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January 1, 2006

H A P P N E Y E A R !

We're getting old!  This is the first year in recent history that we were asleep before the new year.  We did gather with a bunch of neighbors and enjoyed some fireworks into the evening, but we skipped partying into the wee hours!

January 6, 2006

We discovered today that if you turn on the massager with bubble bath in the tub, you get LOTS of bubbles!


January 8, 2006

When we started the construction on the master bathroom and closet, we had to rearrange the house so that everything that had been in the affected rooms was crammed into any other corner we could find.  Today we finally started to reorganize and reclaim our home!  Since the room that used to hold my desk and computer is now half closet, we had to find a new space.  It's tough with both of us needing complete home offices for our jobs.  We finally agreed to try sharing the office space off our bedroom.  We spent most of today shifting, hauling, unplugging, dusting - dusting - dusting, running wires, plugging and shifting again until we finally got something that we hope will work.  It's going to be very interesting sharing an office.  We've always had our own work space since we both started working from the house some ten years ago.  Yikes!

All of the boys making sure the computers still work

January 9, 2006

I chaperoned Alex's class on a field trip to the zoo.  It was a gorgeous day and the kids were good as gold.  We learned about lots of animals, where they are from and whether they were endangered, common or threatened, then went to a classroom where they got to do some hands-on centers.  It was a wonderful day!

Alex making notes on his worksheet about the animal

January 10, 2006

Today got interesting very quickly.  I had already planned to watch Becca's baby, Emily, for the morning and was really looking forward to playing with her.  What I hadn't planned on was Alex staying home from school sick.  I knew when I walked out of my bedroom first thing and found him on the couch hugging a bowl and there would be no school for him today.  Add to that a couple of subcontractors popping in unexpectedly and I felt like I lived in a circus!

Emily was absolutely adorable!  She warmed up to the dogs pretty quickly, and by the end of her visit was best buddies with Grendel.  (Boudreaux decided he was too old for this baby stuff and sacked out on the couch.)  She had a grand time unrolling the toilet paper and trying to figure out how Grendel got through the doggie door.  She plays the typical one-year-old games of giving you something and then asking for it back, and the ever-popular "let's throw everything on the floor and watch the adult pick it up."  Well, those games took on a whole new dimension when she tried to play them with Grendel with Goldfish crackers!  She'd take a cracker, take a bite then hand it to Grendel.  Then she'd hold her hand out to Grendel as if to say, "My turn, give it back."  She'd also drop the cracker on the floor, where Grendel was dutifully waiting, then a few minutes later start looking around for the cracker.  It was priceless! 

"In think this belongs on the floor" Boudreaux and Grendel stayed with Emily through her whole nap

"Whoa!  Check that out!" "Now, how'd she do that?"

Mom gave Grendel this awesome toy.  She wore herself out and still wouldn't give it up!

January 12, 2006

Alex has a report due soon and he used some pipe cleaners on his poster board.  He started getting creative with the pipe cleaners and came up with a snail.  He taught it to Patch and they made a whole snail family!

 Snails in progress

Check out the mouth! The proud father of "Snaily"

January 15, 2006

It was a gorgeous day so we spent the afternoon on a hike.  We took a chance and brought the dogs along and it paid off.  Grendel absolutely hates car rides, but once she got there, she thought this hiking thing was awesome.  Boudreaux did GREAT and was quite the frisky old boy.  We were concerned about his legs holding out, but they didn't seem to bother him one bit.  However, we did make a sort of sad discovery.  We've been noticing recently that he isn't hearing very well.  But when we were out hiking we realized he isn't hearing much at all.  He usually listens quite well (we don't use a leash with him very much - mostly because he'll come when we call him), but when we would call to him to get him back on course, no matter how loudly, he didn't even register us at all.  :-(  This aging crap sucks!

 Grendel did NOT want to get in the car so she hid in the bushes

Patch loves his walking stick Ahhhhh - what a terrific day

oooooh water - let me at it! Playing like puppies in the water

January 17, 2006

Mom came over this evening to watch the boys while I went to a closing.  Alex was kind enough to demonstrate the bubble mountain in the new tub!

Fish face! Help!  The bubbles ate my son!

January 18, 2006

I had to take an overnight package to the airport tonight since I missed the deadline at the drop box.  The boys came with me and it turned out to be quite an experience.  Well, for Alex anyway.  Patrick couldn't be bothered.  Alex came up to the office with me and we got to see all of the goings on inside.  The bay doors were wide open and the delivery trucks (which they see picking up packages from our house daily) were all coming and going and unloading.  Inside the bay there were conveyor belts everywhere and workers sorting packages into huge clear containers that, from their shape, are designed to go into the planes.  The most exciting part, though, was when we looked through the bay and through the HUGE back bay doors and saw them loading the packages into the actual plane.  He was floored that the plane was right there!  It was neat to see him figure out how the whole process worked in one quick moment.

January 19, 2006

Patrick's class went on a field trip to Blue Springs State Park, and of course, I chaperoned.  (I've discovered that if your son has asthma, you automatically get picked to chaperone because nobody wants to be responsible for his inhaler - works for me!)  Blue Springs is known for it's warm spring that attracts the manatees in winter.  We were not disappointed, either!  The rangers had counted 96 manatees in the run today, and we saw dozens.  I had a great group of three boys (Patch included) and we had a great time exploring the boardwalk trails and learning about manatees.

I think this is a momma and twins Just look at all of them!!!!

Boys being boys Patch wanted a picture of me and his friends

Whew!  Nobody went for a swim today! My goofball!

January 21, 2006

I was doing my normal Saturday morning sleeping-in when Alex came into my room saying "room service!"  When I looked up, he said, "All we need to know is where are the vacuum and the mop."  So I told him and went out to see just what they were up to.  The story goes like this:  Alex was goofing around in his bathroom and sprayed water all over the mirror.  Patrick was helping him towel it dry and they discovered that the mirror was cleaner than when they started.  Alex actually said,  "I thought I was vandalizing the bathroom but it turns out I was cleaning it."  Apparently, they thought that was pretty neat so decided to do the floors, too.  I sure as heck wasn't going to stand in their way!  I got out the mop and filled the bucket for them while they were vacuuming, but when Patrick asked if I'd mop with him, Alex jumped in and said, "No Patrick!  We're giving Mom a break!"  This is one of those moments that makes the other 90% of parenting worth it!

Trying to get in the corners Making it squeaky clean!

January 22, 2006

The boys got creative and made their own soda popsicles by filling a cup with soda, sticking a spoon in it, and putting it in the freezer - all unbeknownst to me!  I learned about it when they pulled them out to eat them.  LOL  Our neighbor, Kori, wasn't here when they made them, so she had to settle for a boring old normal popsicle.

Those are BIG popsicles!

January 27, 2006

I can't believe Becca's little girl, Emily, is already a year old!  Patrick and I went to her birthday party this afternoon at a children's gym and had a blast.  Emily was too cute - of course!

This is the picture from her invitation - what a cutie pie! Yummmmmm

Patch and Carter had a blast with these huge balls The center of attention while everyone sings

Patch was running around "like an Egyptian" Just hangin' around

Um, Patch, I don't think that's how you're supposed to use those bars!

January 28, 2006

The boys made themselves trophies out of play dough.

There's more than one way to be a winner!