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January, 2005
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January 1, 2005


I've been working almost non-stop yesterday and today on Alex's room, and I'm happy to say he went to bed in his own room tonight.  And his room looks great, if I do say so myself!

Sleeping with the dolphins

January 2, 2005

For the length of Christmas break, we've been letting the kids play on their video games as much as they like, which has pretty much been non-stop.  With school starting tomorrow, we're starting a reward system where they can earn game time by doing everyday tasks before we ask them to.  I'm anxious to see how things go tomorrow!

We pulled some oranges off our tree - yummmm!

January 3, 2005

Boy that alarm seemed to go off early this morning.  It was a strange morning with the kids so anxious to accomplish their tasks on their own.  I sure hope this lasts!  It's so nice to be back into our old routine.  I spent my usual morning in Alex's classroom with a group of sleepy children.  Guess their alarms went off too early, too!

January 5, 2005

Today was my usual day in Patrick's classroom.  A couple of kids were absolutely adorable in the math center.  They had a line of blocks that went halfway across the room and were counting them aloud:  "affinity and one, affinity and two . . . . ." 

Mark took some clients out golfing (life's rough, huh?), and called me this afternoon saying he'd twisted his ankle on the course.  He said it was no biggie and he'd be home later.  He called me a half hour later saying maybe he'll see the doctor tomorrow.  When he got home, he peeled his sock off this bulbous thing on the side of his ankle that was full of beautiful colors.  Yikes!

Meanwhile, Dad called and invited us out to eat.  Mark begged off as his ankle hurt worse and worse, so the boys and I had a nice meal out with Mom and Dad.

January 6, 2005

Mark went to the doctor first thing this morning and the good news is there are no broken bones.  The doctor thinks he tore some ligaments, though, and he'll be on crutches for awhile.  Who would have thought his line of work could be so hazardous?  ;-)

Patch has been following in Alex's footsteps and is growing a double row of teeth.  One of his adult teeth has been in for months, and the baby tooth just isn't getting looser on its own.  So today we went and had it pulled.  He was an absolute trooper - especially since there was a scheduling snafu and he had to go back to school for two hours, then go back to the dentist again for the extraction.  He did great, and only complained about having to keep gauze on it afterwards.  He's very excited to finally have the tooth fairy come again!

January 8, 2005

We had a small miracle today - nothing on the calendar!  It's been a long time since we could just hang out all day.

Playing ball with their new Louisville Sluggers

We recently got the snakes a new rather large cage and they've really been enjoying all the space.  They love to burrow down in the bedding and poke their heads out.  I was playing around with the camera and got what I think are some cute shots.  (I know, you all think I'm crazy to have the snakes, but they really do have personality!)

Cassey saying hello Cassey and Zeke are poking their heads out of the log together.  Arrow is stretched out on the left.

January 9, 2005

Patch has had a pretty rough day.  He's been coughing his little head off non-stop.  I had already decided he'd stay home tomorrow and see the doctor, but tonight in bed he just couldn't stop coughing.  Fortunately, there is a new after hours pediatric office not too far from us, so we checked it out.  His pulsox was down, and he was wheezing, despite using the nebulizer just an hour earlier at home, so he's back on oral steroids to get it back under control.  :-(  The good news is we were in and out in 40 minutes - sure beats the ER!  And the best news is he's sleeping soundly as I type this.  :-)

January 10, 2005

Patch and I had a quiet day at home together while he was home sick.  This is his first day missed from school this year!  The poor guy thought he was going to have to spend the entire day in his bed and couldn't come out.  He was much relieved when I corrected him.  I thought I saw some improvement this afternoon, but by bedtime he was miserable and coughing again.  :-(

January 11, 2005

I had a bunch of things that I couldn't get out of today, so Mom came over and stayed with Patch.  He showed her how to play basketball on the Xbox, and apparently enjoyed having her play with him until she beat him!  He's doing much better today, and barring anything new, will be back at school tomorrow.  :-)

One of his many "game faces" while on the Xbox

January 12, 2005

Woohoo!  Two kids back in school!  It was much easier to send Patch to school today knowing I'd be volunteering in his class and could keep an eye on his breathing.  Alex also had made arrangements with his gifted teacher to bring in two of our snakes today, so I took them over in the morning.  We agreed to leave them there for a week, and we brought one of the teacher's snakes from the classroom home for the week.  So we have our first exchange student!  LOL

Patch in the "spelling center" making words out of letter cards

January 13, 2005

Patch is doing much better, but now the rest of us have the creeping crud.  Alex is coughing up a lung and having trouble sleeping, although he's still smiling.  Tomorrow is a teacher work day, and Monday school is closed for MLK day, so hopefully with a 4-day weekend we can all recuperate.

January 14, 2005

I had a houseful of boys today.  Poor Sherry.  She was walking out the door to go to work this morning when water started coming into her kitchen from the ceiling.  They are in the middle of getting a new roof, and the roofers didn't tarp the roof before it started raining today, and her entire house has water coming in.  She called me in a panic asking if I could take Justin.  Meanwhile, I was on the other line talking to Carrie (Anthony's mom) and told her about it.  So she and her husband came over to help Sherry and dropped Anthony off here.  The boys had a blast, and I actually got some stuff done with them playing together.  I went to Sherry's later to check out the damage.  There is a water damage company there pulling up ALL of her carpet, and the family has to leave the house for three days while they run dehumidifiers to try to dry out the walls.  I just cannot imagine!

I'm so glad we have 4 xBox controllers! Grendel has taken over the bean bag chair whenever someone is on the xBox

January 15, 2005

Today was Carter and Nathanís birthday party.  Becca is still in the hospital on bedrest, so John had to go it alone with 25 kids at a bowling party.  Fortunately, lots of Moms stayed, and John and I sort of ran the party together.  Talk about a whirlwind two hours!  There were a bunch of happy kids, so I'd say the party was a success.

The Liebman-Finster quints!

Anthony and his dog, Sparky, are staying the night with us while their parents are out of town.  Of course, the boys are having a great time, but Grendel and Sparky are loving it!  I think we'll need to schedule play dates for the puppies!  Boudreaux, on the other hand, is not happy having another hyper pup in his territory.  Good thing it's just for one night!

Boo and Alex hanging out

January 16, 2005

The local philharmonic has a children's series of concerts, and today we attended the second concert, on rhythm.  The conductor is fabulous and led us along a journey of wonderful music demonstrating all different kinds of rhythms.  As last time, the kids could try out different instruments before the concert.  Today we only had time to let Patrick conduct the orchestra.  He really wanted to have his face painted, but there wasn't enough time so Mark painted a dragon on Patrick's arm when we got home.

Patrick's in the red shirt directing

Daddy the artist Roar!

January 17, 2005

Becca is finally going to have her baby tomorrow!  So her three boys are staying with us tonight and I'll get them off to school in the morning.  Alex got out one of the snakes and her boys were fascinated!

Alex and Carter

January 18, 2005

Becca had her baby today!!!!  Emily Elizabeth is 7 lbs. 4 oz. and was born at 8:10 this morning.  Despite all of the concerns throughout the pregnancy, Becca and Emily are both doing great, and there were only very minor complications, which had been anticipated and were no problem.  Yea!!!!!

On the home front, I brought Arrow (Patrick's snake) to his class this afternoon for show-and-tell.  Patrick looked so grown up and at ease on the stool in front of the class, holding his snake and telling them all about him!  (I'm shooting myself for forgetting my camera.)  The class was in awe, and almost all of the children came up to pet him.  It was too funny - one little girl who was sitting up front kept scooting her chair back away from the snake.  When the teacher asked if she wanted to come sit in the back, she shot to the back of the room like a rocket!

It felt dangerously comfortable to hold a newborn again! Little sleeping angel

January 20, 2005

We haven't had much of note going on, although life in general is keeping us pretty busy right now.  Mark's been out of town on business all week, and he came home tonight to some very happy boys (and a very happy Mommy).  I managed to catch Patrick on film doing his two favorite things - playing his Game Boy and being upside down!

What a goofball!

January 23, 2005

We've had some gorgeous weather (read that gently if you're from up north), and today was perfect for kite flying.

Alex and Justin trying to get the kite going

January 24, 2005

Patch is taking after his big brother and has turned into an avid reader.  I have to pry the books out of their hands at bedtime!  I couldn't have asked for a better "problem."  ;-)  Patch's asthma has been rearing its ugly head these days, but he hasn't let it get between him and his book.

Nebbing and reading before bed

January 25, 2005

I spent most of the day at the school helping with their annual Fitness Fun Walk.  It is a fundraiser for the "specials" classes:  PE, math lab, music, art and computer.  The kids walk a 1/3 mile loop for about a half an hour and collect pledges for their laps.  The specials teachers are absolutely fabulous, and the day was a blast.  Alex went 11 laps!  After helping to supervise over 900 students throughout the day, I'm gonna sleep well tonight!

January 29, 2005

We've been laying low the last couple of days.  Thursday both boys were home from school with colds.  Patch's was obvious because he coughed his heart out all night long.  Alex just turned into a whiny mess.  The doctor gave us this magical cough syrup and they both slept like angels so I sent them to school on Friday.  Alex moaned and groaned about it, but I kicked him onto the bus anyway, thinking he was trying to sucker another day of Xbox out of me.  When he got off the bus in the afternoon he looked awful and was burning up.  :-(  BAD Mommy!  His fever was 101 when he got home, and got to 104 by dinnertime.  BAD, BAD Mommy!  Fortunately, it seems to be a 24-hour deal - comes on fast, and goes out fast.  Thank God because I seem to have come down with it tonight.

The 100th day of school is Monday and Patrick was to make some depiction of 100 things on a poster.  He used 100 pennies to write out 10 x 10 = 100.  Thankfully, he didn't decide to use quarters!


Mark had another coconut he brought home from Ft. Lauderdale.  The kids - and dogs - had a blast working it open.

Grendel pulling the husk off - this process used up the entire yard and several tug-of-wars with Boo. Patch heaved it into the street to break it open

Enjoying the spoils of their labor

January 31, 2005

Well, apparently this freakin' cold spares children and abuses adults!  I was laid up all weekend, and went to the doctor this morning for some wonderful cough medicine.  I'm not sure if it gets rid of my cough, but I sure as heck don't care about the cough when I take the medicine!  LOL  Perhaps I'll even get some sleep tonight.

It seems all of my pictures these days are in front of the Xbox!