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MARCH 2007
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March 4, 2007

The boys left a bunch of sticks on the porch table, and I thought the snakes might like to climb around in them.  Dee Dee was fascinated!

Dee Dee was nose to nose with Zeke She REALLY wanted to meet the 3 others on the table!

Zeke and Arrow exploring Patch and Boo were buddying up

March 5, 2007

Patrick has been writing a book about dragons.  When the boys got off the bus this afternoon, they were deep in conversation and immediately sat down at the kitchen table together.  It turns out that Alex was doing some illustrations for Patrick.  Alex was showing Patrick different drawings and asking what Patrick had in mind.  I can't tell you how much it warmed my heart to see them working intently together on something so creative!  I actually sneaked back to Mark's office and had him come look!


March 10, 2007

We're in the middle of spring break, and Patrick has been feeling bored and lonely so he and I went to the strawberry patch.  We picked seven pounds of strawberries! 

He could be an advertisement for strawberries!

March 11, 2007

Patrick has been bouncing ideas off Mark and me for a few weeks now about making a "mulch shooter."  He pretty much had the design worked out in his head, and today he and Mark made one together.  It uses rubberbands to shoot the mulch, and I must say, it's pretty cool!  Mark said they used Patrick's initial design, and then tweaked it a bit.

Target practice with soda bottles

March 16, 2007

We loaded up the camper and arrived at Anastasia camp ground last night and barely got set up before dark.  This is our annual spring break group camping trip, and we have TEN families this year!  A cold front came through last night and we had torrential rains and intense lightening and thunder all night long.  Boy oh boy were we ever glad to have the new camper!  We were snug as bugs!  Mark wasn't feeling well last night so he took the smaller bed and I slept in the bigger bed with Patrick and Alex had the small bed that converts from the table.  It took Patrick forever to fall asleep.  A few hours after he finally did fall asleep, a bad band of thunder storms came through, and next thing I knew, I was tightly sandwiched between Alex and Patrick!  It was actually kinda nice, although I was a bit envious of Mark over there snoring away.  LOL  We stayed in the camper well into the morning, again, soooo happy to have our camper with the fridge and potty.  :-)  The poor rest of our group had a very rough night in their tents.  The good news is that the weather is beautiful today!

We gathered for a camp fire and s'mores this evening and had a great time meeting all of the new families and sharing camping stories.

Patch has turned into a very good campfire builder Gin anyone?

Alex and Justin toasting their marshmallows

March 17, 2007

Thursday night may have been rainy, but last night was just plain c-o-l-d!  We were bundled up and didn't do too badly, but I had to laugh when I heard Mark get up in the morning and turn on the heater.  We'd forgotten about it during the night!

St. Augustine has a very rich history, and Alex's class recently was here for a field trip.  Both boys were excited to go explore the city - Alex was anxious to share everything he'd seen with Patrick, and Patrick was excited to see what he had heard about.  The fort is built out of coquina, which is stone made out of shells that have been crushed over the centuries.  At the entrance to the campground we've seen a sign for a coquina mine so we checked it out this morning.  It was very disappointing, but we enjoyed the hike anyway.  :-)

Mark wanted to go hiking, and the boys wanted to explore the town so we split up.  On the way into town, the kids said they wanted to go to the Ripley's Believe It Or Not museum.  That reminded me of a story.  Mark and I spent four years trying to get pregnant, and during that time a fertility statue was touring the world and was at the local Ripley's.  Supposedly a huge majority of the people who touched the statue got pregnant.  I dragged Mark down to Ripley's and we touched the statue, and lo and behold, I was pregnant with Alex a few months later.  The other interesting thing is that almost all of the people who touched the statue had boys.  Now, I certainly don't believe in any of that stuff, but it's still a fun story.  I shared this story with the boys, and it led to an interesting conversation to say the least.  Alex thought it was pretty neat.  Patrick asked why Daddy had to touch the statue when it's the mom that has the baby.  I pointed out that dads have to provide the sperm for a baby and moms provide the egg.  I was a little leery of opening that little can of worms, but I didn't expect Patrick to blurt out, incredulously, "I came from an egg?!"  That was the end of that little conversation!

We had a wonderful time exploring Ripley's, and then we hit the fort.  Alex was a fountain of information and played tour guide for us.  We were fortunate to be there during a cannon demonstration, although the kids were disappointed they didn't use an actual cannonball.  The best part of the fort was the hills.  The boys rolled down them, and then rolled down the sidewalk in their Heelies.

On his field trip, Alex toured two very old churches which he wanted us to see.  We found them, and though they were locked, we were still impressed with the beautiful architecture.  I was impressed that Alex had been impressed enough to want to share them with us.

Patrick was sound asleep like this, fighting off the cold. Our own personal camp chef

The kids found a perfect swinging vine and Patrick showed off his monkey genes Checking out a chunk of coquina at the mine

A beautiful hike

Climbing the wall that used to surround the city Patch is almost there . . .

King of the hill! A Spanish soldier in the fort

Readying the cannon B-O-O-M !

Skating down the sidewalk Here comes Patch

Kids being kids.  :-) Standing in the gate to the city

One of the churches Alex showed us

March 18, 2007

Justin stayed the night with us in the camper last night and the kids had a blast all sharing the big bed.  It's been a wonderful trip and we were sad to pack up and come home.  Grendel and Dee Dee are at the kennel, and we can't pick them up until tomorrow, but Boudreaux stayed with my mom, and he was thrilled to see us!

March 19, 2007

We had to kennel the dogs at a different place this weekend because our vet was booked up over spring break.  When I picked them up this morning, the girl who brought them out said that they'd gotten a complimentary bath because they'd had an accident in their kennel.  I raised my eyebrows, and she said that the vet comes in to take care of the animals on Sundays and he doesn't always let them go outside.  Needless to say, we will never use that kennel again!  How awful!

My aunts are going to Germany this week to see my cousin, and Aunt Jin came down from Michigan a couple of days early (they're flying out of Orlando) to visit.  She and Mom came over for dinner tonight and had a great time!  We certainly don't see each other enough.

March 26, 2007

A few months ago I signed up to be a big sister with Big Brothers and Big Sisters.  Tonight I got to meet my little sister!  I'm so excited!  She's 10 years old and is into the outdoors and critters, just like me.  For obvious reasons, I can't share any more about her here, but I'm just thrilled to have her in my life.

March 27, 2007

Mark took a nap today, and Dee Dee cuddled right up.

He's not going anywhere without her knowing about it.

March 30-31, 2007

We got suckered into one of those deals where they put you up for the weekend and try to sell you a timeshare.  We declined the timeshare, and enjoyed the hotel on the beach.  This particular beach had more crushed shells than sand, which made building sandcastles pretty difficult, but Alex loved riding the boogie board.  When he got back to the hotel and took off his bathing suit, about a cup of shells fell out of it!  I'll bet that was a bit uncomfortable!

This is why Patrick gets his own bed! Enjoying the hotel's hot tub

Riding a wave in Going out to tackle the next one