezing that he most certainly has asthma, whether or not anyone has officially called it that.  He then went through the whole routine I've been through a million times with Patrick, yada yada yada.  He said his wheezing was bad enough that he needs albuterol or the nebulizer tonight (!), start his Advair right away (okay, admittedly, he's been on the Advair several times this year - perhaps I'm just blind), and use the albuterol or nebulizer whenever his cough gets bad.  I must confess, after the albulerol tonight, he stopped coughing.  But, but, but . . . .  this just can't be!

That's a baby mouse on his belly Just hangin' out with his little furry buddy

May 19, 2005

We're right smack dab in the middle of May madness.  I have finally come to recognize how crazy this month can be.  Everything comes to a close - school, sports, music - and at the same time, pool season is gearing up, which means both Mark and I are working more than ever.

This week has been particularly crazy, with football being the focus.  They had to squeeze in a make-up game before the end of the season, so Tuesday night they had practice, a make-up game last night, tonight they had a break from football but had their last piano lesson, tomorrow they have practice again, and the final game is Saturday morning.  I think I can, I think I can, I think I can . . . .

This morning the kindergarten classes had water day.  They played in sprinklers, covered themselves in shaving cream, ran water balloon relays, and basically ran themselves ragged.  I helped with the bubble station - one of the easier volunteer jobs I've had yet.  LOL  I forgot my camera, but another mom was kind enough to take pictures of Patrick for me.  As soon as she emails me the pictures, I'll post them.

May 20, 2005

Patrick's class had Pajama Day today.  He was so cute in his spider jammies, carefully packing his bankie and favorite stuffed animal in his backpack.

While Mark took the boys to football practice, I headed over to Becca's house to babysit her four kids while they went out for John's birthday.  The three boys spent the evening doing everything they could to impress me, which was adorable.  Once they went to bed, I got a serious dose of baby time with Emily.  She's soooooo sweet, and I'm proud to say that despite never being without her Mommy before (and the corresponding food supply ), she and I had a grand time, and she ate and slept beautifully for me.  :-)

Spider boy heading off to school

May 21, 2005

The boys played their last football game of the season this morning.  The game didn't go all that well for them, and I wasn't looking forward to an afternoon of grumping.  But after the game when the coach passed out the trophies, he also passed out water pistols, and the game was all but forgotten!

Looking like a drowned rat! Reloading with water

Good lookin team

May 22, 2005

This evening Mom and Dad joined Mark and me to watch the boys play at their big piano recital.  Patch marched right up to the piano and played his song beautifully.  I was so proud of Alex, though.  He got off to a rough start on his piece, which can make the best of us freeze.  He kept at it, and ended up getting through his piece like a pro.  Despite it being after 9:00, we still went for ice cream on the way home to reward our little performers.

Patch checking out the grand pianos Full of questions

Proud of their medals and trophies

The best part of the evening! Hammin' it up for the camera

Hanging out with their snakes this afternoon

May 23, 2005

I spent my last day helping in Alex's class this morning.  :-(  His teacher and I have become quite close this year, and it's so hard to say goodbye, even if it's just for the summer.

May 24, 2005

For the rest of this week, school lets out at 12:30, and the classes are doing fun things each day.  Patrick's class had "building" day, where they played with various building sets, like Legos and K'nex.  The kids in Alex's class brought in their favorite board games.  They're having a blast!

We've been thinking for a few weeks now that our female snake, Casey, has been looking pudgy and, well, pregnant.  She proved us right and laid about a dozen eggs today!  I got out my trusty snake care book, and it looks like it'll be the end of summer break before they hatch.  For us reptile lovers, this is really exciting!

Starting summer fun! I'll use this one to blackmail him when he's older - my little ballerina!

May 25, 2005

Today Alex's class had book day, where everyone brought in their favorite books to share.  It's kindergarten's turn for board games.  We were noticing at the bus stop that most of the games the kids had were the classics that we played as kids - Candy Land, Clue, Sorry.  It was neat to see they're still favorites!

May 26, 2005

It's the last day of school ! ! ! ! !  I can't believe my baby is officially a first grader!  Both boys brought home perfect report cards - they're so proud (as are we!).  The neighbors all got together again and rented a water slide for the afternoon and let the kids loose!  Alex ended up on the wrong end of a wasp, but that aside, it's been a perfect first day of summer.


May 27, 2005

We were having a nice lazy morning when I told the boys that we have absolutely nothing on our calendar today - nothing to do, no place to be, no obligations whatsoever.  Alex was just like me - thrilled to have a free day.  Patrick had other ideas, though.  He jumped up and down and said, "Can we go to Disney?" 

May 29, 2005

Happy Birthday, Uncle John

Our neighbor, Greg, has been inviting Mark to go fishing with him for years, but since he usually leaves in the wee hours of the morning, Mark has always declined.  He finally convinced him to go today.  Mark woke up at 3:30 so they could make it to the deep ocean waters by sunrise.  They apparently had a grand time, getting home at 8:30 p.m., although he didn't bring me a thing to cook for dinner!

The boys have been saving up for a new Game Boy game for weeks and weeks.  Little did they know, I've already bought it for them and was planning on giving it to them for our trip this summer.  When I gave them their allowance this morning, Patrick announced that he had saved enough, and we needed to go to Target today.  I knew I couldn't put him off until our trip, so I figured I'd better change my plans.  While the kids grumped around bored, I was scheming up and planting a treasure hunt of riddles.  It was so fun to see them trying to figure out where the riddles were sending them next.

Where am I supposed to go? Working out his next clue

May 30, 2005

One of Patrick's classmates invited him to come over for an impromptu swim party today.  When we got to his house, two girls from Alex's class opened the door and were excited that Alex was there.  Well, Alex wasn't with me - the girls just recognized me from school and assumed I was bringing him.  I agreed to go back home and get Alex (who was at home jealous he didn't have a play date).  When he and I arrived a half hour later, the dad said, "Ah, this must be the famous Alex!"  I think Alex turned 15 shades of red!  He's already making an impression on the ladies!

May 31, 2005

The boys have been asking to have Anthony over for a sleepover for weeks and weeks, and we've been telling them to wait for summer break.  They held us to it, so he stayed over tonight, barely into the first week of summer.  I was amazed at how good the three of them were, and particularly pleased since Mark is out of town.